Eleven Securus Technologies Field Service Specialists Achieve Prestigious BICSI Installer1 Certification

October 24th, 2016

At Securus Technologies, we always prioritize on offering quality services which include investing in efficient products, services, features as well as a staff team who possess innovative high-tech competences. Recently in the month of September 2016, from our team of field specialists, eleven of them got their internationally recognition certification.

 Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), stands as a professional association that supports ICT industry. BICSI members are credited to handle a spectrum of voice, electronic security and safety, data, management of audio and video projects. BICSI serves over 23,000 ICT experts via training, publications, conferences as well as credentials in many countries. They usually design, connect and maintain ICT projects such as optical fiber distribution, pathways, wireless systems and other ICT infrastructures.

So as to ensure improved performance and reliability for our corrections clients, we uphold quality training of staff team and consultancy on information and communication technology (ICT). Due to BICSI’s vast experience, we rely on their services to meet our training needs as well as for the day to day growing needs and standards in technology. Our team of specialists that received the certification has been working with us for an average of fifteen years. With the certification, we believe that it brings great value to the most qualified service firm in the industry. The certification as well comes with a guaranteed high-level expertise in service delivery.

Securus Technologies located in Dallas, Texas, is an American company providing civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions. We are concerned about the public safety, law corrections and enforcement. We ensure people’s connection through services such as, incidents management, emergency response provision, investigation, inmate self-service, bio-metric analysis, providing information and monitoring products and services. We focus on connecting what matters and information flow at all times to ensure a safer world.

A Good Business Lawyer Can Help You

October 22nd, 2016

Are you looking for a good attorney in Brazil? Want to select a good business litigation practitioner? If you want effective representation or top notch advice and guidance on business litigation, it is imperative to consult with a powerful lawyer like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – one of the best litigators in the industry..

Also, you can talk to other people and ask for their opinions on a lawyer. If you are dealing with a business matter and you have colleagues who have hired a lawyer in Brazil, you can ask them for recommendation. Most people will be happy to recommend their lawyer if they received quality service from the lawyer. There also many places on the Internet where you can check out reviews posted by former clients of various lawyers. These review sites are a great resource for finding lawyers who provide good service to clients.

Next, make sure the lawyer has a valid license and other necessary credentials. Visit the lawyer’s website and browse around. Look for testimonials on the lawyer’s website, to find out what previous clients are saying about the lawyer. Also, look for evidence of membership in a professional association as this indicated that the lawyer is serious about his or her practice.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of Brazil’s most reputable lawyers. He is a highly regarded lawyer, and works hard for his clients. Ricardo Tosto is well respected by his peers and his clients because of his vast experience and great expertise in handling litigation issues. As a strategist in Brazilian legal practice, Mr Ricardo Tosto has represented and obtained favorable outcomes for numerous clients in various industries, and has gained world wide recognition.

Ricardo Tosto successfully handled high profile litigation cases involving multinational companies and large corporations. Ricardo Tosto runs some of the most prominent litigation law firms in Brazil. He has dedicated over 22 years to business and corporate litigation, and his areas of specialty include banking, electoral law, M&A, civil and commercial litigation, international law, credit recovery and corporate restructuring.

For more information please visit http://whoswholegal.com/profiles/51546/0/tosto/ricardo-tosto/

How To Manage Your Online Reputation Effectively

October 20th, 2016

Are you concerned about how your company is portrayed or perceived by people on the Internet? Do you want to establish a great brand image and protect it from threats and attacks?

If you to control what content or reviews show up when Internet users look up your company, you need a good online reputation management system. It is vital to take positive steps toward ensuring a good reputation, and reputation management firms are available to help you.

The right reputation monitoring and management solution will enable you to ensure that your company or brand is portrayed in a positive way. This will help you to run a successful business and reach your goals.

In today’s business environment, reputation is everything. According to OnlineReputationReviews.com, if you don’t protect your brand’s or organization’s image, you risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard for. It is essential for every business or organization to have a great system in place, to manage and deal with reputation issues.

You spend years on your business or project; invest money, time and effort, and sacrificed a lot to see your company grow and become profitable. But it takes just one mistake or one misstep to ruin the reputation built over years.

There are hundreds of online reputation management firms and creative marketing agencies out there offering to assist companies create a great reputation and maintain their brand image. It is a good idea to do your research and choose a firm that continues to improve on their skills and efficiency.

Look for a reputation management firm with an editorial team that create search engine optimized content that portrays the client’s professional and personal accomplishments. These professionals often publish content strategically online to reduce the visibility of negative information and to help their clients establish a strong online presence.

By using the expert services of a well established team of reputation management professionals, you can take complete control of your reputation online. Start by setting up a consultation with one of the top online reputation management firms with a team of qualified professionals.


IAP Worldwide Services: Proving Services And Improving Lives Worldwide

October 11th, 2016

IAP Worldwide Services was created by combining several pioneering companies. The roots of IAP Worldwide Services go back to 1953. That’s when Pan Am World Services, Inc. began work in Cape Canaveral, Florida building and running the first space launch complex in the U.S. After supporting over 2,500 test launches that included air-breathing missiles as well as the manned shuttle program, Pan Am provided construction management, master planning, engineering services and full facilities maintenance support for 45 years.

In 1989 Pan Am Services was acquired by Johnson Controls, a company known for management and energy efficiency on Monster. The new company, Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, was soon a worldwide leader in providing commercial facilities and military bases with management, operations and maintenance services. It also created innovative ways to improve energy efficiency as it automated security, fire, lighting and environmental controls of facilities. The company also provides its customers with temporary personnel services and technical support.

The specialized procurement and logistics company IAP was founded in 1990 in Irmo, S.C. Initially it provided U.S. Army forces in Saudi Arabia with generator supplies. IAP become the U.S. military’s trusted partner providing mobile and temporary power generation, international procurement, transportation and emergency disaster relief services. IAP holds $370 million in government service contracts. In 2005 Johnson Controls Worldwide Services was purchased by IAP and together became IAP Worldwide Services.

IAP Worldwide Services specializes in professional and technical services, base operations and support services and global operations and logistics on prnewswire.com. It solves complex problems and also responds to the rapidly-evolving global environment changes. In 2006 IAP Worldwide acquired British engineering company G3 Systems Ltd. G3 provides its clients with deployable, modular systems, fixed infrastructure and associated support services as well as services, facilities and solutions. The company can also design, provide, operate and maintain facilities and equipment globally even in harsh environments and in challenging locations.

With new owners and a new board of directors, a recapitalized, restructured IAP Worldwide Services now has over 1,600 employees in more than 110 locations in over 20 countries. They provide support at numerous military installations in the United States and throughout the Middle East. Their work in science and technology helps their customers advance healthcare, protect the environment and many other projects on iapws.com. Plus IAP Worldwide handles humanitarian aid projects and life-sustaining services and supplies and emergency power in times of disaster. They improve the quality of life for countless people worldwide.

Marc Sparks Helping Entrepreneurs Find Success

October 9th, 2016

Marc Sparks is a self-described serial entrepreneur whose success and business acumen have allowed him to begin a new chapter in his business life. His efforts in the realm of philanthropy are extensive, including connections with Habitat for Humanity and his own non-profit, Sparky’s Kids, that has donated 1000 laptop computers to at-risk children in the American Can! Academy.

Sparks has also been connected with The Samaritan Inn, a Texas-based homeless shelter that can house up to 200 people every night. But now he has turned his attention to mentoring other entrepreneurs by offering them a special program in which start-up funds, networking, staff, and office space are provided as a prize to put these individuals on the path to success. The program is called Spark Tank.

A recent article in PR Newswire detailed the new office complex Sparks is using to implement his new program and to be used as offices for the selected applicants to this program. The office space is fully equipped with conference rooms, chairs, and tables, offering space for multiple meetings. The office complex is vast, modern, with shiny surfaces and glass doored offices; a great place to develop the next great business concept or in the case of the Spark Tank, the next great non-profit.

This mentoring concept is relatively new, having roots in American and British TV programs. The Swiss Start-Up Factory in Zurich is the best known, and it shows the importance of developing new ideas and applications in this computer/internet dominated world.

Sparks program, Spark Tank, will have multiple winners every year each will receive a $5000 prize and a chance to compete against other winners for additional prize money. Each winner and the others competing will have ten minutes to explain their individual non-profit concepts with a bevy of business leaders who can become future supporters of these non-profits.

These entrepreneurial mentoring and award programs can offer venture capitalists and philanthropists opportunities to see and hear of new concepts in need of development and a possible chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new business or non-profit. Spark Tank and the other programs combine benefits to both the venture capitalists, philanthropists, and to the individuals who are pursuing their business dreams. This concept should grow in number throughout the world.

Martin Lustgarten on Bright Spots in the Market

October 2nd, 2016

So far, 2016 has been a very slow year for investment bankers. Companies and governments are worried about the United States political scene and Europe pulling out of the European Union. Therefore, they have curbed most of their activities. Slow economic news out of Asia, especially China, is further dampening the spirits of bankers. Overall, the industry has seen a 14 percent fall of revenues through the end of September. The bright spot for investment bankers is debt capital markets.

Last year there were $1.41 trillion of investment-grade bond deals completed. So far in 2016, there have been $1.54 trillion completed. In fact, investors have completed 4,193 deals. Investment banks have earned a record $9.4 billion on these deals.

The largest issuers have been United States companies or foreign companies issuing in United States dollars. These bonds account for a record setting $753.8 billion. The second largest group of bonds has been the sovereigns and supranational and agency (SSA) issuers. So far, they have issued a record high $252 billion in bonds. Also at a record high is the volume of United States dollar-denominated debt issued by issues located in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. So far in 2016, they have issued $513.1 billion worth.

The amount of mega bonds issued so far this year is at a record high and a full 7 percent over last year. The largest of these is Anheuser Bush who issued $46.0 million on January 13 and then returned on March 16 to issue another $14.7 million. Other big mega bond deals have included Dell who issued $20 million dollars worth on May 17 and Microsoft who issued $19.8 million dollars worth on August 1.

With all the uncertainty in the market, people need a reliable investment banker with years of experience. You can rely on Martin Lustgarten. This Florida based business person has years of experience in watching the markets. He can spot a trend faster than most people and works hard to alert his investors when he thinks it is a great time to buy or sell.

When Martin is not busy at work, he loves to collect vintage items. He is particularly interested in vintage watches. He knows that investing in the market is all about the right timing so contact him today.

Nathaniel Ru Grows Sweetgreens

September 22nd, 2016

The health food industry has continued to increase in popularity over the past decade. While most people are motivated to eat healthy food on a regular basis, many find that it is difficult to find a reliable choice that is convenient and affordable. Due to the lack of options, three young entrepreneurs started a company called Sweetgreens in 2007. While it started as just one store, it is continuing to grow into a national staple.

In 2007, Nathaniel Ru and two former classmates decided to open the first Sweetgreens location in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC. While the three people, who used investments from over 30 different friends and family members, thought that there was a need, they had no clue how big the company could ultimately grow. Over the past 9 years, the company has grown to over 30 locations and is expecting to open its 40th store by the end of the year. While it started as a small business, some industry experts are now valuing the company for nearly $100 million.

While it seems that they had a great business idea, the co-owners of the company all believe that there is much more that went into their success. The primary strength that they believed that they all shared was that they were all very dedicated to the business, each believed in the shared idea of the company, and believed that the company was based on a core set of values and beliefs, as opposed to just being a salad bar.

The company also believes that they need to continue to develop the reputation that they have built. While they were all young men when they started the company, they have grown and aged but are doing their best to remain hip in the eyes of the younger crowd. This has included creating unique titles for employees and encouraging a more relaxed atmosphere.

Nathaniel Ru is just one of three of the original inventors and developers of the growing chain. Ru, along with his partners, is a graduate of Georgetown University and started developing the idea while they were still in school. In his role as Co-CEO of the company, Ru has focused on being the face of the organization and is quickly used for interviews and investor pitches.



Reputation Management Fixers: Helping Brands Look Their Best

September 21st, 2016

The reputation of a company is very important. It’s almost as important to the success of a brand as the quality of its products or services. Major companies spend lots of money on reputation repair services because it helps to solidify their position in the marketplace. Companies that have a good image in the public eye must do what’s necessary to maintain it. There are some very crucial areas to which companies must pay attention if they are to maintain the reputation of their brand. The focus on online presence management isn’t new. However, today with the rise of the internet the need for effective brand reputation management is more important than ever.

The larger a brand becomes the more challenging it is to control it’s reputation. It begins to require more complex strategies to ensure the brand is not devalued or its reputation besmirched by negative statements. Providing that level of reputation management for a brand requires the work of skilled professionals like Reputation Management Fixers. This is a company that is able to quickly tackle negative information that is potentially damaging to a brand and make it go away or at the very least blunt its impact on the brand’s reputation.

Reputation Management Fixers and other online reputation management companies work in several areas to ensure the brand is not tarnished or to improve their reputation. They work to make sure the brand maintains its search engine dominance, ensure the company is using effective social media public relations efforts, the brand is being properly monitored to identify and take immediate action on potential problems, conduct brand reviews and make recommendations for positive changes and take decisive action to suppress negative search results. These actions go a long way towards protecting and managing a brand’s reputation.

These five brand reputation management activities are very important in maintaining a brand’s power. It requires constant monitoring of search engines, posting positive information and responding immediately to customer complaints. Brand reputation management also entails keeping the brand popular through mentions on the appropriate social media platforms and controlling the conversation about the brand.

Check out this link to learn more: http://www.reputationmanagementfixers.com/reputation-repair-services-increase-your-search-rankings/

Goettl Air Conditioning: Providing Exceptional Residential and Commercial Comfort Services

September 20th, 2016

If you were looking for tried and true air conditioning and heating services, here’s what the checklist should look like:

A trusted company with a reputation for quality craftsmanship and courteous service
All-inclusive home and commercial comfort services
Operations that enhance indoor air quality
Energy efficiency that saves you money and protects ecosystems
Counsel on the best ways to manage your systems and avoid costly maintenance calls

If you’re in the greater Las Vegas, Tucson or Phoenix areas, you may already know we’re talking about Goettl Air Conditioning. Established in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goetti, the family name has long been associated with excellence and quality. It’s been seven decades and despite the drastic changes in operations and technologies, Goettl Air Conditioning still has its small business sensibility and a desire to be recognized as a neighborhood-friendly enterprise.

Goettl Air Conditioning provides exceptional technical service and expertise for all forms of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. Their trained technicians are prepared to manage the installation, maintenance and repair of central air units, ductless mini-splits, UV germicidal lights, radiant heating systems, furnaces, air cleaners and humidifiers. That’s only the beginning of what Goettl Air Conditioning can do to make your environments comfortable and safe.

Goettl Air Conditioning specializes in indoor air quality. Allergens, dust mites, minute debris, insect feces, they all have the capacity to get into the air. In a lot of cases, we unintentionally bring them into our environments when they cling to our clothes and shoes, when we open windows and even when we turn on our systems. Goettl Air Conditioning uses the latest in humidification processes to maximize indoor air quality. They also provide a full range of heating services, including management of gas and electric furnaces, dual fuel systems, ductless heating and heat pump integration. Keeping you cool during the harsh Midwest summers is also on the company’s agenda. From recommending and installing systems that promise the highest efficiency to offering emergency 24/7 service, Goettl Air Conditioning has never let a customer down.

If you’re looking for ways to effectively save money while using the best utilities, if you’re considering upgrading to a HVAC system or if you need your AC fixed, Goettl Air Conditioning promises 100% unconditional satisfaction. They also offer affordable packages that include regular maintenance checks, ensuring all your systems run smoothly all year round.

Benefits of Investment Banking by Martin Lustgarten

September 15th, 2016

Investment banking involves a private firm that offers a variety of financial-related services to corporations, individuals and governments by raising financial capital or acting as a clientele agent by providing security. Investment banking involves a unique unit of banking related to the generation of capital revenues for organizations, governments, and private institutions. Investment banking incorporates investment banks by underwriting new equity and debt securities as well as helping in the facilitation of acquisitions, broker trades, mergers and reorganizations for private firms and investors. Besides, investment banks offer guidance on the stock issue and placement.
Most investment banks have become household names in advising clients solve large, complicated transactions including issuing advice on the worth of a firm and how to enter business deals whether the customer is pursuing mergers, sale or acquisition. Investment banking entails offering securities as a means of acquiring funds for clients and generating documents for Securities and Exchange Commission. Investment banks are the go-between firms and investors when a firm wants to issue bonds or stocks. In such instances, investment banks provide pricing services on financial instruments involving navigation regulatory for revenue maximization. Most of the time when a firm owns its (IPO) initial public offering, the investment bank directly purchases its shares from the company making things easier for the company because the investment bank will sell shares on the market.

The sale of shares is beneficial to the enterprise. It is also beneficial to the investment bank harvests profits because it will mark up its shares prices from the initial payment. It is, however, a risk calculated move from the investment bank in as much as investment analysts insist that the bank uses its talent and expertise to set the stock market price to their advantage keenly.

About Martin Lustgarten
Martin is an investment expert focused on the future of employees. He is the ideal role model of prospective investors as he maximizes his potential on current investment market trends. The hard working Martin profoundly believes in investment to the point of spreading his wealth over several countries. He keeps a diverse wealth portfolio for retirement and recession because of the unknown future. He is the chief executive officer of Lustgarten Martin, located in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida.