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News About Qnet

May 22nd, 2015

Qnet is a direct selling company and international e-commerce site that now has a base of operation in India. Most of their success is based on their unique philosophy and approach to business. Their unique vision revolves around reaching customers globally by making local contacts. Their unique approach is gaining acceptance work-wide and has provided jobs and training for numerous ambitious individuals. Qnet is a part of the QI group that was founded by Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian entrepreneur. The group sells a wide variety of health related products to a world market that is steadily expanding.

Qnet in India
In the last few years, e-commerce has dominated the business world. Just about every large corperation has an Internet website. Qnet is an e-commerce based company that is dominating the e-commerce market and taking the lead. Certainly, it is rare for a relatively new player in the business world to gain the edge on more established companies. However, Qnet, has gained global success. They have headquarters in India, Asia, Europe, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and Russia. The fact is that their business model has proven successful for the company and industrious individuals that are looking for a career in e-commerce. In the beginning, Qnet was a bit reluctant to come to the India market. This is due to the heavy regulations in India that made it difficult for a foreign country to conduct business. However, policies are evolving and starting to make major changes.

The Indian Market
Qnet decided to take a different approach to the India market. They decided that the best approach for success in the market was to discover an untapped niche that needed to be filled. Qnet discovered a niche. There was a growing need for high quality products that promoted a healthier lifestyle and enhanced the current lifestyle for those in the market. Qnet is working toward creating a large line of products especially for that market. For more, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.