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The Curious Relationship Between Grip Strength and Cardiovascular Problems

May 14th, 2015

To say suffering from a heart attack or a stroke is a serious matter would be a major understatement. This is why so many people try to stay on top of the telltale signs one of these adverse health problems might arise. There are quite a number of well known indicators of problems. There are also a few less well known ones. Among them is grip strength.

Yes, research shows grip strength could potentially provide insights into risks related to heart attacks and strokes. On the surface, the connection may not seem all that obvious. A closer look does reveal the connection to grip strength makes perfect sense.

Based on careful research, it has been determined that, as grip strength declines, the risks for cardiovascular ailments increase. Simply put, the factors that would undermine and weaken your grip strength are also affecting your heart.

Keeping a careful eye on grip strength is something you should do when concerned about your health. When meeting with a physician, bring the topic up. Have your grip strength checked in addition to various other tests. Performing very simple grip strength exercises (upon careful consultation with your doctor) could help you determine whether or not anything should alarm you.

Never overlook any indicators that could provide you with definitive information about your health. In an Intransit blog post a spokesperson for Skout noted that being on top of your health allows you to seek the proper treatment and, hopefully, avoid a serious scare.