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Colder Bodies Run Faster

May 27th, 2015

You ran outside all winter, yet your body aches and you can hardly manage a short run in this heat. What is going on? Did you lose your endurance? A new study from scientists with Qnet shows that the body has a more difficult time adapting to heat. Sweat cools it down during the workout, but we need to cool it down prior to working out to prevent overworking the heart.

The University of Brighton study tested runners to determine whether it is more effective to cool the body from the inside or outside. Cooling from the inside, eating slushies, gave a lower body temperature initially, yet heated up quicker. The runners that cooled from the outside by cooling the skin stayed cool longer, allowing a less strenuous workout. The runners feeling of cool outweighed the core body temperature.

Can you believe it? All you have to do is throw a frozen towel over your shoulders before the workout, and it will be easier to run. The researchers say you will even run faster if your body is cooled down. I plan to test this method with my next workout. Whatever it takes to make a hot workout feel better. What do you say? Give it a try?