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The Philanthropic Acts of Israeli-American Adam Milstein

October 31st, 2016

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native living in the United States together with his wife and children. Milstein is a real estate entrepreneur, an active philanthropist, and the President and Co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Additionally, Milstein is the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council and the Managing Partner at Hager Properties. Milstein pursued an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business and a B.Sc. in Industrial and Business Management from the Technion Institute of Technology.

Recently, Adam Milstein appeared in the 39th position on the Jerusalem Post listing of the World’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews in 2016. He earned the recognition following his acts to various parts of the world, as well as great leadership in the organizations that he has served. Among other prominent leaders in the Jerusalem Post listing, include Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Ruth Bander and Elena Kagan who are Supreme Court Justices. Other people listed include philanthropists, entertainers, and Jewish leaders. The list consisted of individuals who had made major impacts on the world in 2015 and showed the potential of bringing change in the society in future.

Adam Milstein and his wife use three principals in running his foundation that includes active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. Their goal involves using both their time and resources in achieving success for the other organizations that they support. Milstein also has incorporated activities that run through all stages of life from childhood to the adulthood. Consequently, they coordinate the functioning and unite other organizations towards achieving a common goal. The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation aim at strengthening the relationship between the Israel State and the United States

Adam Milstein also co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America together with his wife, which aims at teaching Jewish values. They publish free monthly editions in Hebrew and supply them to over 15000 Jewish American families in the United States. Adam Milstein is a Member of the Board of different organizations such as Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, AISH Los Angeles, Jewish Funders Network, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, and the AIPAC National Council.

True Value Hardware Hires Kenneth Goodgame

October 31st, 2016

True Value is an institution that is found in the United States. Just recently, the company announced to its consumers that it had decided to restructure its logistics, supply chain and international distribution network. The organization also announced that it would be introducing three new members in the executive leadership team.

True Value decision was spurred by the strategic goals of the institution to increase sales and profitability for the old retailers and at the same time attracts new retailers who will be expected to introduce new stores. The changes made in the management are expected to take effect immediately.

According to the report released from True Value, Abhinav Shukla will work as the chief operating officer and senior vice president. Before getting the appointment, Abhinay was working as a business consultant, and he has a lot of expertise in improving operational and financial performance in any organization. Shukla has enough experience in international supply chain management, and this is why he was given the position.

Tim Mills was appointed by the company to work as the senior vice president for its growth. Tim Mills has worked in hardware sales in the past, and he also has a lot of expertise in operations and strategic development.

Mike Clark has been working for the company as the senior vice president and also the chief marketing officer. However, Clark will be retiring from this position, and Goodgame will acquire it. This is one of the key posts in the company, but the management believes that Kenneth Goodgame is the right person for the challenging task.
Kenneth Goodgame is a well-known individual in the country. He is respected for his achievements in the merchandising industry. He has worked in the merchandising world for a while, gaining a lot of experience.

Before getting this appointment, Kenneth Goodgame had been employed by several companies. He has held the position of general manager and director in some top institutions in the country. He has a lot of versatility in several areas, and this has played a huge role in his success. Companies that have worked with him say that they reported significant changes in their earnings and sales.

John Goullet’s undertakings in the IT Staffing Business through Info Technologies and Diversant LLC

October 31st, 2016

Diversant Limited Liability Company is an American firm that has primarily specialized in offering IT Staffing solutions. The primary solutions that it provides to its clients are IT staffing reinforcement, direct hiring, and various IT services that are based on creativity. The largest portion of the company’s shares are owned by African-Americans, and therefore, it has been licensed as one of the Minority-Owned Business Enterprises. Diversant LLC has a created a set of policies that are dedicated to ensuring that the clients, affiliates, and other industry stakeholders are satisfied by the products and services that it offers. The firm has also created good business relationships with its customers since it provides excellent services. It ensures that its interaction with the clients is interactive and this makes them feel like they are partners of the firm.

There is a fast growth in the IT field in all regions of the world, and therefore, this has led to a lack of enough professionals to match the current demand. Diversant LLC as an IT staffing company has been assisting its clients to get the best IT talents that have the expertise to solve their specific problems. The professionals that the company provides can work in different environments, culture, and style. It also ensures that all its IT specialists have adequate skills to create personalized software for the clients. Diversant LLC has gained the trust of its customers since it can efficiently solve their specific needs.

John Goullet is one of the principals who serve Diversant LLC. His career debut was in IT consultancy, and he later switched to offering staffing solutions in 1994. Mr. Goullet is the founder of the Info Technologies Inc., which he started to provide services to the Fortune 500 companies. The enterprise operated by closely monitoring the IT staffing needs that were arising in the corporate world and finding their solutions. John served as CEO of the firm. He led it to achieve a lot, which includes being the listed as a thriving enterprise on the Inc. Magazine and growing its worth to $30 million by the time it was merged with Diversant Inc. in 2010.

James Dondero Invests In A Campaign That Is Not Political

October 31st, 2016

These days, many individuals and companies alike are investing in political campaigns. However, there are individuals, like James Dondero, investing in organizations with high values and organizations that want nothing more than to better their communities.

James Dondero, through Highland Capital Management, recently invested into The Family Place. The Family Place, based in Texas, is an organization that helps individuals all over the state that have been victims of abuse. This can be any form of abuse, and it can be man, woman, or child. Some of the services provided by The Family Place include things like counseling, housing, financial and food relief, credit counseling, and so much more. Additionally, after people are helped, The Family Place stays in contact with these individuals. They are not just sent back off to again end up in an abusive situation.

Like all companies that exist to help the community, The Family Place needs donations to survive. They have released information that over the next several months they are going to try and raise over two million dollars. During this time period, James Dondero has agreed to contribute up to 50% of every dollar that is given to The Family Place.

Dondero was helped as a child in Texas by community organizations. He believes this is the least he can do to help his community. James Dondero loves the state of Texas, and he wants to do all he can to make sure it flourishes.

James Dondero was fortunate enough to get a quality education from a few well-known learning institutions. He used the knowledge he obtained to start Highland Capital Management. This is a public investment firm.

Before Highland Capital Management became public, James Dondero used this company for government purposes. It was here that James saw how the government would invest money into organizations that helped the community in a variety of ways. Not making a whole lot of money from the government, James places his company in the public arena. It was here that he began to make enough money to invest into amazing organizations like The Family Place.



March 16th, 2016

Solo capital is UK based financial investment company that specializes in proprietary trading, financial investment consultation, and sports investment. The company was founded in the year 2009 and was incorporated into the partnership in 2011. This company has a big client base which is found across the globe. The company is owned by one London-based millionaire, Sanjay Shah. This company was able to hit the business news in the financial year 2015 whereby it finished with a total asset sum of 68 million Euros. The total cash flow that year was about 37 million Euros and the company’s worth was 16 million Euros. This company has been able to do very well because of the perfect management that is has found from its owner. Shah owns other company across London. They include Cayman Inc, British Islands Inc and Dubai Inc. These companies share one thing in common which is their practice in financial investment.
Solo capital is controlled by the partnership which is known as Solo Investment Inc. Solo Investment Inc is under the AIRLS Company, which is also under Shah. Before the incorporation of solo capital into the partnership, the company had made a good fortune which showed that it could bring up the overall stats of the partnership. Shah has been using different approaches in his leadership. This has been able to give him the success he is currently enjoying in various companies.
Sanjay Shah did not study finance or any related field as his first career. He first studied medicine and after that found out that he was more interested in working in the finance sector than as a doctor. He, therefore, joined several banks which offered financial investment. He worked in these different banks until the year 2009 when the industry was slightly affected by the economic depression. It was then that he began working in his company.
Shah is also the founder of Autism Rocks. Apart from running profitable organizations, he also runs charity foundations whereby Autism Rocks is included. This is an organization that stages concerts in different cities with an aim of creating awareness on autism and collecting money to help children affected by the same condition. Shah had been making donations to support other on-going charity programs for a long time. He has been taking most of his donations to India and some African countries whereby charity organizations are aimed at giving the children better education facilities and health materials.
Sanjay Shah was struck by his son’s diagnosis where he was found to be a victim of Autism only at the age of four. This prompted Shah to come out with an organization that would help all the children suffering from the condition and that marked the beginning of Autism Rocks.

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Sanjay Shah and the Rise of Solo Capital

March 15th, 2016

Based out of London, England is the company Solo Capital Markets which is an international boutique financial services firm. The company officially incorporated in 2011 and also goes by the name Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited. The main specialization of Solo Capital is in consulting, proprietary trading as well as professional sports investments. According to an estimate recently conducted the firm has a net worth of over 15 million pounds. Their assets along amount to 67.45 million pounds with a cash flow of 30.26 million pounds.

The founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners is Sanjay Shah along with his partner who is the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l. Together they control Solo Group Holdings. Sanjay Shah is an accomplished business man who owns several other companies across the Cayman Islands, Malta, Luxembourg, Dubai, the British Virgin Islands and England. At the end of 2011, before the incorporation of the Solo Capital firm Sanjay Shah had earned 19 million pounds in bonuses from his business’s making him a very wealthy man. In 2014 he took over an other firm which focuses mainly on natural resources. This company was Old Park Lane Capital. As of the newest figures in 2016 his net worth has grown dramatically to over $280 million. This has allowed Sanjay Shah to step back and he now considers himself a retired person according to his offices in Dubai and London.

Sanjay Shah prior to going into the investment and finance industry which created his wealth he attended school in the hopes of becoming a medical professional. These dreams were soon re-aligned and he decided that becoming a doctor was not in his best interest. He decided to rather go in to accounting and worked for a variety of very well known investment firms. These were Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch. He worked in these sectors till the market crash in 2009 which saw him loose his job. As there were not many opportunities available at the time he decided to start his own brokerage firm. This was the humble beginning of Solo Capital. Solo Capital has grown into a global giant which has serviced its clients all over the world.

The firm offers a variety of services which include proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments. Proprietary trading has several sub categories which include FX, commodities and derivatives. Under the consulting category the company provides investment, performance and human capital. For professional sports investments they provide talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation as well as asset and performance management. If you choose Solo Capital you can be sure you are in very good hands.

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Sanjay Shah Career

March 8th, 2016

When Sanjay Shahs parents migrated from Kenya to London, they had one thing in mind; to give their children the best upbringing. They settled in London, and they chose one of the best places in the area to raise their son, Sanjay Shah. He went to school in London, and he joined university there too. He studied medicine in college, but he felt that he was not ready to become a doctor. He abandoned this career, settling for accounting.

Shah felt that he could do well in accounting, but this career did not last for a long time. He was employed in several banks in London. He would, however, have to travel for a long distance to get to the office, and this made him get tired before getting to work. The millionaire would also spend too much time in the office sitting, and he felt that he was wasting his productive years in a job that was not paying him as much as he deserved. During the 2008 financial crisis that affected the banking industry, Shah left his employment.

After abandoning his accounting career, Shah changed completely, and he chose to be self-employed. Staying in the office for long hours was not what he wanted for himself. He wanted to utilize all his potential, so he started his brokerage company. The first step was to rent a small room to act as his office. He did this, and also, he looked for graduates who he employed to work in the office. Through hard work, the group managed to start Solo Capital, the company that is celebrated in London.

Solo Capital is based in Dubai and London, and reports show that it was incorporated in the year 2011. The company is very successful, and this made its founder, Sanjay Shah to get enough capital to open more than thirty-nine companies in different parts of the world. These companies are all under the management of Solo Group, and they are owned by the millionaire, Sanjay Shah. At forty-three years of age, the millionaire has been so successful that he decided to retire and concentrate on philanthropic activities in the world.

For many years, Shah would send financial help to children living in India. This was the only thing that caught his attention, and he felt that it’s the children who deserved help. His life changed completely when his son was discovered to have the autism condition. This traumatized his family as the child was going to therapy and medication, and this made him start a foundation for children suffering from the disease. He founded Autism Rock to create awareness about the disease as well as raise funds to help experts research about it too.

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The British Millionaire Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital

March 5th, 2016

Solo Capital Markets is an investment firm based out of London in the United Kingdom. Its main focus is on consulting, investment and proprietary trading. Within the company there are 3 major divisions. These include proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments. Under proprietary trading the company handles both commodities and derivatives. Within the consulting branch the main focus is on investment, performance and human capital and under professional sports investments the company deals with talent acquisition, asset and performance management and commercial advisory and representation. While providing these great array of services the staff at Solo Capital Markets focus all their attention on the needs of the client. Clients both locally and globally can enjoy leading edge solutions as well as top notch client services. All of which are provided by the professional at Solo Capital Markets who are all professionals in the investment sector.

The trading name which is Solo Capital Markets is run by the private limited company Outperform Capital Ltd. This company is registered both in Whales and England under the number 09579559. The head offices can be found at 49 Queen Victoria Street London EC4N 4SA. If you would like to contact them via email or phone you can do so at and +44 (0) 207 164 6703.

Sanjay Shah who is the owner and CEO of Solo Capital Markets comes from a very humble background. Both his parents actually immigrated into England from Kenya in the 60s. Sanjay who was an only child grew up in the Marylebone neighbourhood which was based in central London. Sanjay did not start out in investments and finance as many people suspect but studied medicine at King College. After completing the degree he realized that becoming a doctor was not his passion and so decided to desert his fellow doctor colleagues and go into accounting which he also had a passion for. He did not remain in this profession for very long as it is fast paced and Sanjay preferred the high life of the city. His first job was with the company Merrill Lynch, and then several other investment banks followed including, Dutch bank Rabobank, ING, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. Unfortunately in 2009 when the financial crisis was at its height, Sanjay Shah lost his job as many of his colleagues. He admitted in an interview that the office environment was not something he enjoyed, he also did not like the long hours and the commute. He had nothing to loose so decided to open his own brokerage business which has now turned into the beginnings of Solo Capital Markets. Sanjay has since become successful.

Andy Wirth Shares His Thoughts About Olympic Valley Incorporation

March 1st, 2016

The Reno Gazette-Journal recently ran with a story about Andy Wirth and his fight against incorporation in California’s Olympic Valley. The article explains how Andy wants to save the Olympic Valley from economic tensions, and he is diametrically-opposed to those who want to overhaul the government in this beautiful region of the country. A change in government may not be necessary in the Olympic Valley, and Andy has a solution for the problems that face his home.

#1: Andy Is Opposed To Changing The Very Fabric Of The Community

Andy is opposed to changing the way that the community runs because of a need for bigger government, and his fear is that a larger government will begin charging taxes to people who cannot afford them. Andy is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, and his businesses will pay more in taxes every year to a unified government council. The people who live in the area will be forced to pay higher property taxes, and some citizens could be pushed out of the community.

#2: Andy Fears For Economic Development

Andy fears a lack of economic development if the new government is allowed to collect further taxes on every business. There are many small businesses in area that would be put out of operation with increases in taxes, and Andy wants to see a new solution that reduces taxes and increases services in the community. The weather and tourism troubles in the area require a new solution that does not involve tax hikes.

#3: Weather Troubles Impact The Tourism Industry

Poor weather over the past years has caused trouble for the tourism industry in the Olympic Valley, and Andy believes that the community must come together to solve their environmental problems. Andy is concerned that a lack of snow could cause more harm at every lodge in the area, and he does not want to see higher taxes make people feel even more burden than they do at the moment. Andy manages ski lodges that rely on tourists, and he believes that a compromise will bring more tourists to the area.

Andy Wirth’s opposition to incorporation in the Olympic Valley of California reflects his desire to save the community from a terrible transition. He admits that many years of bad weather have caused economic hardship, but he is afraid of a large government that will need taxes from the people to operate. Andy is in favor of a business plan that makes the Squaw Valley look attractive again, and he prefers to stop the battle over incorporation. Andy believes that more progress will occur when he and other business leaders come together to save the Olympic Valley and home of the 1960 Olympics.

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

February 25th, 2016

As a proprietary trading and consulting investment firm, Solo Capital has soured the records for increased sales and successful business transactions. When it was first formed, Sanjay Shah wasn’t sure where it would go from there. He was able to hire a few newly graduates from college and some trading investment partners to help with the business. It didn’t take long for Solo Capital to take off in the Central London area, soon moving to parts of Dubai, and creating a million dollar income for Shah. Solo Capital has an estimated net worth of $280 million and continues to build its clientele and increase its success each year. With many years of experience, Shah has been able to build a highly reputable brokerage firm that will help him with his future endeavors.

Shah is the chief executive officer, founder and owner of Solo Capital. He originally moved to Central London and attended King’s College to study medicine. It didn’t take him too long to discover that being a doctor wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so he got his degree in accounting instead. After working in the banking business and the accounting world for some time, he resigned from his position and began to pursue his brokerage business firm, which became Solo Capital. He grew tired of the hustle of the ever day back and for commute to work and from home, so he worked hard for the success of Solo Capital. Because of his expertise and years of experience, Solo Capital has blossomed into a million dollar investment firm that specializes in proprietary trading, consulting and sports investments. Since the business has proceeded to do so well throughout the years, Shah has had the opportunity to semi-retire from the Solo Capital and begin to seek other passions and areas of interest.

His newest venture is called Autism Rocks. It’s a charity that he has established that helps raise money to aid in awareness and research for the condition. His son was two years old when he was diagnosed with Autism, and he wanted to be able to help him as much as possible. Shah donates some of the money from the charity to Cambridge University to aid in their research as well as education on the effects of autism. By no means does Shah want to change his son, he only wants to help him cope with Autism better and understand the causes of it. His dabble in the music industry has allowed him to be able to help raise money by working with them on their concert events. Agreements are made between his musician friends to aid in building funds for the charity through their concerts.

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