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Brian Torchin’s HCRC Staffing the Global Healthcare World

September 9th, 2015

Brian Torchin is a manager of a healthcare staffing solutions firm that offers career consultation and search services for employment seekers. Torchin is widely known as a knowledgeable healthcare professional who has contributed considerably to the growth and success of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. Their clients and colleagues consider Torchin as a professional who is always able to provide inclusive solutions and consistent in offering a qualified pool of professionals to employers seeking assistance. Despite Torchin’s busy schedule, he creates time to consistently publish articles that are based on an array of topics, including hiring physician assistant or nurse practitioner, simplifying online marketing, top interview questions, and tips to hiring superb employees, on the firm’s blog.

Brian Torchin’s HCRC provides services such as counseling for job seekers and actively seeking employment on their behalf. Healthcare organizations such as hospitals love Torchin and the firm because they make it all easier to find proficient employees.

Does that mean their staffing company is the way to go? Well, according to Brain Torchin, that depends on what a person is seeking. Some professionals in the healthcare industry want to stick with particular hospitals. In this case, they do not need staffing agency services but can apply directly for themselves following the standard application process. Through a staffing agency, long-term employment is not always very easy to find. The job seeker is always going to be moving from one organization to another organization taking new jobs all the time.

Staffing agencies, however, Wellness says they are accredited for going out and work for their clients and let them know when they have a new job that the job seeker is qualified to do. They also keep their customers busy and expose them to challenging tasks that are essential for building their career profiles.

Brian Torchin advises people that no one should solely rely on traditional job searching methods since finding gainful employment through them is difficult. In his words, sometimes it’s prudent to think outside the box. People seeking new challenging tasks all the time will find staffing agencies a noble idea.

Over the years, Torchin has won many clients because he is not only knowledgeable, but he is also believed to be a detail-oriented individual with a positive outlook in the business realm. He has always followed the mantra of building and ascertaining long-term relationships with his esteemed clients. Torchin’s primary focus is providing his employees and customers with the best solutions while respecting their wishes at the same time. He has remained focused and a team player who is applying the methods of consultation, direction, and expedience over the years. In the end, his goal to provide his customers efficient and fast solutions and to available to fulfill requests and answer any questions has made him, and the firm stand out in the global healthcare world.

Health Care Aids: The Unsung Heros of Our Aging Population

June 22nd, 2015

As our nation’s population ages, all jobs relating to senior care also increase and become more demanding. According to Zeca Oliveira, by 2020, one in six people will be over the age of 65 and most of them will want to stay in their own home. When no health issues are present that’s not a problem, but few people reach their golden years without some types of health problems that require them to have a little help each day.
That’s where health care aids come in, they make house calls and improve the quality of life for our aging population. Without home health care aids making house calls, few seniors would be able to remain in their own homes. Home health care aids travel to homes and prepare meals, do light house work, make sure their charges have taken their medicine, provide companionship and enable the elderly to live a dignified life in their own familiar surroundings.
And they do all of this for less than $12 an hour, often without insurance.
Most home health care workers are women, most are barely scrapping by financially. The work is not for someone trying to build a lavish lifestyle and cushy retirement fund, only those who have a love for people and desire to help would do this work for such a small monetary reward.