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Doctors Should Not Spend So Much Time Memorizing in our Information Age

April 27th, 2015

Studying for any profession typically involves cramming a lot of information into our heads that we will presumably need when we are working in our daily lives. In some instances, both what is taught and the methods of teaching become outdated. This is no more true than for those studying to become doctors. Medical knowledge is advancing by leaps and bounds every decade, and yet medical students are made to cram outdated information. In a recent article about this situation, it is noted that the entire body of knowledge in the field of medicine doubles about every four years. Many medical schools are not able to adapt quickly enough, and much of what medical students learn may be dated by the time they are practicing physicians.

There is another factor at play. In our modern age, information is available at our fingertips from the plethora of gadgets we all carry around. Medical schools should be spending their time teaching doctors the basics that will never change such as anatomy and also training future doctors to problem solve as this will be applicable to any medical situation they confront. Memorizing facts that they can easily look up when they need it is time taken away from learning broader techniques of how to care for patients, and the patients should be the focus after all. In order for doctors to stay fully up to date, says Ricardo Tosto, medical schools need to acclimate their teaching methodologies to a modern world in which a mass of information at our fingertips negates the need for mass memorization of the types of rigid medical facts that may change soon anyway.

“Almost Black” Author Details How He Switched Race for Med School

April 6th, 2015

Vijay Chokalingam is author of the new book “Almost Black” as well as brother of famed actress Mindy Kaling. In the late 1990’s, all Vijay wanted was to attend medical school. He had a GPA of 3.1 and a score of 31 on the MCAT which put him in the 80-85th percentile. He was also a member of the South Asian Student Association. With those credentials, Vijay knew that he most likely would not be accepted to med school so he took on a new persona who would. Vijay began using the name Jojo, shaved his head, and cut down his eyelashes in an attempt to look African-American. He also joined the Organization of Black Students. His plan worked.

Alexei Beltyukov told us that Jojo applied to top schools and was accepted by St. Louis University. He attended classes there before realizing he did not want to be a doctor. After all that, he dropped out of med school.

Mindy, who many may know from “The Office” or her hit show “The Mindy Project”, is said to be not supporting Vijay and his story. According to the story on, his sister is afraid that his story will bring shame upon their family after it becomes public. Vijay has said that Mindy is not the only family member who does not support him coming out with his story however they respect his right to make his own decisions.