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Is Surgery for Knee Pain the Best Option?

June 30th, 2015

Knee surgery has gained a lot of controversy and ridicule in the past few years because of those who have had these procedures done and are still experiencing pain years down the road. Knee surgery is not something to take lightly, since it involves trying to relieve the pain of joints in the area using modern technological advances. According to Lime Crime, if the surgery is done incorrectly or if you do not respond well to the procedure, it can be easy to continue living with the pain or even to experience more of it after the surgery is done. This is why many people are beginning to wonder if knee surgery is truly the best option.

One of the most important things about knee surgery is the rehabilitation that comes along with it after everything is said and done. The main issue with people is that they find it difficult to go through rehab after knee surgery, and this can be more than problematic when you’re trying to recondition your joints in this area. If you are going to be going for knee surgery, it is vital that you are able to rehabilitate yourself afterward and have the motivation that is needed to get this done. When you have it done, you will find that you are better off and feel more relieved from the pain than ever before and can go about living your life in peace.

Social Butterflies

June 29th, 2015

Who doesn’t like hanging out with friends? The problem is that with such busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, it can be difficult to find the time to do much else except sleep and eat. It is common knowledge that eating right and exercising are vital to staying healthy. Recent studies have shown that people who are more social and engage in activities they enjoy with others, live longer and better. Though staying home in bed eating a pint of chocolate chip sounds tempting when you are depressed, it is far better to surround yourself with friends and interact with others. Folks at Amen Clinic know that this has been proven to lessen symptoms of depression and disability. Someone who lives alone, spends most of their time alone or feels lonely more often than not, has a 30% higher risk of dying within seven years than their counterparts. With this said, maybe it is time to get active and see the world with new eyes!

“Stop The Epidemic”

June 25th, 2015


There is an obesity epidemic that is flooding the United States. Younger and younger children are being obese at a faster rate. A new study just revealed a few things parents could do to help stop this epidemic. These strategies may not be easy at first, but they all work.

The first strategy to fight obesity would be to cut children down on screen time. Studies show that children no longer sit and watch television. They have to be eating or drinking something while enjoying a movie or program.

The second thing would be to keep children away for a lot of sweets said Paul Mathieson. This has to do with both drinks and food. Drinks and snacks with too much sugar will put the weight on a child fast. Going further, children usually eat or drink something without reading the label. A good way to execute this strategy would be to point out the label to the children. This will make the children realize what they are putting into their bodies.

The last strategy would be to encourage children to engage in physical activities every single day. When children go out with their friends, parents usually think they are engaging in physical activities. However, most children just hangout at the park all day. This is not engaging in activities. Parents should make sure children join a sport or an after school program where they will engage in real physical activities.

Pickles Found To Reduce Anxiety

June 24th, 2015

A recent study has been done in the food department that could help you feel much better overall. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, it was found that eating pickles made people much less anxious than people who avoided them. Basically there was some kind of link between eating pickled food items and reducing the amount of stress and social anxiety levels in someone. Oddly enough they found that students at a university who participated in test were far less anxious if they really liked kimchi or sauerkraut or pickles.

Folks at Skout think that this is surely an interesting concept, and now they know they may turn to the fridge when it comes to a stressful time. I think that whatever the reason is for the soothing effects it is still a pretty neat thing to have found out. Because after all who doesn’t eat pickles? I think that there are times when you are just hungry but don’t know what to eat, so turning to a pickle would easily make that craving and restlessness disappear.

It won’t be long before this is tested out again, and hopefully whoever decides to participate in in again will have the same findings. It is just nice to know about something that is guaranteed to calm you down in major times of stress.

Anti-Vaccinators and Jews; A Similarity In Treatment?

June 23rd, 2015

A popular doctor, Dr. Robert W. Sears, recently suggested on his facebook page that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are frequently being treated similarly to how Jews were treated in Nazi Germany so many years ago. This seems like a very drastic comparison and some people are up in arms over the whole situation. Parents who fall into the category of being against vaccinations though, feel like the statement might not actually be that far from the truth.

It was not too many months ago that the measles outbreak in Florida reignited a spark regarding the great vaccination debate. Basically, those parents who choose not to vaccinate,
selectively vaccinate
or put off vaccinating do not often get public approval for their choices. These parents feel it is their right to protect their children from these harsh vaccinations that contain harmful chemicals and that can overload the immune system and body.

Dr. Sears and his father have written many pediatric and parenting books that are highly regarding in the community. Brian Reifler says both doctors have always stood by the point that parents can choose what is right for their child and they also offer alternative vaccination schedules that parents can follow to obtain the shots their child needs but in a safer manner. They also offer parenting advice when it comes to child sleep issues, dietary concerns, behavioral issues, sibling rivalry and much more.

Lupus And Pregnancy

June 23rd, 2015

For women who currently have their health well maintained and their lupus is in remission, pregnancy is something that can be accomplished with little to no issues or complications. This information comes as part of a study that was completed by the Hospital For Special Surgery. A number of biomarkers were studied in women who had lupus, which is an autoimmune disease that affects healthy tissue. Brad Reifler knows that, in addition to affecting otherwise healthy tissue in the body, lupus can also affect the brain, the kidneys, joints and skin. Up until now, women were often told to avoid pregnancy if at all possible if lupus was diagnosed. Now, with proper medical attention and prenatal care, lupus patients are going on to start families and have healthy babies.

This study, which was called the PROMISSE study, followed 385 different pregnant women who also had 
 Of those women, eighty-one percent of them went on to have non-complicated pregnancies. Five percent of the women’s pregnancies ended in fetal or neonatal death. Some of the babies were smaller than normal and some of the women went into preterm labor, but overall there were no specific complications that indicated pregnancy should be avoided at all costs. The women who did have complications typically had other health issues present or were in the middle of a pretty substantial flare up of lupus. Hypertension, low platelets and other factors were present.

Stay Sugar Free For Your Own Good

June 22nd, 2015

Sugar gets a bad reputation and, honestly, the bad reputation is deserved. Sugar is loaded with calories and the nutritional value is very low. What sugar does have going for it is an enjoyable taste. Sugar also provides a viable source of energy. The bad things associated with sugar, however, often exceed the perceived benefits. The health conscious are wisely advised to keep their sugar intake low.

Most people try to avoid processed sugars or awful substitutes such as high-fructose corn syrup. Avoiding such things is definitely well advised. Substituting them for natural brown sugar or sweet honey, while seemingly a better plan, might not be all that beneficial.

Any and all sources of sugar bring forth problems for your health. Healthy people like Keith Mann agree that opting to use common substitutes for processed sugar is not a reliable plan. A much better strategy is to just cut back on all sources of sugar. Really, adding any type of sugar to your diet is going to yield problems.

Just try to go “sugar free: as much as possible. That is the best advice available.

Health Care Aids: The Unsung Heros of Our Aging Population

June 22nd, 2015

As our nation’s population ages, all jobs relating to senior care also increase and become more demanding. According to Zeca Oliveira, by 2020, one in six people will be over the age of 65 and most of them will want to stay in their own home. When no health issues are present that’s not a problem, but few people reach their golden years without some types of health problems that require them to have a little help each day.
That’s where health care aids come in, they make house calls and improve the quality of life for our aging population. Without home health care aids making house calls, few seniors would be able to remain in their own homes. Home health care aids travel to homes and prepare meals, do light house work, make sure their charges have taken their medicine, provide companionship and enable the elderly to live a dignified life in their own familiar surroundings.
And they do all of this for less than $12 an hour, often without insurance.
Most home health care workers are women, most are barely scrapping by financially. The work is not for someone trying to build a lavish lifestyle and cushy retirement fund, only those who have a love for people and desire to help would do this work for such a small monetary reward.

The Bubonic Plague Still Exists

June 22nd, 2015


It was over 700 years ago when the bubonic plague, which was referred to as the Black Death, was responsible for the deaths of over 25 million people in Europe. It is usually caused by infected fleas, which are often infected by rodents carrying the plague, and passed to humans when they are bitten by the fleas. Although this seems like a disease of the past and not a serious concern in today’s society, a recent article about a Colorado teen shows that is not the case.
16-year-old Taylor Gaes, a Colorado resident, died from the bubonic plague last weekend. It was originally misdiagnosed as the flu, but things turned fatal quite quickly. The boy was from a rural area in the state, and it is assumed that Taylor was bitten by a flea who had previously bitten a sick rodent.
The CDC, or Center for Disease Control, cites this as a rare case, but through further investigation, it seems the bubonic plague has infected an average of 7 Americans on an annual basis says Gianfrancesco Genoso. This disease is one that I did not even know I should fear, and many Americans probably feel the same way.

A Pickle A Day…

June 22nd, 2015

An apple a day keeps the doctor way used to be the food advice that everyone lived by. Well, move aside Apple! On Sam Tabar let on that another green food item is swooping in to take your place.

New research shows that pickles have a hidden benefit. No longer will they just be known for their deliciousness, or perfect compliment to burgers or hotdogs. According to GrubStreet pickles can help someone to feel less anxious!

So now snacking on a pickled food might be a great idea for those who find themselves nervous in any sort of social situation. It could also be a good idea to try on before a test! What’s the worst that could happen? You eat a snack, and nothing happens.

Of course fad diets always come and go, and different foods are always known to do something else depending on the week. Therefore, it’s hard to buy into these claims. But, it’s still nice to take them with a grain of salt. If you don’t mind pickles, what’s the harm in eating a few a day and seeing what would happen.

Come August, the study will be published in a magazine. Should you expect pickles to fly off the shelves? Probably not.