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Markus Rothkranz on How to Eat Healthy When Eating Out

November 19th, 2016

This is a fun and interesting, yet still useful video, on eating out. People enjoy eating out. And sometimes your social life demands that you eat out. How can you stay on a healthy raw food vegan diet when you go to a normal restaurant, not a raw food restaurant? To demonstrate, Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman go to The Cheesecake Factory. That’s not the typical hangout for raw food vegans.

The key is in the menu. It will list the main dishes, the meat, chicken and seafoods. Don’t look at that, look at what’s next to it. All those entrees come with side dishes. Therefore, you know all those healthy foods are in the kitchen, so you just order the side dishes. You can order a large plate of salad, together with the various side dishes.

For example, on The Cheesecake Factory menu he finds artichokes, olives, garlic and pine nuts under a pasta dish. A chicken entree has fresh asparagus. From the pizza section, he orders the healthy toppings such as pineapple and red onion, not the crust.

Cara orders a salad with mango, cashews, avocado, tomato, onion, pepper and macadamia nuts. He orders arugula salad with Marcona almonds, lemon, golden raisins, endive and olive oil. Those orders are not on the menu of course, but they put everything together on their plates. You know the kitchen has it, because the menu does list them as side dishes or as the food that goes with the main entrees.

Rothkranz points out that some of the vegetables Cara ordered were steamed by the restaurant, but said that wasn’t enough to get upset about. Just stick with eating things found in nature, not bread or pasta, and no pizza.

He also advises taking a small pill container to the restaurant with you. It should contain in one section Celtic sea salt. In the other section, bring cayenne pepper. That will help bring out the flavor in the foods you order. Also, take plenty of digestive enzymes.

Because your meal isn’t part of the menu, the restaurant has to figure out the price, but the fancy restaurants are willing to do that. And it’s actually cheaper because you are not eating the meat and seafood. Therefore, your meals will be less expensive than the usual entrees.

Nathaniel Ru Grows Sweetgreens

September 22nd, 2016

The health food industry has continued to increase in popularity over the past decade. While most people are motivated to eat healthy food on a regular basis, many find that it is difficult to find a reliable choice that is convenient and affordable. Due to the lack of options, three young entrepreneurs started a company called Sweetgreens in 2007. While it started as just one store, it is continuing to grow into a national staple.

In 2007, Nathaniel Ru and two former classmates decided to open the first Sweetgreens location in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC. While the three people, who used investments from over 30 different friends and family members, thought that there was a need, they had no clue how big the company could ultimately grow. Over the past 9 years, the company has grown to over 30 locations and is expecting to open its 40th store by the end of the year. While it started as a small business, some industry experts are now valuing the company for nearly $100 million.

While it seems that they had a great business idea, the co-owners of the company all believe that there is much more that went into their success. The primary strength that they believed that they all shared was that they were all very dedicated to the business, each believed in the shared idea of the company, and believed that the company was based on a core set of values and beliefs, as opposed to just being a salad bar.

The company also believes that they need to continue to develop the reputation that they have built. While they were all young men when they started the company, they have grown and aged but are doing their best to remain hip in the eyes of the younger crowd. This has included creating unique titles for employees and encouraging a more relaxed atmosphere.

Nathaniel Ru is just one of three of the original inventors and developers of the growing chain. Ru, along with his partners, is a graduate of Georgetown University and started developing the idea while they were still in school. In his role as Co-CEO of the company, Ru has focused on being the face of the organization and is quickly used for interviews and investor pitches.



Synapses Strengthening Critical To Understanding Amnesia

June 1st, 2015

In a recently published study, appearing in the journal Science, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Riken Brain Science Institute in Japan, contend that light can resuscitate lost memories, as it relates to amnesia. A contentious topic in the neuroscience field, many contend amnesia is an occurrence of damaged cells, which memory unable to be retained, while others believe that memories, are in fact retained, they just can not be recalled.

The laboratory research on mice suggests that memories are just blocked, and not able to be recollected. Quite a few at Beneful find this interesting. The research scientists employed blue light pulses to trigger neurons referred to as “memory engrams”. When the neurons are activated by the senses of the human body, such as an optical image, nasal detection of smell or taste of a substance, memories are generated.

Researchers believe that during memory development, the synapses, which are the components that permit the transport of signals amongst neurons, increase in strength. The study explored the idea of what would occur if the synapses were prohibited from gaining strength, with the introduction of a compound called anisomycin.

Data from the study permitted researchers to distinguish memory storage components from those permitting an organism to develop and recover the memory, said MIT researcher Tomas Ryan, who believes “The strengthening of engram synapses is crucial for the brain’s ability to access or retrieve those specific memories.”

News About Qnet

May 22nd, 2015

Qnet is a direct selling company and international e-commerce site that now has a base of operation in India. Most of their success is based on their unique philosophy and approach to business. Their unique vision revolves around reaching customers globally by making local contacts. Their unique approach is gaining acceptance work-wide and has provided jobs and training for numerous ambitious individuals. Qnet is a part of the QI group that was founded by Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian entrepreneur. The group sells a wide variety of health related products to a world market that is steadily expanding.

Qnet in India
In the last few years, e-commerce has dominated the business world. Just about every large corperation has an Internet website. Qnet is an e-commerce based company that is dominating the e-commerce market and taking the lead. Certainly, it is rare for a relatively new player in the business world to gain the edge on more established companies. However, Qnet, has gained global success. They have headquarters in India, Asia, Europe, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and Russia. The fact is that their business model has proven successful for the company and industrious individuals that are looking for a career in e-commerce. In the beginning, Qnet was a bit reluctant to come to the India market. This is due to the heavy regulations in India that made it difficult for a foreign country to conduct business. However, policies are evolving and starting to make major changes.

The Indian Market
Qnet decided to take a different approach to the India market. They decided that the best approach for success in the market was to discover an untapped niche that needed to be filled. Qnet discovered a niche. There was a growing need for high quality products that promoted a healthier lifestyle and enhanced the current lifestyle for those in the market. Qnet is working toward creating a large line of products especially for that market. For more, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.