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Diabetes in the United States May Become an Epidemic

April 13th, 2015

Due to sugar filled diets, and poor exercise habits, diabetes continue to increase in the United States. If individuals fail to take their diet seriously, one in every three individuals in the United States will develop diabetes, by 2050. The disease is a growing epidemic, and it is getting out of control.


As the disease worsens it causes blindness, kidney failure, loss of limbs, and other severe, irreversible, and life- threatening medical conditions. Maps show that Colorado is by far the healthiest state, with four percent or less individuals being diagnosed with diabetes. However, states in the south like Mississippi, West Virginia, Montana, and Alabama are at the opposite end of being low.


In 2012 14% of the total population in Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Dakota were diagnosed with diabetes. The map also shows that a mere 10 counties throughout the United States experienced a decrease in the dreaded disease. This decrease occurred between; 2004 to 2012.


However, in five counties including, Washington, the rate of people affected with diabetes remains unchanged. In 2,992 counties the risk of diabetes among individuals is expected to increase. At the rate diabetes is going, individuals should take immediate measures to protect their health.


Igor Cornelsen knows that, not only does diabetes affected blood sugar, it also affects the vital organs in the body, and it can lead to death. The concern of diabetes becoming an epidemic is a fact. Nevertheless, it most cases, diabetes is preventable.