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Handy, The New Home Cleaning Service Providing App

October 17th, 2015

Finding someone to clean a home is difficult, especially finding someone or a some company to clean for a reasonable price. Fortunately, there is an app that lists the services of many independent cleaners and home cleaning service providers called Handy. Handy has been around for about four years, and was founded by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan.

Handy is similar to Uber in the sense that many independent service providers can list their services. Although Uber is very widespread, Handy is not, unfortunately. Handy currently operates in about 25 cities in the United States, two in Canada, and one in the United Kingdom. If one lives where Handy operates, that person has practically hit the lottery. Most people are not able to hire anyone to clean their home because it simply too expensive. The average price of a service provider listed on Handy on crunchbase is only $22 per hour, proving a very reasonable rate.

Handy makes sure to weed out many of the applicants so users can be provided with a great experience, and not have to deal with anyone who will not show up, or not deal with anybody that might be dishonest. If there are multiple complaints about a cleaner, their listing is removed from the app almost immediately.

Cleaners who apply to Handy are subject to a lengthy application. Handy is actually much more selective than Harvard University, with about only three percent of applicants being hand-picked to list their services on Handy.

Recently, Handy has grown nearly exponentially. More than one million dollars worth of bookings are listed per week on the app, which makes it the largest app of its kind.

In the past, people looking for home cleaning services have been forced to look on Craigslist or look for listings in the local newspaper or any buy, sell, trade forums. The lack of a location where all home cleaning service providers can list their services has resulted in home cleaning being overpriced for consumers, rendering it far too expensive for the average renter or home owner.

Handy charges very reasonable fees, considering the popularity of the app. Only about twenty percent of the agreed upon price is garnished, which provides cleaners with cheap advertising expenses. It is not feasible for a small home cleaning company or better yet an independent house cleaner to expend a good deal of their money towards advertising, because the cost will probably not be worth the effort. Handy mitigates this by only charging money on the services performed, rather than the amount of listings.

Home cleaning service providers who have wanted to work on their own but haven’t had enough money to start their business up should look into Handy. Clients want all types of cleaning, from simple dusting and picking up misplaced items all the way to repair of burned or flooded homes.

If one is interested in learning more about Handy, simply visit their official website at or download the app by searching for it on any major app store.

Fashion Blogger Uses Cleaning Service for Home Weekly, Saves Time

September 15th, 2015

You are a professional writer, notably a journalist for a popular fashion column. You are in your mid-30s, beautiful, well-educated an extremely effective communicator and you like to have fun with your small group of friends as well.

You have a very unique style of dress, meaning that you have to look your best every, single day of the year. It’s just part of your allure. You spend a lot of money on looking good. That’s what you love to do. You have a reputation to maintain, and as someone who is somewhat of a socialite who is also effective and well-educated, you do not have time for life’s inefficiencies.

Although your work is brilliant, clever, your friends love you and you make amazing money, you do not have the time to clean up your home. When you are choosing your outfit for the day, you may try on five different outfits before a particular outfit strikes your fancy. In addition to make-up regimen, the process of leaving the house in the morning can take up to an hour, and that is if you’re rushing. You leave clothes all over your bed and just do not have the time to put them back. In addition, may you also want to cook yourself a light breakfast, which leads a sticky film on the stove and filthy pans in your sink that you are too busy to clean up. When you came home yesterday, you sat in the living room with a mountain of fashion magazines to look for inspiration for your next article. They are still on your coffee table as well as the dish that you ate your snack on while you were searching for inspiration.

Your refrigerator is also bare. There is no one to pick up groceries for you. How could you possibly have time to clean your home? Your schedule is extremely cramped and hectic for the next two weeks. The only thing you have time for is hanging out with your friends once per week because everything in your life is measured out in 10 minute increments. The last thing you are thinking about is your home, although it is beginning to look like a dumpster. What is a girl to do?

This is a service that companies like Handy, Home Cleaning Services specializes in. They can put your clothes back into your closet for you when you lay them on your bed to try them on. They can organize your magazines if you request them to. They can even pick up groceries for you, so that you have food in your refrigerator. What about a bottle of wine? Call Handy on, Home Cleaning Services and in addition to any cleaning supplies they can also pick up your food and drink for you upon request. Just like a normal housekeeper.

So, if you decide to invite a friend to your home, it looks absolutely spotless, you didn’t even have to lift a finger and you look like a domestic goddess. Why not keep the an immaculately spotless home if you can?