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Yeonmi Park’s Tale of Escaping Life in North Korea

January 21st, 2016

Yeonmi Park studies criminal law in South Korea. She picks up work in shops and restaurants when she can. She has penned a memoir and is a human rights activist. While the 23-year-old now enjoys a life that allows personal choice and freedom which was once a mere dream. Yeonmi, along with her mother, escaped from North Korea when she was just thirteen. Yeonmi’s harrowing tale began when she was very young. She was witness to an execution, and the punishment handed down to her friend’s mother after watching and distributing a James Bond film. Yeonmi became frightened – she had watched many movies from the western countries herself. The food was scarce, particularly after her father was arrested and imprisoned. Faced with life and death, Yeonmi’s family managed to save enough money to hire smugglers to aid them in leaving the country. Yeonmi’s sister, Eunmi, left without her mother and younger sister. The smugglers led Yeonmi and her mother across the frozen, rugged terrain of North Korea and into China. It was then that Yeonmi learned the fate of many North Korean women who flee to China. “So many North Korean women are trafficked once they get to China,” Yeonmi said. Yeonmi watched as her mother was raped, a harrowing attempt for a good mother to save her daughter from the same fate. The noble feat was short-lived. Yeonmi and her mother were sold into slavery. They were later freed and made their way across the Gobi Desert and settled in South Korea. Yeonmi and her mother worked in shops and restaurants for a time. The impressionable young Yeonmi of dailymail enrolled in college where she studied criminal justice. She has penned a memoir, detailing the horrors of her family’s escape from life in North Korea, and become a human rights activist. “This is paradise,” Yeonmi said during an interview, the tears flowing freely down her cheeks. “This is heaven. There are 25 million people in North Korea waiting for this freedom.” Yeonmi is careful about detailing her escape. “I must be careful,” she said. “I still have family there and must protect them.”

Turn that Frown Upside Down; Here 10 Ways to get Happy

July 15th, 2015

Your world’s turned upside down, but there’s always a reason to get back up again.
Ricardo Tosto understands that sometimes you get down for a day or even several days and you may think you’ll never get back up again, but there is always something out beyond your door step to brighten your mood again. Here are 10 ways that will really make you happy again.

1. Remember that your friends are never too far away.
2. Have your coffee in a place that offers Free Refills.
3. Treat yourself with a little surprise everyday; you’re worth it.
4. You’ve found the song that describes how you are feeling – totally.
5. Think about it. Somewhere there is a little dog wearing a little pink sweater.
6. Make yourself some guacamole and add some chips. That will surely get you in the party mood.
7. Watch all the videos on cute cats and kittens that you can find; they’re so cute.
8. Strangers are still smiling at you, aren’t they?
9. Take some time to read again. Read a comedy or a romance novel that has a good ending.
10. Do something different; try something new. Even if you live in a small town there is something you haven’t done before with or without your friends.