Improve Your Posture With North American Spine’s Infograph

January 23rd, 2015

PR Newswire reports that North American Spine has put together an infograph, that was released with the intent to inform many people about poor posture. Many people do not realize that poor posture, may be the cause of some of the pain they feel in their everyday lives. Insomnia, certain headaches, neck pain, as well as back pain, can be caused by having poor posture. Many do not think about their posture, unless it’s mentioned to them. Knowing that posture may be causing you pain, may make you think twice about it. The infograph released, teaches how to improve posture.

Not only can one improve their posture, by using the infograph release by North American Spine, they can also learn the signs of having poor posture, and learn if pains they have, are caused by poor posture. The information in the infograph is invaluable, especially to those who are already suffering from pain on a regular basis. North American Spine is based in Dallas, Texas, but they have several facilities in other areas. Their facilities cater to those who have neck and back pain, especially if they need a surgical procedure to minimize the pain.

Over 8000 patients have gone to North American Spine for treatment, and the success rate is extremely high. The treatment of neck and back pain at North American Spine, consists of using the AccuraScope procedure. The procedure is 45 minutes, and the patient may see immediate pain relief. The healing process after the procedure, is very short, and the person may end up with permanent pain relief. North American Spine is currently celebrating its sixth year in helping patients to be pain free. Use of the AccuraScope procedure on patients at North American Spine, has proved to be extremely successful for both the patients and the surgeons.

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Hopeful News for Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers

January 22nd, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative disease of the nerves and muscles. Once diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, it is a continuing degenerative disease. While medication can slow the progression of MS, there is currently no cure.

While this new scientific discovery of modern medicine isn’t technically a cure, it would add to the patient’s quality of life. In fact, it could possibly reverse some of the effects of MS.

With a continuing debilitating disease, a high quality of life is good news. What exactly is this hopeful news for Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers? Doctors have found a way to produce immune system boosting stem cells from the patients themselves. It is essentially a “rebooting” of the immune system.

It is a process of removing and storing stem cells from the patient’s blood. Then doctors lower the patient’s immune system with low doses of chemotherapy, and then reintroduce the stem cells back into the patient’s blood.

The findings were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study was small and researchers stress still that the earlier the treatment, the better. As Sergio Lins Andrade knows MS is usually diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 years. Stem cell therapy is still only available in clinical trials but this new break through could prove beneficial for the hundreds of thousands of current MS sufferers.

Measles Outbreak In Disneyland.

January 22nd, 2015

California health officials have stated that if your child, especially an infant, is not vaccinated for measles then you should stay out of Disneyland, where an outbreak of the disease is continuing to spread. 59 cases in California, 3 in Utah and a few other states have been confirmed and there is no sign of this disease slowing down. It is possible that much more people who visit the park could get sick.

“For the time being, if you are not vaccinated, or have an infant too young for vaccination, avoid Disneyland,” said one official, “people are not aware how deadly this disease can actually be to children.”

A quarter of the children who have caught the disease have been hospitalized. So infants, pregnant woman and anyone else with compromised immune systems should not go. It has deadly consequences, so if you were planning on going you should delay your vacation. Companies like Slow Ventures have learned that the disease spread to many visitors and 5 Disneyland employees. People who were already contagious with the virus had gone to Disneyland. If your child has measles it is advised that you do not enter the park at this time or risk unnecessary death to other children at the Disneyland park.

Measles Outbreak Spreads to Other States

January 22nd, 2015

A measles outbreak that began at Disneyland in December is still spreading. Health officials reported that, as of Wednesday, there were 59 confirmed cases of measles in California and eight cases spread through Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Mexico. Among the infected are five Disneyland workers; 42 of the 59 California are linked to Disneyland.

Measles vaccines became common in 1963. Before then, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, three to four million Americans would contract measles every year, and 400 to 500 would die. The measles vaccine proved so effective that by 2000, the disease was believed to have been eradicated in the United States.

I had no idea until my friend Dan Newlin told me but apparently, a movement against childhood vaccinations arose due to beliefs that vaccines cause autism. Those beliefs were caused by a now-discredited study. Many doctors blame the current outbreak on the anti-vaccine movement. A majority of the infected are “underimmunized,” which means they either didn’t get vaccinated at all, or they got just one of the two required shots.

According to health officials, at least 95 percent of the people in a given population have to be immunized in order to prevent outbreaks. 7.1 percent of the kindergarten children in Oregon were not immunized during the 2013-2014 school year, which is the highest rate of exemption in the country. California has an overall exemption rate of 3.1 percent — but there are communities in which the exemption rate is much higher. Some neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Orange County have exemption rate in the double digits.

State legislatures have responded by tightening the rules regarding personal exemptions, making it harder for parent to opt out of having their children vaccinated. Similarly, Orange County health officials barred unvaccinated children from school.

Measles Outbreak Worse Than Thought In California

January 21st, 2015

Health officials stated Saturday that the measles outbreak that started at Disneyland over the Christmas season is now reaching much further than the gates of the theme park as patients are now spreading the disease in their hometowns after returning home.

According to the Orange County Health Care Agency, 51 confirmed cases of the measles have been reported in various locations in California and three other states. In addition a few cases have been reported in Mexico. The large jump in measles cases causes and Marc Sparks to believe that the outbreak is going to continue to quickly spread.

Originally, health officials were hopeful that they could contain the outbreak among those who visited the theme park between December 17th and 20th, but now six cases of measles have been reported among people that never visited the park. Orange County public health officer Dr. Eric Handler stated that it is now clearly spread throughout the county and they need to make sure that everyone is immunized to protect the population.

Most of the people that have contracted the measles never received the immunization or are too young to have completed the full immunization against measles.

Finding Happiness through Expressive Writing

January 21st, 2015

Every single person around the world is interested in finding happiness. People go out of their way to seek it. When things are going well in a person’s life, they will try to maintain things in such a way that they will continue to feel happy. When things are not going so well, they seek new ways to feel happy.

Expressive writing is one way in which individuals are finding happiness. It can lead to improved happiness and behavioral changes which affect the way people feel. Recent studies have shown that expressive writing, which is writing about yourself and your personal experiences, can help with a variety of things, including reducing symptoms when going through cancer treatments, improving mood disorders, improving heart health, boosting memory, and reducing the times a person visits the doctor.

One study that was done involved a group of students in their freshman year of college. Many of them were worried about their grades and feeling like they were simply not cut out to do the job. The students who used expressive writing while going through their first year of school did much better than the students who did not write. The students in that the study wrote about their feelings and compared these with the feelings of other students who had previously written about the same concerns but who went on to graduate. To Fersen Lambranho’s delight, there was only a 1 percent dropout rate with these students. In comparison, there was a 20 percent dropout rate with students who had not done expressive writing.

Are Designer Babies in Our near Future?

January 19th, 2015

We have heard about genetically altering or creating designer babies since the insane Adolf Hitler had visions of producing a world full of blue eyed, blonde haired, good little Germans. During that period of WWI, this was merely a wild conception. However, since then, scientists have come a long way in genetic research, so much so, that society should take note and be concerned.

Genetically modifying human cells to remove particular genes that contain diseases may at first sound like a respectable vision. But, when has man ever stopped at a certain point without going over the edge when conceiving new scientific discoveries?

Science has developed a new skill in genetic testing called “Crispr technology,” which can control DNA more accurately than ever before. Dr. Perry, at the University of Bath, said in a statement to the BBC, “It is approaching 100 percent efficiency already, it’s a case of you shoot, you score.” He is referring to his experimentation in altering DNA in mice at the point of origin, where the sperm and the egg merge. Not only have they accurately removed DNA, they believe that new genetic codes can be inserted as well.

Bernardo Chua has learned that the scientific community has acclaimed this quickly advancing technique as one of 2013’s top breakthroughs. Allowing science the power to create God only knows what type of human, is a frightening concept. Instead of merely ridding the world’s future population of disease, I fear a society of non-unique, genetically controlled beings removing one of God’s irreplaceable creations, unique human beings, from our planet.

Rise From The Ashes

January 19th, 2015

Do you appreciate the things in your life? How many times have you done something that you are not proud of? How many times have you wished that you could turn back the hands of time? You must realize that there is no going back. There is only one way to go from here and that is forward.

Do not waste another second thinking about the mistakes that you have made. Why waste any more time dwelling on things that you can never change? Instead of living in the past, why don’t you work on fixing your future. How can you accomplish anything new, if your mind is never progressing? Ask yourself this question. What is holding me back?

You need to come to terms with reality. Do not live in a state of self denial. Look yourself in the mirror, and admit all of your wrongdoings. Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have made. Once you have cleansed your soul, your new life can begin.

You need to get motivated, and you need to develop some courage! Allow nothing to stand in your way! It’s not going to be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is. You are going to struggle for some time, but if you are prepared, it won’t be that bad. Everyone loves a comeback story. Today could be the day that you rise up from the ashes like a phoenix. Take charge of your life right now! Do not waste anymore time! As Igor Cornelsen enters the new year, he plans on heeding this advice for self-betterment.

For more self help tips, visit Buzzfeed.

Your Pet Will Think A Master Chef Prepared His Beneful Meals!

January 19th, 2015

Many people look at their dog as their best friend or even as one of their children. You wouldn’t feed your friends or your kids cardboard or roadkill would you? Of course not! That’s why you ought to choose a healthy dog food for your pet. One of the best foods on the market today is Beneful.


Nestle Purina Petcare is a subsidiary of Nestle that is based in St. Louis. The company was established in 2001 and by 2012 it was the largest pet food business in the USA and the second biggest in the world! The company sponsors many events and charities that are pet related. For example, 80 tons of food was donated to pets in 2004 that were affected by Hurricane Charley in Florida. This socially responsible company really cares about the animals in our lives. They are the ones that make and sell Beneful.


Several varieties of Beneful dry dog food are on the market. Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies is a blend rich in calcium for a puppy’s growing bones and teeth. It also contains real milk, real chicken, and vitamin-rich vegetables for all the puppy’s nutritional needs. Beneful Playful Life has real beef, egg, and blueberries to help support an active and playful lifestyle. Small dogs such as Boston Terriers and Toy Poodles will love the small size of Beneful IncrediBites. Beneful Healthy Smile helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh. Beneful Healthy Radiance is omega-rich to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. If your pet has gained a few pounds, you can buy Beneful Healthy Weight that has 10 percent fewer calories of Beneful Original.


Beneful also comes in a variety of wet dog foods. They are made with the same nutritious ingredients and great flavors as the dry dog food! Chopped Blends come in beef, chicken, lamb, and salmon flavors. The Medleys line of meals will make you think you are in Italy with such great flavors as Mediterranean Style Medley with lamb, tomatoes, and brown rice; Romana Style Medley made with chicken, carrots, and pasta; and Tuscan Style Medley made with beef, carrots, and spinach. These three are in a hearty sauce your companion will love. Prepared meals have simmered chicken or beef flavors, roasted turkey or chicken flavors, and savory rice and lamb stew. Hearty Roasters include turkey, pork, and beef recipes. With this huge variety of flavors your pal will never grow bored at mealtime. It can be purchased here right from home.

Hibernation Chemical May Restore Brain Function

January 15th, 2015

A medical research team in the United Kingdom recently published results of a major breakthrough they made regarding the damage seen in neurodegenerative diseases in the journal Nature. This discovery could eventually help restore the lives of millions of people around the world or at least protect their brains from further cellular damage while scientists try to find new treatments.

Upon studying the brains of hibernating mice, researchers from the MRC Toxicology Unit in Leicester learned that when animals such as mice, bears and hedgehogs hibernate the neural connections in their brains break in a way similar to what is seen in many types of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

The difference?

These animals have a chemical in their bodies, RBM3, that protect their brains in colder temperatures and re-establishes the connections upon their waking in springtime to warmer temperatures.

Although the researchers do not consider hibernation and colder temperatures as a treatment option, they do believe that the discovery of RBM3 could result in new medicines that would give the cells in the brains of patients with these diseases the same beneficial protection and neural re-connections as seen during animal hibernation.

This discovery could also lead to many other medical treatments. For example, the chemical could potentially make it possible for doctors and other researchers, like Christopher Cowdray, to protect the brains of people who are in comas or prevent further synaptic breakdown during surgery on damaged brains