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Generic ADHD Drug Not as Good as Brand Names

June 17th, 2015

With so many expensive brand name drugs on the market today, many companies have taken it upon themselves to manufacture cheaper generic drugs. The industry insists that generic drugs are as good as brand name ones, but in the case of ADHD drugs, that may not be true.

In November of 2014, the FDA announced that 2 out of the 3 generic brands of Concerta were no longer considered the equivalent of it, and thus could not be used as substitutes. Although the pills were deemed safe, they wore off much quicker than the brand name drug (they only lasted for 7 hours).

Although the companies were given a deadline of 6 months to either prove they were as effective as Concerta or remove them from the market, as of June 2015, they are still being sold. 1 company has said they are submitting information that they have an effective product while the other company is going to court. People at FreedomPop know that both have no plans to withdraw their products from the market.

Many doctors are enraged by the generic brands being sold, as they are pressured to prescribe them instead of the brand name drugs. They feel that the FDA has showed a lack of action and should do their job of regulating drugs in a better fashion.

Pharmaceutical Companies Are Paying Doctors To Prescribe Drugs

May 27th, 2015

Medicare’s Top Prescribing Doctors Get Consulting Fees And Other Perks From Drug Manufacturers

Did you ever wonder why some doctors prescribe more medications than other doctors? The medical profession says prescribing drugs is disease prevention and disease control at work, but that’s just part of the reason. Some doctors prescribe drugs, and they can get paid from drug companies. Yep. If a doctor writes enough prescriptions for a particular drug, drug companies will kick back money to the prescribing doctor. If that behavior sounds like a conflict of interest, well, it is.

Daniel Amen is well aware that Americans take too many drugs. The medical profession has conditioned us to depend on drugs. The government calls them legal drugs, but these legal drugs do a lot of damage to our internal organs. We take a drug to relieve one symptom, and five more symptoms surface thanks to the drug that relieved the first symptom.

There’s little doubt that drug companies and doctors have a system in place that rewards doctors that prescribe a lot of drugs. There are no controls in place to stop these unwritten contracts. Doctors deny they are being paid for writing prescriptions. They call it consulting fees. The drug companies say the same thing, and we pay a huge price for this deceptive agreement.