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Fabletics Plans Over 100 Stores in The Next 3 to 5 Years

February 24th, 2016


Fabletics plans to open over 100 stores in the next few years. This spring the company will open its 7th store. They will try to recruit customers to join the marketing program. The program sends them discounted clothing and merchandise and charges their credit cards. This is according to an article on Racked.

Many customers like the program and they now have over 800,0000 items sent out monthly. Adam Goldenberg co-founder of the parent company says most customers really like this discounted monthly merchandise. They are upgrading their customer service system and FAQ section so customers can better understand the terms of the service. They want each customer to know how the service works before signing on.

They tend to sell inexpensive leggings, fashion for yoga, running, gyms and workouts, and hoodies. One store in the Minnesota Mall of America is only 2,000 square foot in space. They want to develop a strategy for the growing brick and mortar stores. They used social media and the appeal of the spokeswoman co-founder and actress Kathryn Hudson to sell. The company wants the stores to reflect the online experience for customers.

When Fabletics subscribers are enrolled in the program and they forget to inform the company withing five days they receive the discounted merchandise. If they do not want it they receive credit towards the purchase of another item

About 40 percent of sales for Fabletics comes from customers wanting to try on gear at the stores. The team is trying to add the customer service staff 24 hours a day so they can answer questions and resolve problems. They want all customers to understand how the program works with no misunderstandings. Theses stores do very well with competitors.

The stores sell a line of active wear designed by Kay Hudson. There slogan is live your passion every day. They explain their VIP membership program in details so when customers have any questions they can ask.

Joseph Bismark: Leading by Example

August 31st, 2015


In the Western world, we often hear about living a healthy lifestyle. Obesity and other related co-morbidities have made more people take notice of their poor nutrition and sedimentary life. Companies aimed at healthy living are constantly touting products for weight loss, exercise, and nutrition. Fortunately, many people hear the call to get healthy and look to lifestyle experts for help and inspiration.

It is not often that we find a busy corporate CEO espousing healthy living to his managers, employees, and customers. Joseph Bismark is a founder of the Asian company QI Group, which is the parent company of QNet. I read an article about Bismark’s health philosophy in a recent issue of asPire Magazine.

According to the Business Wire, Bismark is a strict vegetarian and has been for years. He feels like it is the kind thing for animals and is better for the human body. He is a yoga guru and practices a regular exercise regime that includes swimming, bicycle riding, and core strengthening. Bismark uses a special application on his phone to track different statistics when he is cycling. It includes the distance, speed, and calories he burns, says the article.

As a trained yogi, Bismark practices yoga as an exercise and a way of life. He still teaches at the School of Meditation and Yoga in Singapore. He believes that yoga is a holistic way for us to care for our body, minds, and spirits. The emphasis on correct breathing and yoga poses help with flexibility, he says. He also believes that meditation enables the brain to have clearer thinking.

The Eastern philosophy that Bismark practices comes naturally to him. From childhood, he was raised in an ashram and learned the arts of yoga, meditation, and monastic living. He was taught from an early age in his native Philippine Islands that it is important to be mindful and to live in the present moment.

His enthusiasm and gusto for life inspires his thousands of employees and QI Group and QNet. As their leader, he tells them that they are the most crucial part of the company, and they must see themselves as such. He encourages them to practice being compassionate and mindful of one another and themselves. Under his guidance, the corporation is expanding globally, and Bismark is a popular speaker for many leadership seminars. His example of a healthy lifestyle and employee appreciation is something that sets Joseph Bismark apart from other corporate leaders.