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Anti-Vaccinators and Jews; A Similarity In Treatment?

June 23rd, 2015

A popular doctor, Dr. Robert W. Sears, recently suggested on his facebook page that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are frequently being treated similarly to how Jews were treated in Nazi Germany so many years ago. This seems like a very drastic comparison and some people are up in arms over the whole situation. Parents who fall into the category of being against vaccinations though, feel like the statement might not actually be that far from the truth.

It was not too many months ago that the measles outbreak in Florida reignited a spark regarding the great vaccination debate. Basically, those parents who choose not to vaccinate,
selectively vaccinate
or put off vaccinating do not often get public approval for their choices. These parents feel it is their right to protect their children from these harsh vaccinations that contain harmful chemicals and that can overload the immune system and body.

Dr. Sears and his father have written many pediatric and parenting books that are highly regarding in the community. Brian Reifler says both doctors have always stood by the point that parents can choose what is right for their child and they also offer alternative vaccination schedules that parents can follow to obtain the shots their child needs but in a safer manner. They also offer parenting advice when it comes to child sleep issues, dietary concerns, behavioral issues, sibling rivalry and much more.