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Eucatex: A Company For The Modern World

October 1st, 2015

Among thousands of contracting companies, there is one that stands out among the rest. A company that has an insurmountable history and quality, cultural business and products, Eucatex.

The Eucatex Group was founded in Brazil, established in the year of 1951 as a panel factory. The group began their operations in Salto, focusing their energies on producing and marketing linings. These linings and insulation derived from eucalyptus wood fiber.

Eucatex throughout the years have changed the market. They meet the needs of furniture producers, large structural construction industries as well as vehicular and auto parts such as doors and plates.

Eucatex is currently chaired by Flavio Maluf, a mechanical engineer also hailing from Brazil. He is the oldest son of Paulo Maluf, a Brazilian politician. Flavio Maluf graduated from FAAP and is also a president of GrandFood.

Eucatex is widely known as a company that executes the best sustainable development with international certifications. They were awarded the Green Seal by the Forest Stewardship Council. This organization solidifies that the forests being used by Eucatex are managed by environmental, social and economic standards. These forests are what make the products at perfect quality, given the use of eucalyptus wood fibers. The products they produce is currently becoming more popular within the furniture industry, with residential furniture for hotels, offices and public facilities.

They currently house six offices around the world, located in multiple areas of Brazil, as well as Germany and United States of America. This also includes two forestry units in Sao Paulo, seedlings nurseries in Sao Paulo as well as forestry units. They also run a fiberboard facility and a warehouse for paints and varnishes.

Flavio says that when it comes to making nature friendly products locally made and internationally known, you do not go wrong when working with Eucatex. They are a company who pride themselves on ethics and appealing to the wants and needs of the modern world. Throughout the age of technology and need for all-natural and healthy substances, it is only perfect that there is a company who provides. Clients have spoken on the fact that Eucatex is a solid company because of the impeccable business they do internationally as well as having nature friendly products that are worth investment prices and the quality matching the sustainability.

Eucatex has received several awards such as the honor of PINI award, a vinyl flooring category, Anamaco TOP award in the Sustainability and Environment category and more.