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Joseph Bismark: Leading by Example

August 31st, 2015


In the Western world, we often hear about living a healthy lifestyle. Obesity and other related co-morbidities have made more people take notice of their poor nutrition and sedimentary life. Companies aimed at healthy living are constantly touting products for weight loss, exercise, and nutrition. Fortunately, many people hear the call to get healthy and look to lifestyle experts for help and inspiration.

It is not often that we find a busy corporate CEO espousing healthy living to his managers, employees, and customers. Joseph Bismark is a founder of the Asian company QI Group, which is the parent company of QNet. I read an article about Bismark’s health philosophy in a recent issue of asPire Magazine.

According to the Business Wire, Bismark is a strict vegetarian and has been for years. He feels like it is the kind thing for animals and is better for the human body. He is a yoga guru and practices a regular exercise regime that includes swimming, bicycle riding, and core strengthening. Bismark uses a special application on his phone to track different statistics when he is cycling. It includes the distance, speed, and calories he burns, says the article.

As a trained yogi, Bismark practices yoga as an exercise and a way of life. He still teaches at the School of Meditation and Yoga in Singapore. He believes that yoga is a holistic way for us to care for our body, minds, and spirits. The emphasis on correct breathing and yoga poses help with flexibility, he says. He also believes that meditation enables the brain to have clearer thinking.

The Eastern philosophy that Bismark practices comes naturally to him. From childhood, he was raised in an ashram and learned the arts of yoga, meditation, and monastic living. He was taught from an early age in his native Philippine Islands that it is important to be mindful and to live in the present moment.

His enthusiasm and gusto for life inspires his thousands of employees and QI Group and QNet. As their leader, he tells them that they are the most crucial part of the company, and they must see themselves as such. He encourages them to practice being compassionate and mindful of one another and themselves. Under his guidance, the corporation is expanding globally, and Bismark is a popular speaker for many leadership seminars. His example of a healthy lifestyle and employee appreciation is something that sets Joseph Bismark apart from other corporate leaders.

My Great Dog Deserves Great Food From Beneful

August 28th, 2015

Having a dog is like having a four-legged friend that always cherishes you. I have children that are not as loving and faithful to me of my dog is, as bad as that sounds. My kids will take their meals when I make it for them, and they won’t even say thank you, even though I’ve tried to teach them good manners. Whenever I feed my dog his food, he always finishes it and comes over and lays next to me after he licks my face. How is it that my pet gives me more appreciation than my children? Either way, I love both my pet and my children, but I definitely give my pet some extra treats that my kids don’t get.

I’ll give my kids candy once in a while, but I make sure that my dog gets a treat every single day. My dog gets the newspaper, he helps me to collect the mail, he walks everywhere with me, and he’s just a good dog. With a dog that does so much for me, why doesn’t he deserve a treat on a daily basis? I decided that I would take my dog for a walk one day because the kids said that they couldn’t do it. Although I was a bit irritated because I had told the kids what to do, and they were ignoring me, I took the dog for a walk anyway.

We enjoyed our time together, and we took a walk for about an hour. When I got to a secluded part of our neighborhood where it’s an empty lot, a $100 bill blew across my feet, and I sent the dog to collect it. He jumped on it to hold it down for me, and I looked around to see if anyone had possibly lost it, but there was no one in sight. I thought it was the funniest thing because if my kids had walked the dog like they were supposed to, they would have been the one to collect the money! I decided to give my dog a reward, and we walked to a store close by. I stopped at the store, and I got him some more Beneful treats, which is something I gave him every day.

I decided that since I got $100 for walking the dog, I would repay the dog with a bag full of treats. Beneful is something that I give him every day for his meals, but I only sparingly give him the treats. I decided that today would be the first day he would get to eat a whole bag of Beneful treats. When it comes to the nutrition of my dog, nothing is too good for him, and that’s why I choose Beneful brand food. Beneful has the wholesome ingredients that he needs, and he shows that he loves the way it tastes too. Since I have such a good dog, I don’t see any reason to feed him anything but the best, and the best dog food in my opinion is Beneful.

For The Love Of Our Pets

August 25th, 2015

People have been taking animals into their homes and caring for
them since the dawn of man. We just love our pets. There is an unspoken bond that we have with our furry, feathered or maybe even scale covered friends.

Whatever the case, for you as a pet owner you want to take great care of the animal or animals that you hold dear to you and your family. So obviously we are going to do our very best to make sure that they get the very best.

Like family, we do not want any harm or poor health to fall on our much loved companions. That is why we give them the best food we can like Beneful on petco and the proper amount of exercise to keep them fit and ready to go at a moments notice.

The timeless image of a man and his dog. Classic, iconic, known the world over for it’s familiarity. The relationship between us and our pets is one that only we can describe about them. Only we can say just how great it feels to play with your companion or just lounge on the couch.

Pet care has evolved greatly over time and so have the companies that are responsible for the nutritional value in your pets diet. Likewise, the toys and fun things that we buy for our pets.

We can search the web all day for nutritional information but we like to think that we have done all the research we need to. This may be the case. We will do anything that we can for our pets and it has been proven over and through the ages.

Companies like (Beneful) offer a wide variety dry and wet pet foods. They come in easy to understand packaging that is informative to the customer looking for the right food for their furry family member. From fully prepared meals to some tasty kibble varieties, you are sure to find what you need.

It is great to know that you can find such healthy nutritious food for our pets of many types. In the confusing times we live in it’s nice to have a dependable brand for our pets.

Beneful Is The Food Of Choice To Give My Dog Energy

August 25th, 2015

I love to run, and I like taking my dog with me. I challenge my dog at every turn, and I try to get him to run as fast as he can before he finally starts to slow down. I’m a runner at heart, and although I don’t do marathons anymore, I continue to run to keep myself healthy. I like competing with my dog, and I’ll race him from one point to another, and he’s actually very fast. There’s times that he’ll beat me, and it makes me wonder about my energy levels, but I know that he’s faster on four legs than I am on two legs.

I have a wonderful dog, and not only is he a great companion, but he’s a lot of fun to play with. When I get home from work in the evening, the first thing I’ll do is put on my jogging shoes, and I’ll take my dog out for a run. I don’t say that I take my dog out for a walk because we always run. Lately, my dog has been slowing down a lot more, and I was wondering if I was working him too hard.

I would slow up, and let him catch up, but he didn’t seem to run as fast as he used to. I started thinking of the different things that have changed in our lives recently, so I could figure out why he was going so slow. The only thing I can notate is the fact that I’ve started feeding him less dog food and more table scraps. I figured that I needed to cut back on the table scraps dramatically, and I needed to only feed him dog food. I didn’t want the same dog food I’ve been feeding him because it’s obviously not doing much good.

I did some research online, and I found a great dog food that would help him gain a lot more energy, so he could run with me again. The dog food that I found is Beneful, and even though I’ve seen other brands of dog food, Beneful seem to be the better choice. Not only does Beneful give a dog energy, but it’s also a nutritious brand of dog food as well. I also took the time to look up reviews about the food, and to me it was a no-brainer. I purchased Beneful for my dog, and I already see his energy levels increasing.

Beneful is a brand of dog food that many owners will choose when they want to give their dogs additional energy. Not all dog foods are made alike, and some dogs can lose energy if they don’t need the right types of food. Dogs shouldn’t be eating table scraps, they should always eat dog food that has their nutrition in mind. Beneful dog foods are not only nutritious or dogs, but it’s been proven to help dogs gain a lot more energy, and that’s why dog owners love Beneful. Any dog that has energy problems should eat Beneful brand foods.

The Future of Spinal Surgery Is Here

August 20th, 2015

In the old days, spinal surgery was something to fear for most people. The incisions were large and caused disruption in the surrounding tissues, blood loss, and reduced pain management. Even worse it seemed that many of the clients became addicted to narcotic pain killers due to an extended period of pain following the surgery with inadequate pain management. For some, the pain following surgery would never completely go away leaving them worse off than they were.

In the medical news recently a new trend is occurring in spinal surgeries and centers for spinal surgeries. It’s called Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS). In this type of surgery, the incision is small and doesn’t cause tissue disruption or extensive blood loss. Because it is only minimally invasive the odds of infections can also go down. A quicker recovery time means clients can go home on the day of the surgery and be back at work in a couple of weeks. However, there is a newer kind of MIS available to the public that promises to be even better than other types of MIS procedures.

The procedure is called an AccuraScope, and it’s only available from North American Spinal Centers. Located in Dallas and only performed by board certified doctors with special training the procedure takes less than one hour to complete. The Dallas-based doctors use a small laser beam that is smaller than the tip of a mechanical pencil. The laser will only work on the tissue where it actually touches. This safeguard can save one from an accident that could cause permanent scarring.

Clients are giving the procedure good reviews, and many are saying that they were back to work within a week of the procedure. Pain management specialists were available through the clinic, and the use of narcotics was minimal. The new procedure from North American Spinal Centers has been performed on over 8,000 clients. It has an 82% success rate and can save clients over $23,190 in out of pocket expenses over five years including medications and physician appointment.

As for pain management, this area is being looked at as a critical part of pre and post surgical care. More physicians are relying on these specialists to make important decisions about surgical care. At North American Spinal Centers Interventional Pain Management Specialists are available to help manage the pain in safe and efficient ways. There is less risk of addiction issues occurring with the intervention of these specialists.

Today more than ever clients are looking for low-cost and efficient treatments rather than traditional methods of surgery. Surgeons, on the other hand, want greater control over the surgical environment as well as increased productivity offered by the new MIS procedures as seen on Many surgeons and other specialists feel that MIS is the wave of the future as the number of people requiring spinal surgery for the relief of pain and deformity is expected to increase. Remember to look at all of your options before deciding on which MIS method will work bes

Changes in the NBA

August 19th, 2015

The NBA has changed a whole lot over the years. I have been a big fan of the game, and I have seen a lot in management changing as players go from one team to another. There have been some bittersweet moments like seeing LeBron leave Cleveland, but he returned. I hated to see Jordan retire, but he would return in a leadership role as a team owner. That is the way that the NBA works. People leave, but somehow they return to roles and become more refined in the new roles that they hold.

Bruce Levenson, for example, has sold his beloved Atlanta Hawks team to Grant Hill. For years Grant played in the NBA, but now he has managed to transition back into a leadership role. He was doing some sports casting, but now he will have ownership of a team. Bruce held on to the team for years because he loved the game of basketball, but he saw the opportunity to release the team over to someone that could push it forward. It is not to say that he not may return to an ownership role in some time during the future. He just decided that now was the time to let go and let someone else see what they could do with this team.

It is a perfect fit for Grant Hill. He lives in Orlando with his wife Tamia so it doesn’t take long to get to the neighboring state of Georgia. It may be a better fit for the Hawks since Hill has experience as a player in the NBA. For many years Bruce Levenson has invested in the things that he loves. Levenson loves gold and tennis, but basketball has been one of his biggest passions. He has no professional history in playing the sport, but he represents men that like to invest in what they are passionate about.

Jay-Z has never been a basketball star. Shawn Carter is known as Jay-Z because he is an entertainer. He has a passion for basketball though, and this has led him to become an owner of the NBA team the Brooklyn Nets. This was an expensive proposition because this team was originally the New Jersey Nets. In time he would move the team to his Brooklyn homeland area and start a new era in basketball. At times it takes someone new to build up excitement about a team. New leadership can wow fans and give people a reason to come to games. Sometimes the players are the stars. At other times it is the leaders behind the teams that have the star power. Jay-Z has been able to bring out stars and boost team morale.

Balanced Health

August 15th, 2015

It is widely believed that one’s mental health is tied to their physical health. If one is not balanced then the other suffers as well. Balance is the key to the optimal functioning of every living organism. Without it there is a disruption in the life cycle progression. In the human population this disruption can be expressed through physical, mental, and/or emotional disorders.
Psychiatry is the field of medicine that is dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of emotional and mental disorders. In Latin, psychiatry means “to heal the soul.” A psychiatrist attains a medical degree before proceeding into this specialty making him or her cognizant of the impact one’s physical health has on their mental state and vice versa. Psychiatry’s aim is to bring the body and mind back into a healthy balance.
Dr. Daniel Amen is one such doctor. He received his undergraduate degree in biology and went on to get his doctorate from Oral Roberts University of Medicine. His general psychiatric training was done at Walter Reed Army Medical Center followed by training in child and adolescent psychiatry at Tripler Army Medical Center. He is now double board certified by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and General Psychiatry. He believes that one can change their life and their body by “changing” their brain through food, fitness, focus, friends, and faith. His plan of care has brought many back into a balanced state of mental and physical health.
There are many schools of thought as to the treatment of mental health. Choosing a plan of care to maintain or regain one’s mental health is personal in nature and the prospective client is wise to research the options available to them. What is important is that an individual gets back to or finds a balance that helps to make their life an enjoyable journey!

Psychiatry and Doctors of Today

August 13th, 2015

The study of Psychiatry is the medical specialty, study of, treatment, prevention, diagnoses, of disorders of the mind. This includes abnormal behavior of the cognitive, perceptual, behavioral, affective, type. To start a beginning assessment of someone psychiatrically, it usually starts with the back history of their case and a complete exam of them mentally and physically, Daniel Amen on birdeye might even feel that some sort of neurophysiological tests needs to be done.

Unfortunately, it isn’t unusual for a doctor to diagnose a patient based on what medical textbooks and diagnosis manuals say and how they define mental illnesses. Most doctors and psychiatrists use a combination of psychotherapy and medication for mental problems on their patients today.

Patients can be treated as an outpatient in their offices or clinics if their problems are not too extreme and they have a reasonable capacity to function or as a patient within a clinic or psychiatric hospital if their problems are extreme and affect their ability to function. Many different doctors have many different specialties within the psychiatric field, and they have their own beliefs and feelings about how to treat and approach patients within the psychiatric field.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a very well-known Psychiatrist and popular on Twitter, who is board certified in two different areas and a Doctor of Nuclear Brain Imaging; he treats children, teenagers, and adults. He started the Amen Clinics and is the Medical Director for all six clinics Amen Clinics. He has had a large number of shows on television about the human brain which raised millions of dollars for television and has written many books and articles for professional psychiatric journals, nine of which were on the bestselling list on the New York Times.

His clinics have the biggest number of brain scans of brains that are functioning in their computer database which is about behavior with a total of almost 90,000 scans from his patients from over 110 countries all over the world. He is the head researcher for the largest study of pro football players for brain imaging and rehabilitation. His study showed how there could be a great deal of recovery for players and other people with significant amounts of brain damage by using what he has learned from his work.

He also won the highest award they give their members from the Psychiatric Association in America for Distinguished Fellow. Dr. Amen’s work has been featured in almost every magazine there is, has spoken in front of the Council for Family Court Judges and for the Supreme Court of three states. Dr. Amen is married and he and his wife have four kids, and have five grandchildren, he is devoted to his family and loves to play tennis whenever possible.

Technology is a major role in the way business is done today

August 11th, 2015

We currently live in an era where technology is expanding rapidly beyond our wildest dreams. Everything from the internet, computers, smartphone’s, tablets, smart cars, and numerous other products powered through technology, have resulted in a time-period of swift innovation that has never been witnessed before in human history

All types of business have suddenly become intertwined with technology within an extremely short time-span. Nearly every business and industry in existence today, relies on technology in some form, whether it’s the small corner shop accepting payment through a Smartphone or a large scale retail outlet such as Amazon. Technology is a cornerstone or more businesses than ever before.

Because of this fast changing transition over the last few decades, America has shifted from a manufacturing based economy to service and on-demand economy fueled via technology. The demand for skillful IT, Software Engineering, and Computer Science experts has increased dramatically and will likely continue to do so in the coming decades. In the past, many types of businesses required very little focus on technology to help aid in the success of a company. This is no longer the case today. Nearly all companies in America today, have some sort of need for educated and well-trained experts in an assortment of technology based fields.

Finding qualified experts to meet your companies technology related needs is crucial these days. There are a few industry leaders who have had success and been a part of this technological revolution from day one. One such person is Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a business and technology executive who has been at the forefront of technology and business in recent years. In 2000 Mr. Kheradpir became the first CIO/CTO for Verizon Wireless and eventually went on to help lead the company in developing and deploying FIOS to homes and businesses across America. The Verizon One, a phone, modem, router and portable device all in one was developed from his department as well.

Kheradpir later went on to hold executive positions at Barclays and eventually become the CEO of Juniper Networks. Shaygan Kheradpir is a perfect example of the type of individuals needed in today’s technology fueled marketplace and will likely continue to be a leader in technological innovation and business for many years to come.

Whatever type of business you run or want to start up, one thing is certain. You will need to start out with a solid technological foundation and hire well qualified technical experts. Without doing so, your business will be at a huge disadvantage and will be forced to play “catch up”, while other companies and industries continue to heavily implement technology into the way business is done.

Tips For Healthier Eating From Dr. Daniel Amen

August 9th, 2015

Dr. Daniel Amen is very knowledgeable. He is a board certified psychiatrist and he is also a best-selling author that has been using his many books and personal appearances to help people to improve their health by eating better. Dr. Daniel Amen on ofspirit has even collaborated with Dr. Mark Hyman and Pastor Rick Warren to create a nutritional program and write a book entitled The Daniel Plan. The book and the program have improved the lives of thousands of people by sharing crucial information on what to eat and when to eat it. This has made Dr. Amen beloved nationally.

Dr. Amen’s nutrition information and promotion of holistic eating has helped people to recover from problems in their brains and their bodies. He is an advocate of the treatment of ADD, depression, and other psychiatric ailments through diets high in nutrients. And the treatments have shown great results. As part of his plan to make important nutritional information available to as many people as possible Dr. Amen recently wrote an article which offered 10 things people of limited means can take to eat foods that is good for the brain and which can improve physical health.

The steps Dr. Amen recommended include eating oatmeal, pearled barley, and other healthy grains which are high in soluble and insoluble fiber. He pointed out they can be used for breakfast, as a side dish, and in soups. Buying frozen vegetables was another piece of advice. Vegetable are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that fight aging and disease, and boost brain power. Buying them frozen saves money and enables them to last longer. Eating fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges boosts antioxidants which are important to the health of the brain and body.

Cottage cheese is another food Dr. Amen recommends. It is high in vitamins A and D, calcium, and protein. Another protein rich food needed by the body and recommended by Dr. Amen is eggs. Beans are also high in protein and dietary fiber. Omega-3 fatty acid rich canned tuna is another nutritious food Dr. Amen recommends. It improves heart health, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and dementia. Skim milk and water are two beverages Dr. Amen promotes. He also recommends cooking with spices instead of butter, cream and salt.

He also suggests buying in bulk, choosing generic brands, using coupons, and staying away from fast-foods.