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Trump, Soros, and Others Speak Their Opinion On Terrorism and Budget

January 30th, 2016

So if you were speaking about the economy, what would you say the answers are in creating a better cash flow? Would you want to simply print more money? What do you think about when you think of the Great Depression or deflation? Are we heading in that direction?
Forbes billionaire George Soros is one of the people that is speaking out about deflation and printing more money. He is one of the richest men according to Forbes Fortune. George Soros is worth more than 24 billion so he must know a little about making and saving money. He believes that printing money may be good.

The Global economy is turning around and there are hopes that the economy will soon not be a big issue. The economy is one of the biggest points that presidential candidates are trying to make. They all have the answers to how to get the economy back on the right track. George Soros believes that the economy will improve and that China will not collapse and Europe will improve.

Donald Trump is one of the candidates leading the republican party. He has some very strong beliefs regarding refugees and closing borders. He believes we need to put America in a big fence and lock everyone else out. This is not appropriate but may add some value to his campaign. People believe that the reason we have terrorism is because our borders allow anyone to come into our country. People also believe that the reason we are having a big problem paying for our own people to have health care or medicare is because we are paying for other people like refugees. People anywhere have the right to have medical attention when they need it. Yeah, refugees that are coming to live in America may be straining our economy because they automatically have medical attention when some of us citizens do not. Donald Trump understands this concept but maybe he needs to take a new approach.

People that are terrorist are doing this evil thing because of their own beliefs. They chose to follow hatred and disease. Terrorist is here because they live here. Some of the terrorists may have migrated but most of them are approached by people online or in social media. These type people are looking for someone or something to follow and believe in. Terrorism is bad and hopefully, the new president will be able to get a handle on Isis and the people that are recruiting for Isis. Stop the hate and maybe we can all get along better.