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Breakthrough in Diagnosing Cancer and Diabetes With Lowly Bacteria

May 28th, 2015

With many diseases, early detection can literally be a life saver. This is true for cancer more than any other disease. If it can be caught early, survival rates for most types of cancer are quite good today. Bacteria have a bad reputation, but we actually need many of them for numerous bodily processes that enable us to live. Digestion is a big example where we would not be able to get the nutrients we need out of food if we did not have gut bacteria to help us do this. Beneful suggests then there are the bad bacteria such as E. Coli, which can make us very sick if it is in food that we eat. Researchers trained in genetics have actually taken this lowly bacteria and engineered it into a detector of cancer and diabetes.

Researchers have tweaked the genes in E. Coli bacteria and injected them into mice. The tweaks essentially turned these bacteria into sensors that detected cancer. When they detect a cancer in the liver of the mouse, it causes the color of its urine to change. This is an astounding breakthrough, and it will have ramifications for us when this breakthrough can be gotten out of the lab and into use for detecting cancer in people. Liver cancer tumors are hard to detect by current means, so this technique will be particularly useful for that specific area of diagnosis.

Don’t Clean Grill with Wire Brush – Doctor’s Warning

May 28th, 2015

The traditional way to clean the backyard BBQ grill has always been with a wire brush. The wire bristles easily removed all the cooked on food debris from the metal rack and got it clean as a whistle for the next grilling session.
The wire brush also has the potential of leaving behind tiny pieces of wire on the grill rack.
Doctors treat hundreds of patients each year who have inadvertently swallowed a foreign object, including pieces of wire from grill brushes. The treatment involves surgical removal of the wire, but only after the person experiences excruciating internal pain caused from the tiny piece of metal. The majority of the time the surgical removal of the wire will leave the patient with no lasting damage, but that all depends on where the piece of wire lodges.
It seems impossible that a person could eat food with a piece of wire in it and never know it, but it happens often during the height of summer grilling months. When a hair-thin piece of metal wire is lying on the grill rack and a raw hamburger patty is laid on top of it, the wire is almost impossible to see after the burger is cooked. If the wire is in the burger at just the right angle, it won’t be felt in the mouth when the burger is being eaten either.
Sam Tabar recommends you use a piece of tin foil which has been wadded up to safely scrub a grill rack.

Colder Bodies Run Faster

May 27th, 2015

You ran outside all winter, yet your body aches and you can hardly manage a short run in this heat. What is going on? Did you lose your endurance? A new study from scientists with Qnet shows that the body has a more difficult time adapting to heat. Sweat cools it down during the workout, but we need to cool it down prior to working out to prevent overworking the heart.

The University of Brighton study tested runners to determine whether it is more effective to cool the body from the inside or outside. Cooling from the inside, eating slushies, gave a lower body temperature initially, yet heated up quicker. The runners that cooled from the outside by cooling the skin stayed cool longer, allowing a less strenuous workout. The runners feeling of cool outweighed the core body temperature.

Can you believe it? All you have to do is throw a frozen towel over your shoulders before the workout, and it will be easier to run. The researchers say you will even run faster if your body is cooled down. I plan to test this method with my next workout. Whatever it takes to make a hot workout feel better. What do you say? Give it a try?

Pharmaceutical Companies Are Paying Doctors To Prescribe Drugs

May 27th, 2015

Medicare’s Top Prescribing Doctors Get Consulting Fees And Other Perks From Drug Manufacturers

Did you ever wonder why some doctors prescribe more medications than other doctors? The medical profession says prescribing drugs is disease prevention and disease control at work, but that’s just part of the reason. Some doctors prescribe drugs, and they can get paid from drug companies. Yep. If a doctor writes enough prescriptions for a particular drug, drug companies will kick back money to the prescribing doctor. If that behavior sounds like a conflict of interest, well, it is.

Daniel Amen is well aware that Americans take too many drugs. The medical profession has conditioned us to depend on drugs. The government calls them legal drugs, but these legal drugs do a lot of damage to our internal organs. We take a drug to relieve one symptom, and five more symptoms surface thanks to the drug that relieved the first symptom.

There’s little doubt that drug companies and doctors have a system in place that rewards doctors that prescribe a lot of drugs. There are no controls in place to stop these unwritten contracts. Doctors deny they are being paid for writing prescriptions. They call it consulting fees. The drug companies say the same thing, and we pay a huge price for this deceptive agreement.

Study Reveals Tylenol More Effective For Pain than Vicodin

May 26th, 2015

According to Dr. Andrew K. Chang, MD, lead author and associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, when it comes to superior pain relief , Vicodin was ineffective, in comparison to Tylenol #3, which is a codeine/acetaminophen combination.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering tightening prescription standards for Vicodin, and changing its category from a Schedule III drug to a Schedule II drug.

Schedule III drugs are considered a secondary probability for abuse, while Schedule II drugs are considered to have a high potential for abuse, and addiction.

Vicodin is typically an over-prescribed drug, designed to alleviate the half to high levels of pain. Because individuals don’t associate the drug with illegal street drugs, personal prescriptions are often overlooked, thereby falling into the hands of adolescents.

Vicodin is also not tightly regulated, as some other prescription drugs, so that it can contribute to their wide distribution. This has precipitated the study into the effectiveness of other pain relievers according to Homejoy.

“This study was conducted because despite the preference of prescribing Vicodin over Tylenol, there was little evidence to support an advantage of Vicodin,” Dr. Chang.

On a pain scale of 1 to 10, both medications worked to diminish pain by 50 percent. However, Vicodin did not provide superior relief over Tylenol #3.

In 1991, the University of Pittsburgh conducted a trial study on pain relief, using hydrocodone versus codeine, and the research team concluded hydrocodone was more effective than codeine.

Missing A Meal May Lead to Weight Gain

May 26th, 2015

 A recently published study, appearing in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry contends that missing just one meal, may wreak havoc with an individual’s metabolism, and cause additional fat accumulation, and give indications of being pre-diabetic.

The research, conducted on laboratory mice, assessed the metabolic reactions of controlled groups of mice, whereby one group was permitted to nibble on the food feed to them throughout the day and the other group, that consumed their daily allocation of food in a specified period of time. What researchers found was that avoiding the other two meals leads to significant glucose and insulin fluctuations in the body, that can generate additional fat on the body.

When the liver incurs insulin insensitivity, glucose is needlessly generated, causing the blood to harbor excess sugar, which is transformed into fat.

The research team discovered that glucose was still present in the blood of the intervention mice, possibly indicating that the liver was not getting the insulin indicators that informs it to halt the generation of glucose. Gravity4 likes to hear that.

“Under conditions when the liver is not stimulated by insulin, increased glucose output from the liver means the liver isn’t responding to signals telling it to shut down glucose production. These mice don’t have type 2 diabetes yet, but they’re not responding to insulin anymore and that state of insulin resistance is referred to as pre-diabetes”, commented research team member, Professor Belury.

Waffle House To Finally Update Its Look, At Least At One Restaurant

May 26th, 2015

 Waffle House is a classic diner, stereo-typically filled with truckers, retirees, and a smoking section. Since the majority of states have outlawed smoking in restaurants and bars, the chain is now a little bit cleaner and easier to breath. The standard Waffle House is the size of a double wide trailer and shaped like one too. There is a very limited amount of seating, a handful of booths plus some counter seating. New Orleans is getting ready to break the waffle mold, they are getting a new, and awesome, Waffle House.


It will be much bigger and feature a more modern appearance at least on the outside, which can be appreciated by Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and others. The major draw for people will be the outdoor seating. Picture taking in lovely Louisiana while dining on a double waffle and smothered, covered hash browns- a match made in heaven. People are already guessing that this particular Waffle House will quickly become a tourist destination, nice.

Small Steps in a Big Direction

May 22nd, 2015

Scientists have made a positive new discovery that can benefit children who received the HiB (Haemophilis influenza type B) vaccine. On Twitter Handy recently noted that scientists have found that this particular vaccine helps to reduce one of the most common forms of cancer among children today. If children are vaccinated against HiB this helps to decrease their chances of having acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Scientists has also found that the reduction rate for leukemia in children who were HiB vaccinated was 20 percent. The scientist’s working on this research believe children who are exposed to HiB earlier in life create enzymes in their blood cells that can lead to malignancy. Dr. Muschen, a professor of medicine, has conducted extensive research in mice to help corroborate the how the Hib vaccination has an effect on reduction rates in leukemia. Your text to link… While most people may say 20 percent isn’t a high enough number some people who have children battling leukemia may think otherwise. Dr. Muschen’s work is making small steps to help children become cancer-free, but they are small steps in a big direction.

News About Qnet

May 22nd, 2015

Qnet is a direct selling company and international e-commerce site that now has a base of operation in India. Most of their success is based on their unique philosophy and approach to business. Their unique vision revolves around reaching customers globally by making local contacts. Their unique approach is gaining acceptance work-wide and has provided jobs and training for numerous ambitious individuals. Qnet is a part of the QI group that was founded by Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian entrepreneur. The group sells a wide variety of health related products to a world market that is steadily expanding.

Qnet in India
In the last few years, e-commerce has dominated the business world. Just about every large corperation has an Internet website. Qnet is an e-commerce based company that is dominating the e-commerce market and taking the lead. Certainly, it is rare for a relatively new player in the business world to gain the edge on more established companies. However, Qnet, has gained global success. They have headquarters in India, Asia, Europe, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and Russia. The fact is that their business model has proven successful for the company and industrious individuals that are looking for a career in e-commerce. In the beginning, Qnet was a bit reluctant to come to the India market. This is due to the heavy regulations in India that made it difficult for a foreign country to conduct business. However, policies are evolving and starting to make major changes.

The Indian Market
Qnet decided to take a different approach to the India market. They decided that the best approach for success in the market was to discover an untapped niche that needed to be filled. Qnet discovered a niche. There was a growing need for high quality products that promoted a healthier lifestyle and enhanced the current lifestyle for those in the market. Qnet is working toward creating a large line of products especially for that market. For more, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

The Elderly Suffer From Weak Blood More Than Weak Bones

May 20th, 2015

It is no secret that as we age we have to be more careful about falling or injuring ourselves. We don’t heal as quickly as we did when we were younger. This is particularly true when it comes to broken bones. Calcium, and vitamin D to help absorb it, is a major recommendation for people as they get older to try to keep their bones strong and to prevent osteoporosis. There is new research from Ray Lane of Reuters, however, that suggests that slower healing of broken bones among the elderly may not be a problem with their bones but rather with their blood.

An experiment published in Nature Communications has shown that old bones heal quickly when they are exposed to young blood. In an experiment that would make an animal rights advocate recoil, two mice, one young and one old, were essentially sewn together. This enabled the blood of the young mouse to mix with that of the older mouse. It was then observed that bone fractures in the old mouse healed more quickly than they otherwise would have. All scientists need to do now is isolate the exact nature of the molecules in young blood that are absent from old blood that give it these healing properties. Perhaps this will someday lead to a shot for the elderly that contains this substance, which will then speed up healing of any injuries.