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The Beautiful Lake Tahoe Ski Resort

August 16th, 2016

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the perfect ski resort to visit when looking for not only a relaxing vacation that is full of beautiful and mountainous views for skiing in Lake Tahoe, but is also a great place to find adventure and to share those lasting memories with the loved ones who come along on the trip. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a 70 year old mountain resort that is currently lead by Andy Wirth, a noted individual within the ski and mountain resort industry. Andy Wirth, with over 25 years of experience within the mountain resort industry, has dedicated over six years to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort to make it the best resort to visit in the world.

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is beautiful resort that is located in the Tahoe Valley. As a historical resort, this resort has always been considered to be a part of the community within the Tahoe Valley region. With fun activities to try throughout the four seasons of the year, there is never a dull moment at this ski resort. With Andy Wirth as the leader of the entire resort, it is predicted that this ski resort will become one of the hottest destinations in the world to visit.

Andy Wirth has spent the past six years not only making investments for the future, but also making several improvements that will benefit not only the enjoyment of each and every visitor, but will also ensure that this ski resort will last for many more years. In recent news, Mr. Wirth has made several investments towards the renewable energy industry in order to make energy costs go down as well as to leave behind less of an environmental impact behind. With over 6,000 acres of usable land for explorers and for ski enthusiasts, Mr. Wirth still wants to practice the leave no trace method to ensure that the environment remains intact.

At 8,200 square feet above sea level, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort offers some of the best views in the world. As a resort in Northern California, this resort has truly been successful by combining the beauty and serenity of nature with luxury. With so many activities to do both inside and outside, the visitors at this resort are never bored. Andy Wirth, as the leader of this resort, has man plans for the future of the resort and for the future of the community.