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Dr. Walden’s Career Journey and Success

February 2nd, 2017

Plastic surgeons make a very great contribution to boosting self-confidence. A shallow feminist might argue otherwise. But, their jobs actually turnaround the lives of most, for the better. Dr. Jennifer. L. Walden is in this category of practitioners who continue to touch the lives, one surgery at a time. Being a feminist herself, she says that she would not have pursued this course if she knew that she did not empower women or add value to them through her services.


Walden is one of the boldest yet down to earth career women. She is internationally recognized as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. She prides herself in being able to portray her artistic side by helping women feel comfortable in their skin, one of the greatest factors for success. In the year 2014, a Bazaar by Harper named her as the 24th best plastic surgeons in the world.


Her bright career continues to shine in Austin. She moved to Austin in the 2011 after having worked in Manhattan for nearly a decade. The birth of her twin boys influenced the decision to go back to her hometown. She needed to be near her family to get all the support while raising her children. She also needed her children to grow up with the love that she was fortunate to have. In Austin, she set up her own practice.


Speaking of the bold step to move to Austin and start a beauty surgery practice in Westlake Hills, Walden says that she was not sure whether the people in the area would actually find her services to be of any use. She is actually surprised of how well the practice is doing today and the fact that she doesn’t spend the whole day in the office manicuring her nails.


Prior to opening her Austin practice, Walden had co-founded a practice in Manhattan. Along with her mentor Sherell Ashton, they had built one of the most successful private plastic surgery practices in New York. Before that, she received her fellowship from the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, as one of the only two candidates selected that year.