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Retailers And Social Media Sites Test Out Visual Search Technologies

December 31st, 2015

One of the most annoying aspects of the use of the Internet for shopping and retail research has always been the need to use text for search options when a product is spotted Online. The use of a visual search has always been seen as the holy grail amongst those retailers looking to sell more products than ever before via Online searches. A visual search is now becoming a reality for many social media sites and retailers who are seeking the best options in using images to shop for products.

One of the most important companies in the visual search industry is Slyce, a Canadian company who have been operating an image based search app since 2013. Slyce has been a major part of the retail industry throughout North America, and has already begun working with six of the top 20 retail companies in the U.S. The approach taken by Slyce is often seen as more consumer friendly than apps produced by their rivals; Slyce has created software that is small enough to be used within the app of a retailer, which allows the consumer to remain in the retailer’s app as they search using images.

Slyce was created in 2012 as part of a financial company, which saw the possibilities available from visual search options. Over the course of a few short years the snap to buy platform was created that allows an individual the chance to simply take a photo with their smartphone and upload it to search for products to buy.

The MIT Technology Review has been detailing the rise in visual search options that are changing the way the people of the world shop Online. Research completed by individual retailers has shown visual search can increase sales as the time taken using text search is reduced by large levels. Not only does visual search allow the individual the chance to search for a specific item, but a range of similar items can also be discovered using an image filter in Online shopping attempts.

Keeping Your Own Thrills At Assisted Living In California

December 29th, 2015

Their Twitter shows that The Manse on The Marsh is a very nice Assisted Living Facility that caters to elderly individuals 60 years or older. This facility sits in a wonderful area of California. It is not too far from the coast and the city offers residents the ability to enjoy shopping and restaurants. San Luis Obispo California is the perfect area for the Manse On Marsh facility. Families can visit and go hiking, camping, and biking. At night, they can enjoy dining in specialty restaurants, wine tasting, and nightlife. You and your family can enjoy a day out on the town and the night views of the mountains surrounding areas.

Assisted living facilities are set up to assist elderly individuals with things such as bathing, dressing, ambulation, and medication disbursement. The facility caters to people that need a little help to people that need the maximum amount of help with these ADLs. One person may only need help sliding on their shirt or pants. Another person may need some help stepping into the shower and washing their back or legs. One may be incontinent of bowel or unable to open their pill bottles. People can receive some assistance with these activities of daily living.

If you are searching for areas where you can feel at peace but still enjoy your independence, you may wish to go to Manse On Marsh to lay your head. The friendly staff will assist you with whatever you need and encourage you to do everything you can. Participation in group activities is a daily opportunity. The Activities range from games to crafts, to outings. Some people desire religious activities weekly. These are also part of the schedule. Volunteer recreation students come from the nearby university to plan and participate in activities with residents at the Manse. sometimes the activities require outings to the nearby shopping centers or restaurants.

Keeping your own schedule and your own personal thrills are possible when you reside at Manse On Marsh in California with all the activities they provide. No one will stop you from skydiving on your own time. Just be sure to bring along your family or friend. The Marsh does not recommend skydiving at this time.  Contact them for more information on the website, to understand even more.

Doctor Sergio Cortes Development Impacts on Brazil Health Industry

December 10th, 2015

Doctor Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian doctor who holds a degree in the hip surgeon. In his career, Dr. Sergio has made numerous contributions in Brazil health department. Cortes has been serving the medical industry for several years now.
He has made a significant impact on peoples’ lives. Doctor Cortes also managed as an Executive Officer in the Brazil healthcare department that helps generate revenue to the country.
Doctor Sergio currently serves as Brazil health secretary. Recently, he got a promotion from president-elect Rousseff due to his commitments and dedications in his work. Rousseff elected Dr. Sergio as the next Minister of health in Brazil. Doctor Cortes possesses great team work spirit. He has been working medical practitioners from other countries to improve the medical industry.
Recently, Sergio Cortes Official made a publication on Doctor Sergio Cortes advice on matters regarding physical activities that help curb back pain. In the release, Dr. Sergio stated the importance of maintaining a good posture to avoid back pain problems.
He emphasized on body practices and regular activities that strengthen human body. Dr. Cortes advocated for Pilates exercise as an activity that maintains the body flexibility. He also added that Pilates undergoes modification to fit the primary aim of relieving back pain.
Being an experienced and skilled hip surgeon, Sergio Cortes depicted on how Pilates improves the respiratory system and improving the spine muscles. Doctor Cortes added that a notable change is realized after attending few sessions of Pilates exercise. He stated that this practice is ideally useful for maintenance of good body posture.
In the release, Dr. Sergio also advocated on the importance of practicing yoga activities. He implied that yoga exercise helps the body to stretch ideally. Sergio also suggested that practicing of these exercises should be done after receiving doctor’s recommendations. According to Sergio Cortes, undertaking physical activity that does not fit the body can lead to back pain.
Surgeon Cortes depicted that yoga practices are meant to be practiced in the gyms and yoga centers. He added that these methods required instruction from a specialist or a gym expert.
Sergio Cortes also explained the importance of undertaking swimming sessions especially for victims suffering from back problems ailments. Cortes stated that swimming activities help to improve on breathing capabilities and maintenance of a healthy posture.
For more information about Sergio Cortes release on the best practices for relieving back pain, open the following link
In conclusion, Dr. Cortes has been a prominent figure in the healthcare developments. His contributions in the health industry have been recognized by the World Health Organization.

Four Great Wet Dog Food Products Made By Purina Beneful

December 9th, 2015

Purina Beneful makes some really great products for dogs. They sell a wide array of nutritious food that dogs love. One type of food that they sell is wet dog food. They have several different kinds that are all great for individuals that want to keep their dogs healthy. Here are some wet dog food products that Purina makes and some information about every single product.

One type of wet dog food product that Purina Beneful makes is Chopped Blended Chicken, Carrots, Peas, and Wild Rice. This food is packed full of different tastes that dogs love. This food comes in 10 ounce tubs making it the perfect size for small and medium sized dogs. For larger dogs this food can be mixed with Purina Beneful’s dry dog foods to add a different texture and great flavor.

Another wet dog food that Purina Beneful makes is Chopped Blends Beef, Carrots, Peas, and Barley. This food also comes in a ten ounce tub on These can be bought individually or in packs of eight. This food is packed full of great protein such as beef and liver. It has a lot of healthy ingredients such as corn, carrots, Calcium, Phosphate, soy beans, and Potassium. Dogs should be fed one tub of this food for every three pounds of body weight. For example if a dog weights nine pounds then they should be fed three cans.

Individuals looking for a tasty wet food for their dogs should buy Chopped Blends Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, and Spinach. This food is chopped and blended to perfection. It has a lot of different textures that dogs really enjoy. This food has a lot of vitamins and minerals included such as Vitamin E, Vitamin D-3, Calcium, and Zinc. It has a lot of different proteins such as chicken, salmon, and liver.

Chopped Blends Lamb, Brown Rice, Carrots, Tomatoes, and Spinach wet dog food is another amazing product that Purina Beneful on facebook sells. This food has lots of vitamins including Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin E. It has a lot of great ingredients that are nutritious for dogs such as brown rice, chicken, lamb, and tomatoes.

Purina Beneful makes some really amazing products. Their wet dog foods are some of the most nutritious food on the market. Individuals that buy Purina Beneful’s wet dog foods can be sure they are feeding their furry friend the very best food available.

Dogs Snack Healthy With Beneful’s Treats

December 1st, 2015

As I pet owner, I love to reward Mutt and Jeff, my two black Labradors. I would go through boxes of bone-shaped dog treats until one day, my neighbor who is a veterinary technician, took me aside and talked to me about what she saw me give my pups. She asked me if I had read the label on the box. I confessed that I hadn’t. She came over and looked at my dog’s teeth and recommended dental chews to keep their gums healthy and their breath fresh.

The next day I went to the supermarket to pick up their bag of Beneful dry dog food and noticed that Beneful also makes Dental Ridges and Dental Twists! As I had been a long time Beneful customer, I knew these dental chews would be made with only high quality, safe ingredients, and a taste that Mutt and Jeff would love.

Beneful’s Healthy Smile Dental Ridges and Dental Twists come in mini, small/medium and large sizes. The large size is perfect for my dogs to work on while we watch TV (yes, Mutt and Jeff love singing competition shows), or sitting on the porch after coming back from an after dinner walk.

After reading the ingredients list on their old bone-shaped treats, I immediately replaced them with Beneful’s Baked Delights. These biscuits are just the right size to give as a nice reward without overfeeding my twin furry companions. They particularly like Beneful’s Heartfuls treats, that have the taste of apple as well as contain real bacon. I had tried other brand snacks that were supposed to taste like bacon but were just full of sodium to mimic the taste of bacon. Mutt and Jeff just go crazy for bacon and they could tell that this was the real deal. Finally, I could give them a right sized, heart shaped snack containing real bacon, without sacrificing nutrition (or my Sunday breakfast).

On a visit to my sister’s house, Mutt an Jeff tried Snackers, their collie cousin Molly’s favorite Beneful Baked Delights treat. Snackers have a peanut butter and cheese flavor that my two hounds really enjoy, so I added Snackers to my shopping list.

Beneful’s snacks are budget friendly, delicious, nutritious, and available in the local supermarket aisle. Since I began giving Beneful treats, my dogs willingly come when called. If only Beneful made Snackers for cats!