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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

February 25th, 2016

As a proprietary trading and consulting investment firm, Solo Capital has soured the records for increased sales and successful business transactions. When it was first formed, Sanjay Shah wasn’t sure where it would go from there. He was able to hire a few newly graduates from college and some trading investment partners to help with the business. It didn’t take long for Solo Capital to take off in the Central London area, soon moving to parts of Dubai, and creating a million dollar income for Shah. Solo Capital has an estimated net worth of $280 million and continues to build its clientele and increase its success each year. With many years of experience, Shah has been able to build a highly reputable brokerage firm that will help him with his future endeavors.

Shah is the chief executive officer, founder and owner of Solo Capital. He originally moved to Central London and attended King’s College to study medicine. It didn’t take him too long to discover that being a doctor wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so he got his degree in accounting instead. After working in the banking business and the accounting world for some time, he resigned from his position and began to pursue his brokerage business firm, which became Solo Capital. He grew tired of the hustle of the ever day back and for commute to work and from home, so he worked hard for the success of Solo Capital. Because of his expertise and years of experience, Solo Capital has blossomed into a million dollar investment firm that specializes in proprietary trading, consulting and sports investments. Since the business has proceeded to do so well throughout the years, Shah has had the opportunity to semi-retire from the Solo Capital and begin to seek other passions and areas of interest.

His newest venture is called Autism Rocks. It’s a charity that he has established that helps raise money to aid in awareness and research for the condition. His son was two years old when he was diagnosed with Autism, and he wanted to be able to help him as much as possible. Shah donates some of the money from the charity to Cambridge University to aid in their research as well as education on the effects of autism. By no means does Shah want to change his son, he only wants to help him cope with Autism better and understand the causes of it. His dabble in the music industry has allowed him to be able to help raise money by working with them on their concert events. Agreements are made between his musician friends to aid in building funds for the charity through their concerts.

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Fabletics Plans Over 100 Stores in The Next 3 to 5 Years

February 24th, 2016


Fabletics plans to open over 100 stores in the next few years. This spring the company will open its 7th store. They will try to recruit customers to join the marketing program. The program sends them discounted clothing and merchandise and charges their credit cards. This is according to an article on Racked.

Many customers like the program and they now have over 800,0000 items sent out monthly. Adam Goldenberg co-founder of the parent company says most customers really like this discounted monthly merchandise. They are upgrading their customer service system and FAQ section so customers can better understand the terms of the service. They want each customer to know how the service works before signing on.

They tend to sell inexpensive leggings, fashion for yoga, running, gyms and workouts, and hoodies. One store in the Minnesota Mall of America is only 2,000 square foot in space. They want to develop a strategy for the growing brick and mortar stores. They used social media and the appeal of the spokeswoman co-founder and actress Kathryn Hudson to sell. The company wants the stores to reflect the online experience for customers.

When Fabletics subscribers are enrolled in the program and they forget to inform the company withing five days they receive the discounted merchandise. If they do not want it they receive credit towards the purchase of another item

About 40 percent of sales for Fabletics comes from customers wanting to try on gear at the stores. The team is trying to add the customer service staff 24 hours a day so they can answer questions and resolve problems. They want all customers to understand how the program works with no misunderstandings. Theses stores do very well with competitors.

The stores sell a line of active wear designed by Kay Hudson. There slogan is live your passion every day. They explain their VIP membership program in details so when customers have any questions they can ask.

TOWN Residential Makes Predictions About Real Estate In New York

February 23rd, 2016

TOWN Residential is a development and sales firm sitting in the heart of Manhattan, and the company makes predictions for real estate in the city every year. Their most recent predictions were published in the New York Daily News, and these predictions shed light on how different 2016 will be. The market is healthy, but people will act differently because of the way the market will feel in the new year. This article explains their predictions, offers perspective and helps explain why TOWN Residential is the right company to make such predictions.

#1: TOWN Residential Sells Homes

TOWN is one of the few development companies in the city that sells to private buyers. Development companies often only work on large projects, but TOWN is selling to people who are buying single-family homes. The company has performed its duties faithfully while helping people find just the right home. Their experience in the market helps them understand where the market is heading,

#2: Real Estate Will Move Slower

Stable prices in 2016 will help slow down real estate deals in the city. Brokers need not move so fast that they cannot keep up with their clients, and no one will make an impulse purchase to avoid a price hike. The city is healthy, but buyers will not move so quickly that they cannot make wise decisions.

#3: Deals Will Be More Complex

Many deals in the city will turn out to be more complex because of high prices. Someone who wants to purchase a lovely house in the city may find that purchasing in a condo is a much wiser decision. Modern condos and high rises are taking precedence over single-family homes, and young people who are just moving to New York would prefer to live in a slightly less expensive condo.

TOWN Residential has its finger on the pulse of the New York real estate market, and their recent predictions indicate a much calmer year in New York real estate. Stable prices and more complex deals will help slow down one of the fastest-growing markets in the history of America.

George Soros: Syrian Refugees Seeking Asylum.

February 21st, 2016

George Soros is an advocate of a transparent government that respect human rights through his foundation the Open Society. It has a web of partners and organizations who run ventures in over 100 countries. He began philanthropy in the late 70’s when he offered scholarships to black students who were to attend the University of Cape Town during the apartheid. His foundations all over have offered scholarships to promising students worldwide. He believes that with the financial freedom he possesses then it is his obligation to stand against controversial issues no matter the level. Soros also took part in the making of the international management system that was used by mining industries.

He is also an author of 14 best-selling books that speak about his investments and opinions. Some of the books authored by Soros include The Age of Fallibility, Open Society, Underwriting Democracy and George Soros on Globalization among others. He also contributes his opinions through articles. George Soros recent opinion was on the issue affecting the Syrian refugees seeking an asylum in Europe. He warns the European Union not to succumb to the trickery of President Putin. His planes are bombing Southern Syria forcing the population to flee. He is also supported by the Syrian President through ground assault. For instance, in Aleppo, more than 70,000 civilians had to flee to Turkey due to barrel bombs. Their movement may not stop in Turkey. The German Chancellor promised the Turkish government to airlift between 200,000-300,000 Syrian immigrants from the camps annually.
Soros also makes it clear that the plan of the Russian president is to prevent his country’s economy from crushing. He wants to weaken the EU so that their sanctions against Russia can be removed. If that happens, Soros warns that Russia could become a threat that no could not be contained. The best solutions that the EU can adopt to prevent Putin’s plans from being successful are as follows; first, the EU should be ready to accept more than a million refugees yearly. They should make use of their unutilized AAA borrowing capacity to finance asylum-seekers. Then, they should fund countries neighboring Syria since they have provided a haven for refugees who are yet to be relocated to Europe. Thirdly, they need to come up with a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency. This agency will foresee all procedures that will make it easy for refugees to get employments and engage in entrepreneurship. Then global standards will be created on how to treat the asylum-seekers and migrants. Finally, the EU should be able to ask for help from the private sector- businesses, NGOs, and Church groups so that they can be able to sustain their a million or more asylum seekers plan.

Wikipedia Writing Service That Makes Business Page Creation a Breeze

February 19th, 2016

Wikipedia is a household name that receives millions of views on a regular basis. It’s so popular, that this online collaborative encyclopedia can even improve search ranking by google for a business or person. Having a Wikipedia page can help brand, re-brand and define a business or person’s image in the public eye. It is of little wonder that there is so much interest in creating a Wikipedia page that promotes reputation and a business’ credibility. As great as it sounds on paper to have a Wikipedia page, the process of developing and maintaining a Wikipedia page can be a formidable task. This is why many people chose to have a professional service create and manage their pages for them such as When you’re considering making a Wikipedia page there are a few points to ponder.

Advantages of building a Wikipedia page

Great opportunity to improve or establish credibility

Gain the right kind of reputation

Improve search engine ranking

Challenges to building a Wikipedia page

Time consuming

Technically challenging for some

Must be maintained and updated

How to make building a Wikipedia page a success

1. Follow Wikipedia’s guidelines for style and content

2. Translate Wikipedia to other languages for broader reach

3. Maintain your Wikipedia page by keeping it updated and monitored

3. Hire a company who can do 1,2 and 3 for you.

Guidelines for posting a Wikipedia page are stringent. If it seems that a page is self-promotional or biased it can be flagged or worse removed. In addition, the process’ of registering, formatting, and following Wikipedia’s manual of style is demanding. For example, all references that appear on a Wikipedia page must be appropriately cited from credible sources. People with inadequate technical expertise, or who don’t have time to maintain a page on their own often refrain from building a page altogether, or find a respected business to do it for them. This is why hiring Wiki writers who are professionally trained and experienced can be the best practice.

Wikipedia requires a lot of its page creators, but as an open-source community it’s easy to edit a page by just about anyone. Though most edits are well meaning, on occasion a user may make an edit that is derogatory or ill advised. For this reason and others maintaining the Wikipedia page is almost as important as posting it in the first place. This is one more reason that hiring a professional service that specializes in Wikipedia pages is a sound plan. Another advantage to a professional service such as Get Your Wiki is that they can also provide translations for your page making it possible for your page to reach even more people.

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Sanjay Shah: Solo Capital Is Just One Of Many Projects

February 19th, 2016

Sanjay Shah is involved in many different industries, including investment, music and philanthropic. Shah’s background is in finance and he has been working in that field since he graduated from King’s College in London. He originally started out at university with medicine in mind but soon realized that that was not for him and switched to accounting. Shah has worked for firms such as KPMG, Credit Suisse, Rabobank, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, among others.

When the recession hit, Rabobank had to let Shah go due to redundancy. Rather than looking for another job, Shah decided to start his own investment firm, Solo Capital. Shah was tired of spending a specific number of hours at a job when he knew he could get his work done in a less amount of time. He wanted more freedom and was willing to take the risk. Within a short time the company saw serious success. He is now worth about 280 million dollars and that is growing.

Shah has another pursuit in the music industry. He has partnered with a promotional firm based in Dubai, Done Events, to host a festival. The festival is for jazz music and is an annual event that is attended by thousands of individuals. The festival has had performers like Aloe Blacc and Joss Stone in the past few years.

Shah used his connection with Done Events to pursue another project that he is passionate about. After his son was diagnosed with autism, Shah wanted to raise money for the cause. He founded his own charity, Autism Rocks. The charity hosts private concerts for small groups of people and asks for donations for Autism Research. The charity has had significant success, raising over 200,000 pounds at its first concert.

Before Shah pursued projects in the music industry, he had started and successfully developed Solo Capital. This firm has more than 15 millions pounds in net worth, over 67 million pounds in assets and more than 30 million pounds in cash flow. The headquarters are in London and the United Kingdom regulates it but the company also has offices in Dubai, where Shah and his family live. The firm has more than 100 employees with 35 employees who are traders.

The firm offers its investors a variety of services in 3 specific fields, which are proprietary trading, boutique investment and consulting. Within the consulting division, the firm handles performance, investment and human capital. Within the proprietary trading division, the firms concentrates on derivatives, FX and commodities. And within the boutique investment division, the firm offers commercial advisory and representation, talent acquisition and asset and performance management.

Sergio Cortes Searching For Answers To Zika Epidemic

February 17th, 2016


The Zika virus has been on the front page of major news platforms because sudden increase of number of affected individuals. The first reported case of Zika virus was 11in Brazil, and it continually spread into parts of South American such as Costa Rica, Venezuela, Honduras, and Colombia. Doctor Sergio Cortes, a medical expert from Brazil, talks about the symptoms, treatment, and preventions for the Zika virus on his blog.
Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention
The virus is transmitted by a certain species of mosquito called Aedes aegypti. This species is also responsible for disease like dengue and chikungunya. Doctor Cortes also noted that mosquitos that are not carriers of the diseases may be contaminated by the virus if they bite a person infected by it. The aforementioned mosquitos will then be able to transmit the disease afterwards.
The symptoms of the disease according to Doctor Cortes vary depending on the person, though the most common ones are muscle ache, fever, and rashes. Sergio Cortes also notes that the virus is not aggressive; it takes three to seven days before the effects of the virus subside.

  1. Cortes talks about the virus as having “no specific treatment.” The only way to cure the disease it causes is to get rid of the symptoms that one is experiencing.
  2. Cortes recalls the zika virus as being present to places that can be breeding grounds for mosquitos. The primary place where mosquitos breed are those with stagnant waters such as ponds, pots, and such. Dr. Cortes advises people to remove things that can harbor such mosquitos, as well as put screens on windows in order to prevent the mosquitos reaching indoors.

Zika Virus in Brazil

  1. Cortes says that the zika virus outbreak in Brazil has become an epidemic. The country currently has more than one million reported cases of individuals infected by the disease. Dr. Cortes advises foreigners to refrain from going to Brazil in order not to transmit the virus to their home country. The virus is especially dangerous to pregnant women, as they might affect the child with birth deficiencies.


  1. Cortes enumerates the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of zika virus. He also talks about the health hazards that the virus has, especially for pregnant women. Sergio Cortes is a medical expert residing in Brazil. To know more about him, one can follow him in Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.

Premium Foods Are Premium Priced – Do You Really Need Them?

February 9th, 2016

While premium dog food brands are out there touting that their foods are better because of ingredients like brown rice, blueberries and organic, wild caught Alaskan Salmon. there are other options out there for the facebook people who have their feet planted firmly on terra firma.

Don’t allow yourself to be guilt-tripped into spending money that you simply don’t have to spend. There’s no reason to find yourself in a situation where your dog is eating gourmet food that you can’t afford for yourself.

The nutritional needs of animals are really quite simple and they certainly don’t need a chef to prepare their meals for them. A dog ha very basic nutritional needs. Their primary need is protein. This can come from virtually any source, as long as it meets are exceeds at least 20% of their daily intake. Puppies require a bit more nutrition as to the fact that they are growing.

A very good and affordable source of protein is chicken. There’s really no reason to spend a small fortune on things like bison or salmon. Ask yourself if you can imagine your dog bringing down a buffalo in the wild, or fishing in a stream for salmon. No? Yeah, it probably isn’t going to be happening. Ask yourself if you can imagine them catching a chicken and you might be able to imagine that. Look for a great food that is in your price range that has chicken. You may take a look at Beneful. Beneful is a great food, made by a Purina at a very affordable price.

Dogs wouldn’t eat many vegetables in the wild and they would actually absorb those nutrient’s from the animal that they consumed. This means that yes, they do need vegetables, but not in large amounts and they certainly do not need gourmet vegetables that you can barely pronounce on the labels. Beneful includes the nutrition of vegetables, with the protein your dog needs in order to be happy, healthy and thriving.




Sergio Cortes Talks To Reporters About The Flooding in Xerem

February 5th, 2016
Brazilians often see a great deal of rain in any one period. It is not uncommon for rain to fall in this part of the world quite heavily. However, many observers and residents were startled recently at the amount of rain that fell here. Those living in the Xerem region were particularly hard hit by the rains that fell. Many felt it necessary to seek shelter in the area in order to avoid staying in homes that had been flooded by rain. Local and regional health officials have done much in recent days to help area residents cope with this problem according to Extra.

In their report, they speak closely with Sergio Cortes, one of the leading doctors in the region and the state secretary of health for Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Cortes is a highly skilled physician with training in many fields. His primary focus has been the world of orthopedic surgery, where he has helped many patients get access to life changing hip replacement surgery. He has been heavily involved in assisting in the setting up of a shelter that has a capacity to take in over three hundred people as well as offer them necessary services to help them ward off diseases. In his view, other measures may be necessary as well so that the people facing the flood situation in Xerem can avoid getting sick from illnesses such as chicken pox that often follow in the aftermath of such heavy floods.

He and his fellow health officials want those in the entire region to be fully aware of the risks that the flooding may pose to them. Such risks include health problems but also include other potential problems such as highly contaminated water. Water can easily be contaminated by gushing rains, making it unsafe to drink. This is why he urges caution to residents. He suggests those who understandably want to help should focus their attention on providing for the real needs of residents. In his view, what area residents seeking shelter really need is bottled water as well as other supplies. Bottled water is necessary because many area residents have water that is unsafe to drink. He urges people in the region to use bottled water for all necessary situations including bathing as well as drinking.

The Success of Autism Rocks

February 4th, 2016
It’s not every day one of the world’s most successful rappers comes to your door with his 10 person crew. This is just what happened to Sanjay Shah one peaceful afternoon when rapper Snoop Dogg came knocking at his door. At first, Shah was a bit nervous, but then everything went very smoothly. Shah and Snoop Dogg talked about the music industry, business, and the culture of Dubai. This left Shah so inspired that he wanted to create a charity event that would host live music. He decided to create Autism Rocks. This rock festival features big names like Prince and Lenny Kravitz. Shah has already raised a large sum of money or the research of Autism.

Shah has become very well known in the world of business due to his amazing success over the years. He has been hailed as one of the leading financial masterminds in the global economy. Over the many years that he has been in the world of finance, he has learned a very direct system of investing to create the very best returns. Clients have found a great deal of success when they have invested with Shah.

Shah has also found a large amount of success in philanthropy as well. He has been able to raise money to benefit many different causes. Thousands of individuals all over the world have been benefited by the amazing philanthropic skills of Shah. The future looks very bright for Shah as he continues to find new and exciting ways to help raise money. Autism Rocks was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the future projects that Shah has in store. Collaborations with well-known artists and celebrities will continue to help Shah spread the word about his amazing philanthropic endeavors. It will be exciting to see what Shah is up to next.

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