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The Dietary Failure of Artificial Sweeteners

June 11th, 2015

You would think that people who use artificial sweeteners would be thinner than those who opt for a steady diet of refined sugar. A few surprising statistics exist regarding the connection between artificial sweeteners and obesity. Namely, when you are eating or drinking foods and beverages with artificial sweeteners, your body ends up being much more hungry afterwards. This is the bizarre effect artificial sweeteners have and the end result could prove to be really problematic for someone hoping to lose weight.

You cannot keep eating more and expect to lose weight.

Refined sugar comes with a lot of extra calories. Most already know this. All those extra calories end up turning to fat if they are not burned. Everyone is already pretty familiar with this fact. The trouble with artificial sweeteners is they cannot provide you with less calories if they are causing you to eat a lot more.

Insider Monkey warns James Dondero that artificial sweeteners are going to undermine any attempts at weight loss if they stimulate your appetite. The natural response to feeling hungry is to eat. This is where the obesity problem manifests.

Even if you really do want to cut down on how much you are eating, excessive hunger pangs are going to make doing so very difficult. So, do not think that artificial sweeteners are going to do you any favors. They likely are going to cause more harm than good.

Perhaps the best thing to do is just eat an all-natural diet.