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Brad Reifler: At the Forefront

July 30th, 2015

Very few people in today’s world are capable of starting one extremely successful company, much less several. To have this level of success as an entrepreneur, it takes an in-depth knowledge of business as well as an inner drive and determination that exceeds the competition. When founding and operating financial services companies, it takes all this and more to succeed. When it comes to being at the forefront of success in financial services, Brad Reifler is one name that immediately comes to mind.

Having founded several successful companies since the 1980s, Reuters points out on several occasions that Brad has proven he has what it takes to build a company from the ground up and take it to the top. With his initial company Reifler Trading Company in the 80s, he immediately went to work to make it one of the best financial services companies in the world. Responsible for managing discretionary accounts worth several hundreds of millions of dollars, Brad and his team relentlessly pursued perfection by constantly conducting research into the latest financial trends worldwide. By doing so, he was able to take RTC and build it into one of the world’s largest independent futures operations before selling the company in 2000.

As the CEO of his next company Pali Capital, he achieved even more extraordinary results. Over a 13-year span, he was able to earn more than $1 billion in commission income for the company, a feat almost unheard of in financial services. Attributed to his ability to create innovative sales strategies, Brad combined research with analysis and derivative structures in order to lead his company to the top. In his role today as CEO of Forefront Capital LLC, he continues to think outside the box and consult with leading economists and other business leaders to ensure he does indeed stay at the forefront.

Jennifer Walden, American Beauty Surgeon

July 30th, 2015

Jennifer Walden, age 43, is an American plastic surgeon. “Harper’s Bazaar” named her one of the best beauty surgeons in the United States in 2014. Her private practice is based in Austin, Texas, with a satellite office in nearby Marble Falls.

Walden began her career in New York under the guidance of Sherrell Aston, one of the world’s foremost experts in cosmetic surgery. After completing a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, she established her own successful practice in New York. Shifting priorities led her back to Austin.

Marriage and children were not on Walden’s radar when she was in school or starting her practice. During her late 30s, however, her maternal instincts grew strong. With no man in her life that she wanted to marry, she chose in-vitro fertilization. She gave birth to twin boys in 2010.

As a single mother, Walden wanted her sons to grow up surrounded by family. She had to start over with her practice in Austin, and she was not sure what to expect. She wondered if the residents in this “green city” were more inclined to a natural look and less receptive to plastic surgery.

“I figured I’d spend some days tapping my nails on the desk, waiting for the phone to ring,” she said in an article for “Texas Monthly.” By the time her plane from New York arrived in Austin, two patients were already booked for surgery. She soon learned that people wanted cosmetic work in Austin as much as anywhere in the country.

Walden, the daughter of a dentist and a surgical nurse, is proud of her success in New York and Austin. She focuses exclusively on cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, face lifts, eyelid lifts and nose jobs. She also performs liposuction and dermal fillers.

Walden knows she is a rarity, as few female doctors go into plastic surgery. There are currently more than 8,100 board-certified plastic surgeons in the country, and only 851 of them are women. Even fewer women, only 180, are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Walden thinks being a female plastic surgeon has advantages. “Many of my patients tell me they are more comfortable talking to another woman about certain parts of their body. They also know I will never look at them judgmentally,” she says.

In addition to her role as award-winning surgeon, Walden is a published author. She is also something of a media darling. Her writing appears in several magazines, and she is often featured as an expert commentator on ABC News, FOX News and other media outlets.

What Are They Saying About Your Business? Online Reputation Management Service Rescue

July 30th, 2015

Some years ago companies weren’t as concerned about how online shoppers rate the experience, but it’s become a necessity these days. With an estimated 88% of online shoppers checking real consumer reviews to decide if an item is worth buying or not; a business seen in a negative light is likely to struggle. With online reputation fixer services, repairing damaged business web ratings is a viable option for companies. With everyone having an opportunity to express free thoughts about a service, brand, company or product online openly and anonymously, reviews aren’t always honest. Sometimes the reviews aren’t thoughtful, truthful and damaging to a company’s integrity.

For help, hiring an online reputation consultant to fix these damaging reviews and send a positive message to fans. This is a sensitive project and having the right hands for the job makes an enormous difference. Even businesses with the lowest review scores can make a quick turnaround to having an outstanding reputation. Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, an excellent reputation carries weight online. Customers trust better brands with almost perfect ratings and positive reviews. The smallest remarks echo the loudest and make its way around the world quickly. With an online reputation fixer managing a company’s public profile, using damaging reviews to generate an entirely positive out-turn and keeping a brand’s credibility in tip-top shape is a breeze. Of course, this is only possible if a company hires the right online reputation management expert.

Darius Fisher, Status Labs president specializes in digital crisis affairs. His particular focus involves fixing online reputation in the interest of executives, politicians and public icons. His company Status Labs has offices in Sao Paulo and New York with the corporate headquarter in Austin. With his help, these high-profile candidates get to turn things around and give society something positive to digest. Fisher takes care of everything from social media to Google search scandals. He’ll repair any damaging reputation within the quickest possible time. He’s firmly against letting a negative feedback be the last impression that fans see on a profile. With important people forgetting that their reputation has a lifeline, misfortunes are imminent.

He’s urging everyone to monitor and audit public web profiles regularly. With life throwing a tantrum daily and a full calendar of activities planned, important people don’t have the time. This is where Fisher comes in. He’s vastly knowledgeable about the science of the industry and Google algorithms. With him using these ammunitions, he’s managed to keep his clients profile clean and avoid undue media attention. As a round-the-clock media watchdog, Fisher monitors all profiles and industry review websites. With him getting alerts as soon as anyone makes mention of his clients, nothing goes unnoticed.

How Beneful can Improve a Dog’s Life

July 29th, 2015

Dogs are a valuable part of the family. Many families enjoy the company of their pets like they enjoy each other’s company. One thing that is important to realize about dogs is that like humans, they need foods that are higher in quality. There are certain foods that will bring more health benefits to the dog. There are also certain foods that are unhealthy and will only hinder the dog when it comes to health. Fortunately, there are certain companies that are good about bringing forth healthy dog food. Beneful on is one of companies that are worth looking into for people who want their dog to live long and healthy.

Beneful can improve a dog’s life in the most important way. Beneful makes food from the best ingredients. This results in foods that are rich in nutrients that will leave dogs looking and feeling healthy. Dogs will appreciate their family for feeding them Beneful foods.

Changing the Mobile Wireless Service Game

July 28th, 2015

In the past decade, phone bills have skyrocketed. Since the release of SmartPhones, companies have been able to charge customers outrageous prices for data usage, bringing in a huge profit and draining our wallets. Everything from limited data plans that overcharge once you go over, to unlimited data that throttles down when you reach a certain point has made us very self conscious about the Internet usage on our mobile devices. It shouldn’t be this way, and that’s why a new startup company called FreedomPop is working to make a difference.

What is FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is a company that is just getting on their feet that is trying to steal your business away from some of the large mobile carriers. They plan on doing this by offering up free call and data plans to users, which could save the average person over $70 per line on their service. This will include an affordable form of wireless service that users can obtain for only $5 a month, much cheaper than the rates of more known competitors.

Why Can FreedomPop Offer Services So Cheap?

You might be speculating as to how FreedomPop can offer their services so cheap, while larger companies aren’t able to do the same thing. For starters, let’s get it straight that large companies actually can lower their costs quite a bit, but don’t do it because they want to make a large profit and hold too much of the market share to have a need to drop prices. FreedomPop states that over 90 percent of the data that is used by consumers is through Wi-Fi, and so offering free voice and data plans is a small charge when getting users to sign up for an unlimited Wi-Fi plan.

FreedomPop App

The service will be offered through an app that has been developed b the company. The app is going to be exclusively available in the Android app store on release, while an iOS app will become available at a later date. Google wants to make wireless services as open to the public as possible, while Apple is a bit more hesitant. There aren’t any plans to develop a Windows Phone app, but that doesn’t mean it will be out of the question.

Where Will FreedomPop be Available?

FreedomPop plans on opening up to around 120 million people in large areas. On release, it’s not going to be available to everyone, but will cover every large city throughout the states until it’s able to expand. By the end of the first quarter of release, FreedomPop should be available to another 25 million people and will continue to grow until everyone has access to it.

Should I Make the Switch?

If you want to save potentially hundreds of dollars on your family’s phone and data service plans, then you definitely should. FreedomPop is a much cheaper alternative that competitors aren’t willing to match, and it offers the same quality of service. If you mainly stay in hotspot areas then you should be set to switch over.

Beneful Makes Deciding on the Best Dog Food Simple

July 23rd, 2015

The right dog food can be the difference between a happy and healthy dog, or a miserable pooch that hates meal time. I used to spend more time comparing dog food brands than I spent actually enjoying my dog, and still never felt I was making the right choice. My dog is everything to me, and I hated feeding her food that deep down I knew wasn’t giving her the balanced diet that she deserved. Being on a budget used to leave me with little room to be picky about what my dog ate, but now I never have to worry again.

After feeding my dog Beneful for just one month, I became a believer. After almost a year testing out expensive dog food that my dog seemed less than happy eating, I finally found one that works. Beneful, is an amazing line of quality wet and dry dog foods, and snacks that focus on keeping my dog healthy from the inside out. Purina has been a trusted brand for dog food you years, and Beneful kicks it up a notch by using healthy ingredients so every bite is packed with protein,grains and vegetables.

Beneful leaves the harmful fillers out of your dogs dish, and makes mealtime healthy and delicious. My dog doesn’t stare at my table food longingly anymore,and I can rest assured that she will always be in the best of healthy because of Beneful. Before long my, go dog will be pageant ready and I owe it all to Beneful’s huge selection of dog feed. Whenever my dog needs a special treat, Beneful’s line of roasters are here to save the day. If my lengthy testimony did’t seal the deal for you, try it for yourself, and see the difference Beneful can make in your pets’s life.

North American Spine Offers Hope and Quick Relief for Chronic Spinal Pain Patients

July 21st, 2015

A procedure identified as the AccuraScope is now offered by North American Spine™. It is intended to benefit individuals suffering from painful conditions involving the spinal column. According to experts the AccuraScope affords significant relief from the pain that accompanies many disorders of the back and neck. This new procedure alleviates pain for patients and does not require any major surgical intervention.

Medical specialists with North American Spine will carefully evaluate each potential new patient to determine if the AccuraScope is a suitable treatment option. If the physician and patient are in agreement then the procedure is scheduled and performed.

The AccuraScope treatment involves laser therapy and can be completed in less than 60 minutes. The laser technology targets specific body tissue and is not intended to be used on patients whose spinal pain is related directly to bone disorders. The procedure targets soft tissue such as muscles, discs and ligaments.

This innovative technology offers fast relief from pain,minimally-invasive treatments and speedy recovery. Most of the patients have stated that their pain disappeared almost immediately. The majority of patients are back home the same day. With a recovery period of 1-7 days most individuals enjoy a quick return to work, sports and normal daily routines.

Over-Prescribing Antibiotics Leads to Antibiotic Resistant Viral Strains

July 20th, 2015

When I am sick enough to go to the doctor, I fully expect to leave his or her office with a prescription in hand for antibiotics and perhaps a shot of steroids in my butt. That is what I have been conditioned to expect and that expectation has led us down a slippery slope of antibiotic resistant viral strains.
Many common conditions, such as sinusitis, ear infection and throat inflammation, are caused by viruses and they will not respond to any type of antibiotic. Yet we expect a prescription for the miracle drug and get upset and angry when our doctor won’t prescribe the strongest antibiotic on the market for our runny nose and sore throat.
Many doctors have given their patients what they wanted and went ahead and prescribed a low-dose antibiotic even though the condition could have been dealt with without a prescription. Ricardo Tosto knows that, after all, the reasoning was and is, even if it don’t help, a low dose antibiotic won’t hurt.
It can and does hurt. The over-prescribing of antibiotics has led to the development of antibiotic resistant viral strains that are at best debilitating and at worse fatal, and there’s no recourse until newer antibiotic drugs are developed.
Antibiotic resistant viral strains are currently a global problem that threaten the health and well being of everyone on the planet. And it all started with the over-prescribing of antibiotics for common health problems.

Turn that Frown Upside Down; Here 10 Ways to get Happy

July 15th, 2015

Your world’s turned upside down, but there’s always a reason to get back up again.
Ricardo Tosto understands that sometimes you get down for a day or even several days and you may think you’ll never get back up again, but there is always something out beyond your door step to brighten your mood again. Here are 10 ways that will really make you happy again.

1. Remember that your friends are never too far away.
2. Have your coffee in a place that offers Free Refills.
3. Treat yourself with a little surprise everyday; you’re worth it.
4. You’ve found the song that describes how you are feeling – totally.
5. Think about it. Somewhere there is a little dog wearing a little pink sweater.
6. Make yourself some guacamole and add some chips. That will surely get you in the party mood.
7. Watch all the videos on cute cats and kittens that you can find; they’re so cute.
8. Strangers are still smiling at you, aren’t they?
9. Take some time to read again. Read a comedy or a romance novel that has a good ending.
10. Do something different; try something new. Even if you live in a small town there is something you haven’t done before with or without your friends.

A Study Suggests GlaxoSmithKline’s Flu Vaccine Linked to Narcolepsy

July 3rd, 2015

Across the globe, health care providers encourage people at greatest risk for the flu to get the vaccine prior to peak season. Flu season varies from region to region, but it’s generally the time period in which is peak for outbreaks, the winter months. The results of an International study revealed that in calendar year 2009, the swine flu vaccine was linked to higher rates of the chronic sleep disorder, narcolepsy. There is no known cure for narcolepsy.

Perhaps a relief to Americans, the vaccine in the study, Pandemrix, was never used in the states reports Lime Crime. Yesterday, the team of International Researchers presented scientific evidence that the vaccine triggered an abnormal immune system response. Pandemrix contained a protein, which caused the vaccine to respond as if it encountered a sick person with an infection. Then it latched onto the narcolepsy receptors in the brain and structurally damaged the cells, permanently interrupting the sleep cycle of the patients.

In the study, which was published in the journal, Science Translational Medicine, people who received other European flu vaccines were not affected. Only the group of people, who were given the GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix vaccine, has been diagnosed with this incurable sleep disorder.

Genetic predisposition was ruled out and “Dr. Lawrence Steinman of Stanford University and colleagues found that the H1N1 virus contains a protein that is structurally similar to part of a brain cell receptor for that wakefulness chemical.”