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Cereal Might Not Be A Great Breakfast Choice After All

June 15th, 2015

Many people keep a few boxes of store-bought cereal around either for breakfast or for a quick snack. The thought is that most cereal’s, including children’s varieties, are fortified with a large amount of vitamins and minerals that count towards our daily values that we need each day so our body can function properly. What many consumers are not aware of is that there are a number of downfalls to consuming boxed cereals and they might not be as healthy as previously thought to be states an article in Qnet Magazine.

Generally, one serving of food, whether it be cereal, cookies, bread, yogurt, granola, etc. should have a single digit when it comes to the serving size of sugar (in grams) included in the product. Most cereal’s on the market are well over that range with ten to fifteen grams of sugar per serving.

While you might think you’re getting all those great vitamins and minerals, cereal can contain very synthetic, chemical forms of all those additives. This can mean they are hard to absorb or unhealthy in general as they are not food-based.

Cereal is grain-based for the most part and unless you are purchasing a high quality, whole grain, organic cereal, chances are you are eating a pretty processed product that is not good for you.

The best alternative you can opt for is granola that is made with whole oats, or an unprocessed, whole grain cereal that comes with healthy, natural ingredients. Fortification is not necessary in this case then.