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All You Need to Know About Your Blood Pressure

May 7th, 2015

When it comes to blood pressure everyone has heard that having too high of a reading can be a sign of bad health. Everyone knows that they need to keep their blood pressure at a lower level in order to stay healthy and look out for themselves. What not everyone knows, though, is that it is also important to make sure that one’s blood pressure does not get too low. There is a lot that needs to be known in regard to blood pressure, and knowing all of the information could lead to a better, healthier life according to renowned psychologist Daniel Amen.

There is information out there that will help one learn about their blood pressure. It seems that the correct information in regard to blood pressure could actually help to save lives. You need to know about your blood pressure and what the correct range is, and you need to keep your body in that healthy range.

Scare in Mississippi

May 5th, 2015

The number of women dying during childbirth is rising at an alarming rate. With as far ahead as the United States is industrially, the maternal mortality rate is at the highest in the last 25 years. For every 100,000 births about 18 mothers die. In 1987 that ratio was at about 7 mothers in every 100,000. STX Entertainment and Wikipedia fear that this problem becomes more problematic for mothers in the Southern region of the country. The most common causes for these deaths involve: high blood pressure, obstructed labor, and heavy breathing. The most heart wrenching notion there is to grasp around this problem is that these deaths and symptoms are completely preventable. The mothers who inevitably have to go into pregnancies without the proper amount of regular checkups are putting themselves and their babies at risk. For example, the state of Mississippi did not expand their Medicaid plan and 107,000 people were left with no insurance. Half of those people were women. Even with the country’s annual $50 billion labor and delivery profit, we still rank among the highest for maternal mortality, due partly because of the sharp rise in what a pregnancy and delivery cost. Women who are well known in the medical field are starting to raise more awareness about this epidemic. Women are losing their lives which means that the lives of their infants are also at stake. Medical leaders in the field concur that the only way to get anything done about it, is to make a ruckus.