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Eliminating Secret Food Additives With Markus Rothkranz Cleansing Techniques

November 17th, 2016

The weight epidemic in the modern world is visually noticeable, and presents plenty of challenges. There are innumerable ways in which people develop inaccurate ways of thinking about weight gain, weight loss, and general nutrition. The fact is, true healthy eating is illusive. Markus Rothkranz is working to illuminate the public to the falsehoods in food advertising and fitness marketing. His radical, but healthy methods help all people change the ways they think about eating, exercising, and planning a healthy modern lifestyle.

Unnatural additives in food products create degrees of physiological stress. These additives range from food preservatives, to plastic chemicals that leach into drinking water when a person uses standard water bottles. Juices that claim to be all-natural have industrial chemicals and sugars that counteract fat loss efforts. Low-fat foods have substitutionary fats that create unhealthy conditions in the blood, while claiming to have healthy benefits. The fact is, healthy eating and dietary plans can be sabotaged with hidden factors that can cause greater health concerns than obvious advertised factors.

Food addictions are real, and they have a definite role in the way modern people shop, eat, cook, and think about health. Sugars, trans fats, and flavor chemicals are added to foods to produce addictive responses in consumers. This includes foods that are marketed as healthy, or fat-busting. Markus Rothkranz has created a series of informative dieting and healthy living tutorials that expose many of these hidden food strategies. Learning how companies manipulate consumers to believe that these foods are healthy is a powerful way to eliminate their negative effects.

As an example, refined sugar is exposed by Markus Rothkranz as a powerful substance that is used by food producers, and plays an extremely powerful role in negating fitness and health efforts. Sugar is highly addictive, yet is used in almost every processed food. It is labelled in various ways, but has the same dire effects on health. Sugar, and other common additives, work in contrary ways to real health goals. The only way to avoid these additives is to learn from a candid and honest source like Markus Rothkranz. Great fitness goals and plans have wonderful motives and strategies, but they are incomplete without a revealing survey of the true ways foods are produced and marketed to consumers.