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The success story of Marc Sparks

June 20th, 2016

Marc Sparks is an American entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He is also the principal of his company, Timber Creek Capital. He has been involved in ownership and management of many business entities. Some of the companies that have gone through the magnate business administration have achieved tremendous success. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success

Marc attributes all his success to God. Marc believes never giving up despite challenges that one might go through. He states that life alone can get one derailed without being involved in any business. Having faith in God is what gives him strength in his daily endeavors.

Marc Sparks has been involved in various sectors including real estate, capital investments, and even telecommunications. He has also managed an equity investment firm for over 15 years. The company provides entrepreneurs with various services such as banking, equipment acquisition, and office equipment. His company Timber Creek Capital also delivers various services including sales and marketing, graphic art, and legal and account among others (Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Marc is also an author and currently he is writing his first book titled “They Can’t Eat You.” He expresses his journey towards success and the challenges he faced along the way. He also goes ahead to tell all his achievements and what it took him to attain his goals in life. He got the inspiration to write the book from his colleagues, and he uses it to encourage the C+ students in life – Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight.

The entrepreneur hopes that his experiences and struggles in life will help inspire individuals. He also wants others to learn from his failures in life. Start-up entrepreneurs will find the book useful to them since it guides them on how to build business entities under scarce resources.

He is also a well-known philanthropist through his works of charity in Dallas. Samaritan Inn is a facility that was built by Sparks with the objective of providing housing for the homeless people. He has dedicated much of his resources regarding money and time to ensure this goes through.

Marc Sparks has also begun a program called Spark Tank. It is a program through which he gets in touch with entrepreneurs starting up their businesses. Marc provides guidance and financial assistance to firms that get featured on his show. Entrepreneurs coming with excellent ideas can be assured of getting funding from the business magnate.

Marc was convinced by Lynn to open up the program through which can be giving ideas and expert insight to various upcoming business persons. Social entrepreneurs are given a lifetime opportunity to present their ideas that could build social success. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Interested parties are expected to apply for a chance to present their ideas in the program. The applications go through a review from which three successful finalists will be selected. It is a requirement for the applicants to come from a 501c3 organization with a minimum period of existence of two years. Eligible organizations include arts, human services, and even animal services.

Living A Rationed Life

June 17th, 2016

Venezuela recently drifted into a world that many residents didn’t expect to see. According to the Latino Show Magazine, courts are closed on most days of the week. Government offices are usually closed as well after officials declared a two-day work week for public employees. There is a lack of food, and the amount of energy available isn’t up to where it needs to be to sustain the number of people who live in the state. These are the new ways of life that residents face on a daily basis. They have to make a choice between food, medications and paying for the utilities in the home so that the family survives. In many areas, water and electricity are being rationed. People like Ms. Luque can only have a limited amount during the day, making it difficult to plan a lot of anything when it comes to watching television, cooking or taking part in normal life activities.




Brad Reifler’s Good Words for the 99%

June 16th, 2016

Brad Reifler wants people to save and make money. Through effective investment strategies, anyone can take what they have and turn it into more. Reifler does acknowledge that not everyone has access to the same investment opportunities. Under the law, certain investment vehicles are only open to the “top 1%” of the population. Accredited investors are those with $1 million in liquidity. Those who do not have such net worth are barred from dealing with certain hedge funds, oil and alternative energy investments, and more.

Options for the other 99% obviously do exist, but there are some limitations. Reifler provides some fine advice for those persons who are wondering how to get the most out of their investment plans. makes it pretty clear Brad Reifler does know what he is talking about. He founded Forefront Capital and currently serves as its CEO. In earlier stages of his life, he invested money in a college fund for his daughters. Things did not turn out so well leading him to change his attitude towards investing. Past events and life experiences have led Reifler to come up with new insight into how to advice the “average person” investor.

The advice Reifler suggests includes quite a bit of logical steps. Not putting all one’s money into the stock market, defining all objectives prior to investing, and only work with trustworthy professionals are among the tips.

Reifler specializes in helping non-accredited investors. Those investors are found in 99% of the population. Reifler wants them to see solid returns on their investments. His advice may help with that outcome.

A ‘Slyce’ Of Image Recognition Technology

June 16th, 2016

Slyce Inc. located in North America, offers the most current, up to date visual search platform. But first, for those who are not up on all the latest technology, let’s review. What is image recognition technology?

Image recognition technology is technology that is specifically designed and constructed to visually identify people, places and things including (but not limited to) individual buildings, locations, company logos and essentially anything else that could possibly have any value to both businesses and their (potential) customers. The rapid advancement of this image recognition technology on can in part be attributed to the inclusion of cameras into increasingly common technological devices such as tablets and smartphones. Originally, this technology was only utilized for sorting and identifying product in specific industries such as the fruit and vegetable industry.

Today one may see the same tech being utilized for other purposes. Today it is used for such purposes as recognizing album jackets, automobiles, book covers, landmarks, various company logos and wine labels. It is all done through the use of a specific mobile app on the owner’s smartphone.

The app simply makes use of image recognition technology available through The Cloud. The tech can convert an image into a hyperlink to a specific spot on the web. It can take the user to a video on YouTube, a specific service, a location that provides additional information or a site with scannable coupons.

In fact, Amazon and Google have invested funds into image recognition technology because it can also be utilized to conduct an item-specific search. This image recognition technology also can be used for other things such as inventory, content management and even security. Video analysis also often uses the technology a well.

Reportedly leading the way in the image recognition technology field is Slyce Inc. They launched their own tech in February of 2013. They currently have two headquarters in North America.

Their original HQ is in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. They also have a U.S. HQ. It is located in El Segundo, California.

The CEO of the company is Mark Elfenbein. According to the official website, the Slyce team hopes to set new standards of engaging customers, facilitate, product recognition shape the future of business and the use of the internet with this technology. Slyce hopes their image recognition technology will allow their clients’ customers to feel empowered and to more readily and easily interact with them.

Fix Bad Search Results: Why Online Reputation Manage Is Important

June 8th, 2016


The Search Fixers are an online reputation management company that helps their clients maintain their online reputations, and they are proving that everyone needs some reputation management. The reputation management of any one company or person boils down to how good they look in online searches. The Search Fixers are there to fix bad search results, and they are also there to make sure that their clients feel like they have been respected. Clients who start to fix negative search results should make sure that they come to the search fixers today, and they will see great gains in their online search results. Learn more about online reputation management here.

Someone who is looking for online reputation management can get it on a retainer basis, or they can get it when there is something bad happening online. A bad press crisis can be handled with new content, and the new content will make it much easier for the company to have good results in searches. The Search Fixers internet reputation management services will start releasing new content that helps their clients look good online, and they will track how effective the content is to be sure they have done the best job possible.

Everyone who calls in for help with an internet reputation repair has positive things to share about their business, and they need to give all that to The Search Fixers. The Search Fixers will use these pieces of information to create a better profile for the client online, and they will crank out new content that will fill Internet searches with something positive. This kind of online search management cannot be done by a company alone. The attempt would not look genuine, and the client must make sure they have someone else writing their content.

The Search Fixers’ reputation management consultants will start creating better content for their clients online, and they will slowly shift the public opinion of their client to something more positive. These companies offer ongoing online reputation management, and they make it easy for clients to see that their tactics work. The reputation of every client improves, and the client walks away happy that they fix bad online reputation.
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Identifying Financial Goals Through Solo Capital

June 5th, 2016

Solo Capital is a firm founded by Sanjay Shah and based in London England. This firm’s professional finance advisers will easily help you find the information you need to build wealth. Their strategies are organized into many parts each of which will guide you through the need steps to achieve financial freedom. Here you will determine exactly where you stand financially and learn to determine the net worth. You will learn to change your attitude towards money and get financial life on track. You will focus on identifying the reasons to make money and save for retirement as well. Creating a financial plan with Solo Capital is easy, where you will discover to create a plan that works for your needs and budget. The professionals will tell you all you need to know about the pros and cons of investing in stocks, bonds, mutual fund, bank accounts and real estate. Thus these plans will make it easy to build wealth and help you determine the kind of investors that you are.

The first step in successful financial planning is figuring out your net worth where you will determine the value of your assets after deducting all the debts. The result is the key to find out whether or not you are in good financial shape. This will take a couple of hours during initial consultation with the professionals at Solo Capital. When you finish this key financial checkup, you will immediately be taking steps to change it for better and that’s what Solo Capital strives to attain. With it, you will be given advice and suggestions regardless of your situation and recognize how valuable investment strategies are. The transition is painless. After all, you need to be money-wise like other clients who have been in this phase and needed to be turned around.

Solo Capital will tell you how to collect all possible benefits from safe investments. Find out about what you can do with retirement savings, security benefits and other perks that you are entitled to. Find out more about various organizations, state, local and federal opportunities that will save a lot of money as well as put you on the right track to financial success. Here you will put all change that threatens your wallet and periodically deposit it as needed. Check its website to see if you inadvertently left behind any of the assets that count and make sound choices. Solo Capital has helped thousands of its clients recover their assets with investments and get them to eliminate the emotions behind their financial conditions. The aim is to effectively manage your money by taking a good hard objective look at the bottom line and make it work for you.


Read more about Solo Capital:

A Wen 7 Day Experiment

June 4th, 2016

Emily bravely spent a week trying out Wen hair by Chaz Dean [] and reported on her experience in this Bustle article.
I love it when pictures are taken to make it easier to follow the process. And Emily has definitely done her part by taking pictures each day. The results of her experiment were pretty amazing! She understates how pretty her hair turned out after only the 2nd day, soft and shiny, with gorgeous curls. When contrasted against her before pictures, it makes an excellent case to give Wen hair a try. Emily stated that she normally struggles with her hair becoming oily and flat through the day. But the Wen shampoo/conditioner (since Wen is both a shampoo and conditioner) made her hair silky and manageable. She is way too hard on herself and downplays her hair, but the pictures tell the story. The before picture shows hair that looks unhealthy, some slight frizz to it even. The after pictures all show much healthier looking hair, shiny, smooth and looking beautiful. It does take a lot of product, but the results speak for themselves. Emily ends up the hair that most of us would love. And since Wen hair by Chaz Dean does handle double duty as a shampoo and a conditioner, it evens out with the amount of product used. Wen is definitely worth a try if you’re looking to improve the health of your hair. Wen hair is available online via Ebay and most hair care stores nationwide.


Dick DeVos and West Michigan Aviation Academy

June 2nd, 2016

West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an innovative trade school. The school is an outgrowth of the passion Dick and Betsy DeVos feel for the fields of education and aviation. In 2010, the school opened up with just 80 students. Today, the school has a new building with capacity for 500 students. The philosophy of the West Michigan Aviation Academy is that each student is unique and has the potential to build a successful life. Students there learn by doing.

West Michigan Aviation Academy is a public charter high school, which means that students do not have to pay tuition. The school is notable for its focus on aviation, its acceptance of diversity, and its high standards for academic achievement and personal behavior. Throughout its history, the school has performed in the top 10% of all high schools in Grand Rapids annually. The school’s slogan is, “A high school where attitude meets altitude.”

Dick and Betsy DeVos were the driving forces behind the founding of the school. Dick is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur. He is president of the Windquest Group. In the past, he served as Vice President for Amway-International. Additionally, he was President and CEO of the Orlando Magic beginning in 1991. Dick DeVos believes in public service, and this school is an extension of that. With encouragement from his wife, he found the motivation to start this school.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been involved in political and educational campaigns in the past. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation grants funds to organizations including the American Education Reform Council, Choices for Children, and Children First America. He has served on the Michigan State Board of Education, and also ran for governor in 2006. The DeVoses believe that education is a key to stimulating development in the Grand Rapids area.