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George Soros: Syrian Refugees Seeking Asylum.

February 21st, 2016

George Soros is an advocate of a transparent government that respect human rights through his foundation the Open Society. It has a web of partners and organizations who run ventures in over 100 countries. He began philanthropy in the late 70’s when he offered scholarships to black students who were to attend the University of Cape Town during the apartheid. His foundations all over have offered scholarships to promising students worldwide. He believes that with the financial freedom he possesses then it is his obligation to stand against controversial issues no matter the level. Soros also took part in the making of the international management system that was used by mining industries.

He is also an author of 14 best-selling books that speak about his investments and opinions. Some of the books authored by Soros include The Age of Fallibility, Open Society, Underwriting Democracy and George Soros on Globalization among others. He also contributes his opinions through articles. George Soros recent opinion was on the issue affecting the Syrian refugees seeking an asylum in Europe. He warns the European Union not to succumb to the trickery of President Putin. His planes are bombing Southern Syria forcing the population to flee. He is also supported by the Syrian President through ground assault. For instance, in Aleppo, more than 70,000 civilians had to flee to Turkey due to barrel bombs. Their movement may not stop in Turkey. The German Chancellor promised the Turkish government to airlift between 200,000-300,000 Syrian immigrants from the camps annually.
Soros also makes it clear that the plan of the Russian president is to prevent his country’s economy from crushing. He wants to weaken the EU so that their sanctions against Russia can be removed. If that happens, Soros warns that Russia could become a threat that no could not be contained. The best solutions that the EU can adopt to prevent Putin’s plans from being successful are as follows; first, the EU should be ready to accept more than a million refugees yearly. They should make use of their unutilized AAA borrowing capacity to finance asylum-seekers. Then, they should fund countries neighboring Syria since they have provided a haven for refugees who are yet to be relocated to Europe. Thirdly, they need to come up with a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency. This agency will foresee all procedures that will make it easy for refugees to get employments and engage in entrepreneurship. Then global standards will be created on how to treat the asylum-seekers and migrants. Finally, the EU should be able to ask for help from the private sector- businesses, NGOs, and Church groups so that they can be able to sustain their a million or more asylum seekers plan.