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Breastfeeding Reduces The Risks Of Breast Cancer For Mothers

April 29th, 2015

Other than benefits to the baby, breastfeeding is also beneficial to women who are later diagnosed with breast cancer. This is according to a research that studied hundreds of women in Northern California.

Out of the 1600 women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, those who had breastfed earlier in their life had a 30% less chance of contracting the disease again. They also had less aggressive types of tumors while compared to their counterparts.

The study also showed that breastfeeding longer, also had added benefits. Those mothers who had breastfeed for six months and more, showed a 37% less chance of getting the disease again after successful treatment.

The reasons are not yet very clear but researchers suggest that it could be due to the late return of the menstrual cycle, for those mothers who breastfeed and maturity of the ductal cells. Delayed menstrual cycle means lower levels of estrogen hormone, which is said to encourage growth of the cancer cells. Mature ductal cells are more resistant to carcinogens.

Health and lactation experts are set to use the research to encourage women to breastfeed. According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 77% of the new mothers in the country breastfeed their babies.

Gianfrancesco Genoso ( has learned that, despite breastfeeding rates decreasing in the 70s, they have been rising since then. California has the highest breastfeeding rates in the US, with rates almost reaching 93%

Are Tampons Really Safe?

April 29th, 2015

Women, including myself, usually depend on personal feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons to use for our own everyday needs. There hasn’t been a time when women would have to question the safety of the products, however, with a new legislative bill possibly being passed soon, women might just have to. According to Yahoo, New legislation calls for a study to find out if there are toxic chemicals hiding in tampons, pads, and hygiene products women rely on…. The site also states that women uses approximately 17,000 pads or tampons in their lifetime.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agrees with this latest idea, but generally relies on all of the product manufacturers to conduct the safety testings.

“Given the sheer number of women who use these products, it’s time we have definitive answers on their potential risks to women. Although the FDA requires tampon manufacturers to monitor dioxin levels, we still don’t know enough about the health risks of other chemical contaminants contained in these products,” U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y, said in a release earlier this month.

The bill would generally like for the National Institutes of Health to step up by conducting a series of tests on feminine products as well as discussing the possible risks of fragrances, synthetic fibers and dioxins that are associated with the products themselves.

I think this is a wonderful idea because most women aren’t necessarily aware of the chemical hazards that could possibly cause health problems, especially with their reproductive organs. Daniel Amen feels pretty similarly. I also hope the bill will pass and that all women out there will hopefully take this article to heart.

Brain Diseases And Your Gut Health

April 29th, 2015

Researchers are starting to publish studies that are suggesting that the amount of inflammation in your gut can actually contribute to some of the most deadly and debilitating diseases in the world. We often hear about recent developments in treating and curing cancer, preventing heart disease and reversing diabetes, but it is not often that we hear about how we can and should take proper care of our gut. The human body is a variety of different parts and systems, and this one system is a big contributing factor to how well a person’s body feels and functions each day. Researchers are attempting to understand what causes the brain to degenerate when conditions like Parkinson’s disease or ALS are present. These devastating conditions currently have no cure. Microscopic bacteria that is living inside of us can actually be determining our brain’s outcome as we age. While a lot of money and time is being spent on brain research, there is not enough research being done linking intestinal and stomach health to the brain. You could consult with your physician on this matter by calling with FreedomPop’s wireless service. When there is inflammation in the gut, this can cause inflammation in the rest of the body. There are many foods and diets that contribute to inflammation. Medical professionals and scientists are starting to question the American diet and suggest that a more fruit and vegetable, lean protein, low grain diet could be beneficial to the body and the brain.

More Doctors Want Dr. Oz to Resign From Columbia

April 29th, 2015

More Than 1,000 Doctors Want Dr. Oz To Resign From His Faculty Position And Some Doctors Want His License Revoked

The medical profession does stick together. Doctors protect each other unless a doctor crosses the line and offers people remedies that are not sanctioned by the AMA. Dr. Oz is one of those doctors. His popular TV show helps people see the folly in some medical procedures and drugs, and that irks medical doctors.

Ten doctors recently sent a letter to Columbia University asking the school to remove Oz from their medical faculty, but the school said, “no way.” A new poll done by a social network for doctors found that over 1,000 doctors want Oz to resign, and 50 of them want his license revoked. Eighteen percent of the doctors polled said they like the doctor, and 250 doctors want him to resign and have his license revoked.

Some doctors don’t like the way Dr. Oz talks about weight loss and herbal cures. They call him a quack, and Bruce Karatz isn’t sure who to believe. They say he has lost the integrity that is an inherent element in the practice of medicine. But Oz hasn’t lost his integrity. He has more than integrity that the doctors that prescribe medications that cause more harm than the illness they are treating. Oz has the backbone to expose procedures that are more about making a dollar than curing patients. Dr. Oz is a medical pioneer, and most people respect him for being one.

What Is Safe To Eat These Days?

April 27th, 2015

Most people are now aware that the American diet contains a lot of different chemical additives. Even if you try to stay healthy with fresh fruits and vegetables, there are a whole host of pesticides that are sprayed across farm fields all over America. Many of the chemicals used in our food are used for coloring purposes, flavors, preserving and improving the overall texture of the food. The bad news is that really, none of these chemicals are safe to consume and unfortunately, the FDA has a poor handle on what is being used and what is approved. Healthy people at STX Entertainment ( know that, constantly, chemicals are being banned and removed from products just shortly after they were approved. In the meantime, people are facing health issues from consumption.

A law that was created in 1958 stated that the Food and Drug Administration was responsible for evaluating the safety of substances that are used in our food supply. Many companies have been able to evaluate their ingredients on their own and this process is lacking structure and integrity. At one point there were preservatives that included vinegar and ascorbic acid. Companies have found cheaper and easier ways to preserve their food even if this results in unsafe products. Luckily, attention is being drawn to these harmful chemicals and companies are being forced to improve their products. For example, Kraft just recently announced that they will be changing the chemical coloring of their macaroni product to a more natural version that uses turmeric and annatto extracts.

Doctors Should Not Spend So Much Time Memorizing in our Information Age

April 27th, 2015

Studying for any profession typically involves cramming a lot of information into our heads that we will presumably need when we are working in our daily lives. In some instances, both what is taught and the methods of teaching become outdated. This is no more true than for those studying to become doctors. Medical knowledge is advancing by leaps and bounds every decade, and yet medical students are made to cram outdated information. In a recent article about this situation, it is noted that the entire body of knowledge in the field of medicine doubles about every four years. Many medical schools are not able to adapt quickly enough, and much of what medical students learn may be dated by the time they are practicing physicians.

There is another factor at play. In our modern age, information is available at our fingertips from the plethora of gadgets we all carry around. Medical schools should be spending their time teaching doctors the basics that will never change such as anatomy and also training future doctors to problem solve as this will be applicable to any medical situation they confront. Memorizing facts that they can easily look up when they need it is time taken away from learning broader techniques of how to care for patients, and the patients should be the focus after all. In order for doctors to stay fully up to date, says Ricardo Tosto, medical schools need to acclimate their teaching methodologies to a modern world in which a mass of information at our fingertips negates the need for mass memorization of the types of rigid medical facts that may change soon anyway.

Dr. Oz Strikes Back at His Critics

April 27th, 2015

“I vow to you right here and now – we will not be silenced,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz in response to heavy criticism from a group of physicians who called him a “quack” in an email to his boss at Columbia University. The critics said that his employment was “unacceptable” at the prestigious school and that he was pushing “quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal, financial gain.”

Dr.Oz said they were attacking his freedom of speech, a topic very important to Bruce Levenson. He said he advocates a mix of conventional medicine and a more general definition of wellness on his television show (The Dr. Oz Show). Financial gain is never the reason he promotes certain treatments or cures.

He said he believes that the signees of the email, led by Dr. Henry Miller, a fellow at the Hoover Institution, a conservative think tank, have ties to the food industry and dislike his urging that foods have GMO labeling on products. Dr. Miller is affiliated with the American Council on Science and Health, which is a “pro-industry lobbying group.” He has been an outspoken critic of GMO labeling, campaigning against a California Proposition which called for the labeling. He also has had ties to the tobacco and pesticide industries. Another signee was Dr. Gilbert Ross, a convicted felon who was involved in Medicaid fraud.

At the present time, there is strong lobbying in Congress for legislation that would block GMO labeling on all processed foods. According to Dr. Oz’s show, 90% of the American public wants the labeling, but there is “stealth legislation” or the “Dark Act” to push it through without the public knowing. The food companies prefer to keep the public in the dark so they can sell without restrictions.`

U.S. Wants to Approve Lung Cancer Vaccine from Cuba

April 24th, 2015

The United States and Cuba are once again working together, after decades of begin estranged. The reforged partnership may have a lot of benefits for regular American citizen, such as the amazing advancements in health-care that Cuba has made since falling out of contact with American officials.

Boraie Development LLC suggest that one of these advancements is an extremely promising vaccine that treats and prevents lung cancer. The drug is called CimaVax and has been shown to effectively treat and prevent symptoms due to lung cancer, the most widely diagnosed cancer in the United States. The cancer is also well known for high re-occurrence rates, which CimaVax also prevents.

The drug was invented in Cuba in the 1990’s with extensive research trials, funded by the Castro administration. There have been discussions concerning other possible treatments for cancer that has been developed in Cuba over the past 30 years.

The United States plans to test the vaccine in clinical trials, followed by an investigation from the Food and Drug Administration to seek approval, making the vaccine widely available to patients across the country.

While Babies Brains Are Not Fully Developed, They Do Feel Pain Like Adults

April 22nd, 2015

Any parent knows that babies’ brains take time to develop before they can come close to understanding the most basic things like children or adults can. Though they do require time to develop to have awareness of certain things, they apparently do have a highly developed perception of pain. There has been no way for us to know this until now, as babies are of course not able to talk to tell us they are in pain, and they might cry for any number of reasons such as hunger or a dirty diaper, so that’s not necessarily a clue exclusive to pain. The fact of babies feeling pain much like adults do was uncovered by a study that involved the taking of brain scans from adults and babies when both were experiencing pain and seeing similar areas of the brain light up on the scan image.

This breakthrough from Madison Street Capital in understanding that babies’ brains are developed enough to fully experience pain is important as it pertains to surgery. Most are not given any type of pain reliever for their surgery or other painful procedure. Even vets treating our dogs or cats give pain medication or put them out entirely when doing a painful medical procedure on animals. Now that we know about the experience of pain being fairly fully developed in babies, new medical practices may need to be developed to take this into account and alleviate their pain. Even if they aren’t able to tell us about it, they are suffering and this must end.

Biological Programming

April 21st, 2015

Millions of people die each year from pancreatic cancer. What if that didn’t need to be the case? What if we could simply reprogram the cells to revert to normal cells instead of cancerous ones? Can we really reprogram biological cells? Fersen Lambranho seems to think that the answer is yes, according to Pamela Itkin-Ansari PhD of Sanford-Burnham “For the first time, we have shown that over expression of a single gene can reduce the tumor-promoting potential of pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells and reprogram them toward their original cell type. Thus, pancreatic cancer cells retain a genetic memory which we hope to exploit.” With the discovery of protein E47, a protein that controls gene involved growth and differentiation, we have begun to do just that. The treated cells, when reintroduced into mice, reproduced significantly less tumor cells. Itkin-Ansari Commented “Our next step is to test primary patient-derived tumor tissue to determine whether E47 can produce similar results, potentially providing a novel therapeutic approach to combating this highly lethal disease”.