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Not All Patients are Treated Equal

May 19th, 2015

Nurses know how the health care system works. They take orders from Administration on how to treat patients. Since Administration needs to meet the hospital’s bottom line, they sometimes cater to the rich and famous. Their motivation may be to get a “donation” from rich clientele.

Although this happens whether we like it or not, it just doesn’t sit well with most Americans. When Politicians, Hollywood stars and others get special treatment it seems unfair. Nurses see this disparity in care all the time.

Since nurses know the intricate workings of the health care system, they offer some good advice. Don’t get sick during the summer month of July. Why you ask? It really is quite simple. July is when new doctors starting their residency in hospital settings across America. This new influx of inexperienced professionals causes problems such as: medication errors, inappropriate diagnosis, improper treatment and other decisions that can harm patients. Statistics show an increase in death rates in U.S hospitals during the month of July.

Prestigious patients are not the ones treated by a new resident physician. They are spared from the mistakes of these new professionals. The patients who will suffer are the everyday, hard-working American citizen. You and me, we are the ones who suffer from the injustices of the medical system.

The next time you schedule a procedure or treatment, you may want to avoid getting it done in the month of July. Otherwise, Beneful wonders if you could be the victim of an unfair medical system. You just might get inexperienced treatment and suffer the consequences.