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Wengie’s Top 10 Life Hacks You Must Try

October 25th, 2016


Who couldn’t use a few more life hacks, right? Luckily for all of us Wengie came through again with her list of Top 10 Life Hacks You Must Try!


10 Make Those Jumpers New Again


Jumpers not looking so fresh? Don’t have a lint remover? Just run a razor over the jumper and soon you’ll have a lint-free, good as new jumper!


9 Removing Keys From Key Rings


Use a staple remover to widen the coils on a key ring, then just slide it out. That easy!


8 Remembering Your Keys


Don’t forget your keys anymore by putting them on top of something you know you won’t forget. Wengie recommends your phone (Gotta Snapchat!).


7 Covering Up Writing You Don’t Want Others To See


Need writing obscured? Wengie recommends writing numbers and letters over it. Nobody will be able snoop on you that way!


6 Making Sure You Fold Your Laundry


Folding laundry is no fun, but Wengie’s got you covered. Just put your clean clothes on your bed so that you have to fold them before you go to sleep.


5 Keeping Important Papers From Being Crumpled In Your Bag


Cut a piece of cardboard to barely fit inside of a ziplock bag, and insert it into the bag. Now put your papers in, and they’ll look perfect no matter how full your bag is!


4 Trash Bin Hacks


Get rid of garbage liquid and missing bag handles by putting a newspaper in the bottom of the bin, and some upside down wall handles on the sides to hold the handles!


3 Finding The Right Shower Temperature


Wengie uses a marker to mark where the shower handle needs to be. Use different colors for different people in the house!


2 Getting Crumbs Out Of Cereal


Tired of mushy cereal crumbs at the bottom of your bowl? Use a colander to sift the whole pieces from the crumbs.


1 Avoid Buying Duplicates At The Store


Wengie recommends avoiding this financial pitfall by taking a picture of your refrigerator so that you don’t have to rely on your memory to shop.


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Beauty News that Many Women Can Use

May 24th, 2016

Beauty blogs are abundant, but sometimes too many choices can be a bad thing if you cannot pick what you are interested in. Fortunately, there are some that are better than others. There are blogs that are updated often.

Wengie actually has 3 YouTube channels so she is quite a busy individual. Among the 3 channels, the most popular one is the beauty channel. This is where she has a million subscribers. People love the beauty tips that come from this petite Chinese Australian native.

She has become a source of information for people that are look for products to cleanse their skin. This is something that is very important for so many people that are interested in improving the quality of their skin. The bride that is getting married is going to want to know about exfoliation. The college graduate that is taking graduation pictures is going to want to know about the best exfoliation products that are out there. Wengie presents 6 of what she thinks are the best products for this process.

Wengie has also been able to present people with a lot of other options like applying Smokey eye makeup styles. She has some off-the-wall topics like armpit makeup that people click just because they are curious about the topic. Wengie has a lot of subscribers that like to see the different videos that she is posting online. Her advice is golden for so many people that may be new to applying makeup for the first time. There are even some veterans makeup consumers that are fans of her style as well.

What Wengie has been able to do is appeal to a wide range of zany teenagers and young adults that are interested in this brand. She has certainly become a makeup enthusiast that has a lot of interesting concepts on a lot of different things. As she has built a bigger audience Wengie has ventured out into health tips. She has managed to become a lot more aware of all the other things that she wants to provide advice on for all her subscribers.


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