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Copa Star Hospital Offers a Unique Environment for Patients to Recover

February 24th, 2017

Copa Star Hospital is irrefutably the best hospital in Brazil. The Rio de Janeiro-based hospital is a leader in the provision of quality health care services. Copa Star offers a setting with comfort and knowledge that patients come first, an environment that can only be rivaled by a five-star hotel.

The idea of creating Copa Star hospital came after the 2014 World Cup due to increased demand for specialized health care services. The hospital is equipped with highly trained and passionate professionals. The professionals utilize the most updated knowledge and research to better the health of their patients.

State of the Art Architecture

The cutting edge technology utilized at Copa Star makes the hospital to be a choice for many. As if following Ralph Emerson advice to build a better mousetrap and the world will knock at your door, the facility development was nothing close to conformity but a great vision and inspiration. View the design at

The seven-story facility covers an area of 21,000 square meters and contains 150 beds and over 45 intensive care units. Additionally, it has a diagnostic center, 105 rooms, and nine operating rooms. The design emphasizes on comfort and hospitality.

Inside the facility, art books are offered to patients as a distraction. The environment has a unique fragrance, sterile aesthetic, citrus and woody notes. The hotel also offers chef prepared menu. Built at an estimated cost of $400 million, the facility stands as the most modernized hospital in the country.

The Professional Team

Copa Star Hospital employs the most dedicated and highly trained professionals. With a goal of ensuring a quality experience, the facility has over 500 highly trained employees who respond to clients’ unique needs. After recruitment, the team undergoes a two-month training session with various tests and simulations.

The doctors are armed with skills in emergency response, knowledge to approach different types of clients and decent dressing codes. Additionally, they are highly trained in aspects such as personalized care, efficiency, agility, safety, and dedication. This makes them offer quality services that exceed the expectations of the patients.

The hospital is increasingly becoming famous for its ability to handle extreme medical conditions such as cardiac and neurological surgeries. Visit their page on Facebook.

The Unique Technology

Copa Star has continuously received global recognition due to its luxurious treatment. The hospital has customized suites, robotic equipment, and intensive care units equipped with visual images to guide surgical paths. Moreover, the facility is equipped with a high-notch diagnostic center with MRI machines.

Magnetic resonance imaging technology is the latest technology used at the hospital to allow surgeons view medical scans of the patient during surgery. The premier facility also offers video conferencing to patients who are restricted from social contacts. Additionally, patients can control their immediate environment such as lighting and curtains through the use of iPads.

Learning About Capitol Anesthesiology Association of Austin

February 20th, 2017

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is a company that provides anesthesiology services in hospitals and surgery centers throughout the greater Austin, Texas area. Anesthesiology provides patients that are undergoing surgery a means of alleviating pain before, during, and after the procedure.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association serves the needs of eight hospitals in and around Austin, and 15 ambulatory surgery center. The services the company provides is general, regional, pediatric, obstetric, cardiovascular, and thoracic anesthesia as well as Local/Monitored Anesthesia Care. The company for the last 30 years as also been involved in educating medical students, residents, paramedics, and nurses in the Austin community. They have recently partnered with Dell Medical School in order to expand the scope of the educational opportunities they provide. Capitol Anesthesiology Association also hires many in the Austin area to serve the need for qualified physicians, Certified Registered Nurses, and Registered Nurses as well as other staff.

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The company and staff have been involved with a large number of philanthropies to help both the Austin community and those around the world, using donations of both their time and money. One of the charities they have helped is Partnerships for Children which gives resources and assistance to the young victims of abuse and neglect in Austin. Another nonprofit they enthusiastically support is Operation Smile which provides children around the world with surgeries to fix cleft lips and cleft palates. Another favorite charity of the staff is Eels on Wheels which gives people the opportunity to learn how to dive along with a certified diving trainer.

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Nobilis Health Offers the Best Patient Experience

November 2nd, 2015

Everyone has been to a doctor in their past at one point or another. Whether the appointment was for themselves or for someone that they care about, every person has had their run-ins with healthcare services, nurses, and doctors. The thing is that so many people out there complain about the healthcare that they receive. Some of the most common complaints include not being able to reach the doctor to ask them questions, not being able to get into their appointment quick enough, and many others complaints. However, over at Nobilis Health one will find the best patient experience that can be offered.

What does it take to offer the best patient experience? Well, there are many aspects of offering the best experience to patients, and Nobilis Health according to cantechletter is aware of this. Some of the things that a healthcare facility must do in order to give their patients the experience that they are looking for is extensive. Healthcare staff must have a positive attitude around their patients, and they must teach their patients about their condition and not just discharge them without the answers they came for. It’s also necessary to treat each patient individually and according to their needs, and it’s not about giving a patient a textbook answer and sending them on their way. Nobilis Health offers personalized care, which is why they are the best place to go if someone is looking for an amazing patient experience.

Those who have gone to a healthcare facility before where the staff was not all that friendly can understand feeling dismissed. Well, many people have gone through this, and it’s something that can dampen a patient’s spirit. When one goes to a doctor, they want to know that the doctor likes their job and that they want to help their patients. One wants to know that the doctor cares about them personally and what they are going through. When one goes to Nobilis Health, that is the type of service and experience that they will get.

Those who have gone to a healthcare facility before and were given a diagnosis, then they were simply rushed out the door can understand the need for compassion in the healthcare industry. Lack of empathy is another common issue at many healthcare facilities but not Nobilis Health. The staff at Nobilis Health wants their patients to know what is going on. They make sure that they take the time to answer any questions and help the patient understand their diagnosis, so they won’t rush, and they will let the patient get the answers they came for.

Those worried about the wait time won’t have that problem at Nobilis Health because the doctors there are quick but efficient. They make things easier for each patient from the time they sign-in until the time they walk out the door. Those who really do want the best patient experience should visit any one of the excellent Nobilis Health facilities. One can be sure that all their needs will be cared for when they visit Nobilis Health.