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Vivacious Hair the Natural Way

July 6th, 2016

WEN by Chaz one of the most well known hair products on the market, famed for being a go-to sulfate free, natural product. Wen hair care boasts benefits for all hair types like adding “sheen, luster, moisture, and strength to hair.” (Sephora)
Bustle’s Fashion and Beauty blogger, Emily McClure, recently put Wen to the the test. She wanted to see how Wen would do for her fine hair. In her 7 day trial period she highlights many of the positive effects. Upon application of the Fig Wen Cleansing Conditioner she noticed an immediate increase in the thickness of her hair. Afterward she went on to say, that the most noticeable benefit was the shine (Bustle).

It’s this famous shine that has given Wen by Chaz the reputation it has today and its celebrity track record. Mr. Chaz has catered to celebrity heads such as Alanis Morrissette and Alyssa Milano. He does this by simply having the best formula around. Wen products are composed of botanical herbs such wild cherry bark extract, aloe juice, and rosemary leaf extract. (Sephora) Wen doesn’t strip the hair of natural oils or dry out hair like other hair care systems and they’ve even expanded and now offer a variety of scents all catering to your specific hair needs.

Wen products have wonderful benefits for any kind of hair. In a lovely review b Jill Cataldo on her website she states that Wen by Chaz made her dry hair more manageable and reduced frizz. She was even lucky enough to receive the compliment of vivacious (!

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