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Coffee Can Provide a Large Amount of Antioxidants

May 5th, 2015

While coffee is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world on a daily basis, a consensus of health effects from this delicious drink has still not been reached by the medical community. One day coffee is horrible for your health, the next day it’s full of protective antioxidants. At least that is what a recent study conducted by the Monash University claims.

In collaboration with the Italian coffee roasting company Illycaffe, researchers conducted extensive research in regards to the health benefits one can gain from drinking coffee. The experiment analyzed free radicals and antioxidants found throughout the entire brewing process, from start to finish.

Free radicals in coffee are a concern because these molecules can cause damage to our cells and DNA by actively seeking for electrons in order to become stabilized. However, it was discovered that the free radicals could be stabilized by a compound found in coffee, but only under certain conditions.

Christian Broda is happy to learn that, if brewed under optimal conditions, the Arabia beans showed stabilized free radicals and were also still packed full with antioxidants. Therefore, coffee can be an excellent source of your daily dose of antioxidants which help restore balance and ward of illness. And, the research helps coffee lovers everywhere understand how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.