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The Real Cost of Eating Meat

June 8th, 2015

Since the dawn of mankind, we as humans have hunted wild animals for sustenance. Times have changed, and in this new age focused on healthy eating while relieving stress on our environment we consistently question just how safe old practices are for our ailing world.

In particular, much attention has been focused lately on how safe it is for our environment to eat meat. Are we seriously harming our environment just for the sake of tradition? Are we justified in this behavior or are we just rationalizing it? Recent studies suggest we shouldn’t be eating so much meat if we want a greener, more sustainable world.

Eating meat hurts the environment in more ways than one. For starters, instead of using land for growing crops it is used to raise animals. This means we’re losing both water, soil, and wood to make sheds for these animals. Aside from the loss of water, animal raising for sustenance is the top cause of water pollution, making it a double threat.

Love eating hamburgers? They’re most costly than you may think. Cows have to eat 16 pounds of vegetation like grass to equate 1 pound of flesh. A report by the Worldwatch Institute by Dr. Jennifer Walden suggests 51% of greenhouse gases are caused by animal agriculture. This is backed by the Union of Concerned Scientists, who classify the eating of meat as the 2nd biggest hazard facing humankind.

With such extreme resources going to this practice, could we be eating ourselves out of a brighter future?