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September 23rd, 2015

Highland Capital Management was formed in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Together with its affiliates, it manages a portfolio tuning to $22 billion. Highland is one of the biggest global alternative asset managers with more experience in the credit and equity markets. Highland has been active in showing investors ways to invest for 20 years. It spends in different property classes and buildings within the substitute setting such as; hedge funds, distressed and special situations private equity, separate accounts, mutual funds and ETFs. Highland’s different customers are wealth managers, public pension plans, foundations, endowments, fund of funds, governments, and people with larger net-worth.

All the successes and greatness that Highland has achieved has not come on a silver platter. It has come through hard work and perseverance of the two great men, James Dondero, and his partner Mark Okada. James Dondero, who is the president and the co-founder of the organization, lives in Dallas Texas. He chairs Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. He also serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM studios. Mr. Dondero started his profession as a market analyst in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty training program. He graduated from University of Virginia with the best honors (Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta AlphaPsi) from Mclntire School of Commerce with two majors in Accounting and Finance. Mr. James Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

James Dondero has philanthropy as one of his strong suits. He has been responsible for significant contributions that have been forwarded particularly to the less fortunate and those in desperate need of essential wants. These include companies, individuals, and institutions. In his career, he has received accolades and awards that speak volumes of his prowess in this field. For instance, he is the current holder of the Lipper and the Morning Star Awards which are among the most prestigious and coveted awards in this platform

NXRT is a symbol under which NexPoint Residential Trust, a publicly traded company uses for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. It focuses on getting, owning and running properties belonging to families that earn middle-income salaries. It is simply an alternative asset manager that runs in suburban areas where it performs its operations. In a recent development, Highland Capital managed to buy NexPoint Credit Strategies fund for a fixed price of $8.79 per share. Highland Capital plans to buy a very large number of shares from NextPoint. This was considered a very big move since Highland Capital had opted to buy a vast amount of almost 113,799 shares from Nextpoint.

Those who have worked in financial industries have appreciated and are impressed with the employees at Highland Capital Management, workers at Highland are motivated, helpful, intelligent and are aware of what they are doing.The groups are well organized such that everyone has an important role that needs to be performed in order to steer the firm in a positive direction. Highland Capital Management has grown to be an international company that poses a major threat to other companies providing similar services.

New York Real Estate Supersedes Them All

September 21st, 2015

New York Real Estate is now booming more than ever before. From Chinese business moguls who are willing to own an apartment in the US (if it’s in New York) to this thriving area becoming a lot more safer, the real estate market in New York has reached an all time high for up and coming professionals, business tycoons, multimillionaires and billionaires everywhere. Even if many of these high clientele wants to have their primary home elsewhere, they still are more than willing to own a magnificent NYC apartment for rent. As a matter of fact, even the star and broker on “Million Dollar Listing New York” says that one hasn’t truly made it until he/she owns an apartment in New York City.

According to a news article that was released this week from The Real Deal, That Chinese buyers are willing to pay $800,000 to $2,000,000 for real estate in New York. They realize the value proposition of real estate in this area, and that the demand remains constant, unlike other areas where the demand diminishes during bad times.

The Real Deal also states that developers are creating amazing buildings with unbelievable amenities; and hotel living that is raised to the sky level. With these amazing amenities, it’s no wonder why high clientele would want to own an apartment in New York. TOWN New Development, for instance, is one of these developers, who focuses on everything high end with premier architects, interior designers, elite amenity specialists, and specialized contractors. They are a premiere luxury real estate firm, and they always have open houses and virtual open houses for their clients’ convenience.

In addition to all that New York real estate has to offer that supersedes other areas is that fact that this is a very safe, big city. This plays a huge fact or in the real estate market here. Even Brooklyn is no longer known to be a borough. This city has tremendously improved.

How To Choose Your Beauty Products Wisely

September 21st, 2015

The demand for beauty products has led to the invention and manufacturing of various skin products. Every product is striving to become as impressive as possible. Every company that manufactures these products is competing with the other in producing the best quality types of beauty products that are guaranteed to meet the needs of customers. Every brand wants to entice customers in to buying their Lime Crime products on pinterest.

Did you know that the demand for beauty products is actually hire than the demand for books or any other educational products? The whole society is attracted to beauty products. This has become one of the most debatable issues in the world.
Products that are skin whitening and others were originally made for women who wanted to satisfy their special need. This is why most of the time they are associated with women. However, recent researches indicate that men too are becoming conscious about their looks, and their figure, just like women. This is why most of them have started using beauty skin products so that they can change the way they look.

Using beauty products has several advantages and unfortunately, some disadvantages too. Previously, many people used to overlook the bad effects of manufactured products. The manufacturers had only one goal, and that was to satisfy their customers. Some of them never worry about the effects of the chemicals they use, as long as it will serve its purpose.

As the manufacturers strive to make the products, the consumers are getting more affected with the chemicals used in the process. This is why it is very crucial for the consumers to choose their beauty products wisely. Most of the beauty products with harsh chemicals are quite expensive, yet consumers still have the money to buy them. It would benefit the community and the society at large if the money used to buy these harsh products is channeled in to better use.

This doesn’t mean that we should not use beauty products which are manufactured. There are still companies out there who make good products which are safe for use, and which have less or no negative effects to our skin. Surprisingly, these products are not very popular in the market. People want the products which work fast, and which contain the harsh chemicals.

Most of the products that are safe for the skin are not expensive to acquire. This is because they are made from natural products which are easily available. Every consumer should get these products and maintain their skin safety.
Did you that you can actually make these products at home? If you are not able to get a good brand that is safe for you, get information online about homemade products.

There are good manufacturing companies which make quality and safe make up. One of them is Lime Crime. The company was founded by Doe Deere. Most people who have used the products from Lime Crime can confirm that their products will cover all your imperfections, and you wont have to worry about the side effects.

Fashion Blogger Uses Cleaning Service for Home Weekly, Saves Time

September 15th, 2015

You are a professional writer, notably a journalist for a popular fashion column. You are in your mid-30s, beautiful, well-educated an extremely effective communicator and you like to have fun with your small group of friends as well.

You have a very unique style of dress, meaning that you have to look your best every, single day of the year. It’s just part of your allure. You spend a lot of money on looking good. That’s what you love to do. You have a reputation to maintain, and as someone who is somewhat of a socialite who is also effective and well-educated, you do not have time for life’s inefficiencies.

Although your work is brilliant, clever, your friends love you and you make amazing money, you do not have the time to clean up your home. When you are choosing your outfit for the day, you may try on five different outfits before a particular outfit strikes your fancy. In addition to make-up regimen, the process of leaving the house in the morning can take up to an hour, and that is if you’re rushing. You leave clothes all over your bed and just do not have the time to put them back. In addition, may you also want to cook yourself a light breakfast, which leads a sticky film on the stove and filthy pans in your sink that you are too busy to clean up. When you came home yesterday, you sat in the living room with a mountain of fashion magazines to look for inspiration for your next article. They are still on your coffee table as well as the dish that you ate your snack on while you were searching for inspiration.

Your refrigerator is also bare. There is no one to pick up groceries for you. How could you possibly have time to clean your home? Your schedule is extremely cramped and hectic for the next two weeks. The only thing you have time for is hanging out with your friends once per week because everything in your life is measured out in 10 minute increments. The last thing you are thinking about is your home, although it is beginning to look like a dumpster. What is a girl to do?

This is a service that companies like Handy, Home Cleaning Services specializes in. They can put your clothes back into your closet for you when you lay them on your bed to try them on. They can organize your magazines if you request them to. They can even pick up groceries for you, so that you have food in your refrigerator. What about a bottle of wine? Call Handy on, Home Cleaning Services and in addition to any cleaning supplies they can also pick up your food and drink for you upon request. Just like a normal housekeeper.

So, if you decide to invite a friend to your home, it looks absolutely spotless, you didn’t even have to lift a finger and you look like a domestic goddess. Why not keep the an immaculately spotless home if you can?

Susan McGalla: Her business model

September 12th, 2015

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania comes Susan McGalla, an American businesswoman and an executive consultant. However, she is most noted for her role as the former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc., and the former president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. McGalla currently sits on the board of the publicly traded HFF Inc., a company providing services in commercial real estate, the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She also served as director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and trustee for the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla on began her career in 1986 working for the Joseph Horne Company in a variety of managerial and marketing positions until 1994. That same year she joined the American Eagle Outfitters where she began as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s apparel, also working in a variety of managerial roles until becoming the company’s chief merchandising officer and president. Eventually Susan McGalla became president and CMO of the entire Parent company and oversaw the launch of 77kids brands and Aerie.

In January 2009, McGalla left American Eagle Inc. becoming a private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries. She was appointed in October 2009 to the Board of Directors of HFF Inc which is a leading provider of capital markets. In January 2011, Susan McGalla succeeded Ed Thomas as the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. In July 2012, she left the company. Her departure from Wet Seal Inc. led her to the founding of P3 Executive Consulting. She is now the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, Susan P. McGalla is an expert consultant to clients on talent management, marketing, branding, operational efficiencies and more. She has spoken on her views of how to move ahead in business to a variety of audiences, such as the Carnegie Mellon University and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh as part of her Speaker Series for CEOs, and continues today to share her story.

Susan McGalla was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio with her two brothers where her father was a football coach. She attended Mount Union College where she received her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing and also serves on the college’s Board of Advisors. Her husband is Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager.

An Insight on Online Dating

September 11th, 2015

At this time, it is evident that one can entirely live off their phone for an entire day. Have you heard the phrase “there is an app for that” being used? It is the motto of the current generation with almost everybody having a smartphone to the disposal. The little gadgets in an aim to make life easier has led to the innovation of every kind of app that seeks to help with our day to day lives. Be it waking up in the morning, ordering an awesome deal of pizza or booking a ticket to a local function, all can be handled by a click of a button.

Among the most popular apps are the dating apps and sites that aim at matchmaking and providing a platform for making a new friendship. These apps such as Tinder, MeetMe, Badoo, and Skout are among the most used apps for meeting new people. With a very simplified procedure for signing up, the apps are equipped with a user-friendly interface that make it easy to create an account and start chatting with people nearby or friends.

With age restrictions being a major constraint to control the application of minors, dating apps are meant for adults. Several rape cases have been linked to dating apps, and it is critical to making sure that you do not end up in an offender’s turf.

Currently, the phone craze of everybody having a phone and conforming to it has made meeting online easier than making a new pal in a park. People are giving more attention to their phones than real interactions. Due to this, one can just go online, within minutes of account set up set up a date with a stranger and meet up. It can be a beginning to a fruitful relationship ending up in marriage since it has happened before.

A good example of a dating app is Skout. The app that has several features is most popular for its virtual travel feature. The app makes it easy to make friends in a new destination that you may not know well of, or you lack their contacts. You do not need to be stressed and get lost; you can make a friend who can help with directions. This way one can enjoy a vocational trip in strange lands with assistance from new friends. You can as well share photos and texts in addition to commenting on updated statuses while keeping in touch with the new friends. The application uses GPS and notifies you of anyone who is nearby to create interest of a potential hook up. You need help on your next visit to a different town, do not fret to make a new friend to help you out with directions by using Skout. You will enjoy how people are nice to meet and share your experiences.

Brian Torchin’s HCRC Staffing the Global Healthcare World

September 9th, 2015

Brian Torchin is a manager of a healthcare staffing solutions firm that offers career consultation and search services for employment seekers. Torchin is widely known as a knowledgeable healthcare professional who has contributed considerably to the growth and success of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. Their clients and colleagues consider Torchin as a professional who is always able to provide inclusive solutions and consistent in offering a qualified pool of professionals to employers seeking assistance. Despite Torchin’s busy schedule, he creates time to consistently publish articles that are based on an array of topics, including hiring physician assistant or nurse practitioner, simplifying online marketing, top interview questions, and tips to hiring superb employees, on the firm’s blog.

Brian Torchin’s HCRC provides services such as counseling for job seekers and actively seeking employment on their behalf. Healthcare organizations such as hospitals love Torchin and the firm because they make it all easier to find proficient employees.

Does that mean their staffing company is the way to go? Well, according to Brain Torchin, that depends on what a person is seeking. Some professionals in the healthcare industry want to stick with particular hospitals. In this case, they do not need staffing agency services but can apply directly for themselves following the standard application process. Through a staffing agency, long-term employment is not always very easy to find. The job seeker is always going to be moving from one organization to another organization taking new jobs all the time.

Staffing agencies, however, Wellness says they are accredited for going out and work for their clients and let them know when they have a new job that the job seeker is qualified to do. They also keep their customers busy and expose them to challenging tasks that are essential for building their career profiles.

Brian Torchin advises people that no one should solely rely on traditional job searching methods since finding gainful employment through them is difficult. In his words, sometimes it’s prudent to think outside the box. People seeking new challenging tasks all the time will find staffing agencies a noble idea.

Over the years, Torchin has won many clients because he is not only knowledgeable, but he is also believed to be a detail-oriented individual with a positive outlook in the business realm. He has always followed the mantra of building and ascertaining long-term relationships with his esteemed clients. Torchin’s primary focus is providing his employees and customers with the best solutions while respecting their wishes at the same time. He has remained focused and a team player who is applying the methods of consultation, direction, and expedience over the years. In the end, his goal to provide his customers efficient and fast solutions and to available to fulfill requests and answer any questions has made him, and the firm stand out in the global healthcare world.

The Growth of Highland Capital

September 9th, 2015


There are many investment banks in the United States that are designed to help people earn a high rate of return on their invested capital. However, few of these investment banks take the customer goals as their priority. Many investments banks just want to earn high commissions on the products that they sell in order to earn a profit. However, Highland Capital founded by Jim Dondero is a different kind of investment bank that puts the customer first. This is one of the biggest reasons that they are one of the fastest growing investment banks in the world today. Here are several ways that Highland Capital helps its customers reach their financial goals.

Rate of Return

The most important way that investment banks on can help their clients is through the rate of return that they generate. Many clients expect their investment bank to earn a higher rate of return than they could in the general market since they are paying fees. Highland Capital has consistently generated a high rate of return for their clients over the long term. At the end of the day, this is one of the biggest reasons why Highland Capital is the fastest growing investment bank in the United States today. With their customer base, Highland Capital knows that they must continue to improve on the metrics they are measured on.

James Dondero

James Dondero always had a dream to build a business that was based around helping others succeed in the world of finance. Highland Capital has been in business for many years and has consistently maintained a high rate of growth in the process. There are few investment banks that are as well thought of as Highland Capital. James Dondero has always wanted the customer to feel as though they are valuable, which can be rare in the world of investment banking. Highland Capital works through the financial goals of their clients before making investing recommendations. This makes the clients feel as though their opinion and goals matter to the company they are working with.

Final Thoughts

Overall, investment banking is an important industry in the United States. Tens of millions of people depend on a high rate of return to retire on, and investment banks are designed to maximize the rate of return of clients over the long run. It is important for investment banks to look at the goals of clients when conducting financial planning. James Dondero has built a great business through Highland Capital where they put the needs of the client first. There are few investment banks that have grown as fast as Highland Capital over the past couple of years, and James Dondero is the biggest reason for this growth.