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Changing the Mobile Wireless Service Game

July 28th, 2015

In the past decade, phone bills have skyrocketed. Since the release of SmartPhones, companies have been able to charge customers outrageous prices for data usage, bringing in a huge profit and draining our wallets. Everything from limited data plans that overcharge once you go over, to unlimited data that throttles down when you reach a certain point has made us very self conscious about the Internet usage on our mobile devices. It shouldn’t be this way, and that’s why a new startup company called FreedomPop is working to make a difference.

What is FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is a company that is just getting on their feet that is trying to steal your business away from some of the large mobile carriers. They plan on doing this by offering up free call and data plans to users, which could save the average person over $70 per line on their service. This will include an affordable form of wireless service that users can obtain for only $5 a month, much cheaper than the rates of more known competitors.

Why Can FreedomPop Offer Services So Cheap?

You might be speculating as to how FreedomPop can offer their services so cheap, while larger companies aren’t able to do the same thing. For starters, let’s get it straight that large companies actually can lower their costs quite a bit, but don’t do it because they want to make a large profit and hold too much of the market share to have a need to drop prices. FreedomPop states that over 90 percent of the data that is used by consumers is through Wi-Fi, and so offering free voice and data plans is a small charge when getting users to sign up for an unlimited Wi-Fi plan.

FreedomPop App

The service will be offered through an app that has been developed b the company. The app is going to be exclusively available in the Android app store on release, while an iOS app will become available at a later date. Google wants to make wireless services as open to the public as possible, while Apple is a bit more hesitant. There aren’t any plans to develop a Windows Phone app, but that doesn’t mean it will be out of the question.

Where Will FreedomPop be Available?

FreedomPop plans on opening up to around 120 million people in large areas. On release, it’s not going to be available to everyone, but will cover every large city throughout the states until it’s able to expand. By the end of the first quarter of release, FreedomPop should be available to another 25 million people and will continue to grow until everyone has access to it.

Should I Make the Switch?

If you want to save potentially hundreds of dollars on your family’s phone and data service plans, then you definitely should. FreedomPop is a much cheaper alternative that competitors aren’t willing to match, and it offers the same quality of service. If you mainly stay in hotspot areas then you should be set to switch over.