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The Capital Group Continues To Be A Leader In The Investment Industry

February 24th, 2017

People make investments for many different reasons. However, the ultimate goal of the investments is usually to earn a profit. For many people, there are various investments that they look towards to earn an investment profit. Some of the most popular types of these investments include mutual funds, stocks, and real estate.

With all of these types of investments and many different others, there are various ways that people can handle the investments. Many people choose to handle the investments themselves, but some people prefer to let a professional investment company handle the investments for them.

People who prefer to handle their investments themselves usually have a variety of reasons why they want to handle the investments themselves. One of the main reasons typically is because they feel that they can choose the best investments for themselves while avoiding the cost associated with having an investment company handle the investments.

This can work well for people who are familiar with the investment industry, have the time to handle their own investments, and are good at selecting investments. However, for people who are not savvy with investments, it is usually best to have the assistance of an investment company regarding all or some of the aspects related to investments.

An investment company that has shown through the years that it is very good at providing excellent investment services for its clients is the Capital Group. The company established in 1931, has gone through an important change in the chairman position recently with the passing of Jim Rotherberg. The person selected to replace Jim Rotherberg as chairman was Tim Armour.

Tim Armour has been with the Capital Group Los Angeles for several years serving in various executive positions. He has always shown a great understanding of the investment industry and the ability to lead people under his direction. Tim Armour has over 30 years of investment experience, and he has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the investment industry during this time.

Tim Armour has been put in place as the chairman to lead the Capital Group moving forward. He has the expertise and skill set to do a very good job as chairman. Tim is a graduate of Middlebury College.


Fashion Seasons Change Just Like Weather Seasons

April 4th, 2016

Seasons highly determine what to adopt and what to avoid in your closet and what to buy. New seasons come with new outfits on and a new look for every person from shoes to jewelry. It is out of the norm to find a person during summer in an enclosed outfit or woolen jacket. Such a person may be sick or defined as out of place and time. The greatest thing in the field of fashion and design is determining what time to wear and when. For example, off the shoulder tops are good for summer and spring but way out of the norm during winter. This summer season, adopt off the shoulder, suede and lace up shoes because they highly complement the taste of the current weather and the expected weather.

Summer and spring shopping in JustFab highly vary from winter shopping and style because for each time there is a fashion of the season. Summer requires bright tops especially light that will not absorb heat. Summer has huge designs and inspiration on which are great for the body at the time from basking in the sun to swimming among other outfits that will not be uncomfortable during the high temperatures. Now that he summer season is almost there is a need to check out new styles from the just fab.

JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer with a boutique in Los Angeles and design experts who can personalize a design from scratch to the perfect fit of a person’s taste. Just have a variety of tastes for all JustFab online shoppers. This time, round they have the greatest styles of outfits from head to toe made for this spring weather. The boutique has a variety and can save one million after becoming a member of its VIP section. Just Fab has found items perfect for all celebrities while attending important functions and events. JustFab also have discounts for those who join its VIP section estimated to be 20%. Secure clothes, shoes, handbags, clutch bags, jewelry in a place where the likes of Jewel, Jordana Brewster, and Karina Smirnoff shop.

The greatest advantage of shopping with JustFab is quality and fit; there is definitely a size for every lady and a taste too which one shops at the comfort of their house and will get free shipping services if the items bought are worth $39 and above and after joining the VIP platform. The VIP platform will not only save 50% of a person’s expenses but also made available outfits that are new every month and a wide selection to choose from. VIP save millions from just shopping at just fab; there are special collections, lots of exclusives and fabulous events. Also, private sales and free exchanges come all as a package. Just fab have it all in their boutique, shop with them and avoid fashion disappointments and losses.

Shaygan Kheradpir – Leading the Technology Industry

October 30th, 2015

Shaygan Kheradpir, born in 1960 London, is a highly regarded business and technology executive. He is currently serving as the CEO of Coriant, a company that supplies network solutions to leading network operators.
Kheradpir earned a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering while attending Cornell University. His first job was working for GTE Laboratories in 1987. He worked on network routing, control and management. He was able to rise to the position of chief information officer at the corporation who earned respect for his ability to deliver new products on schedule.
In 2000 GTE merged with Bell Atlantic and became Verizon Communications. Kheradpir eventually became the company’s first CIO/CTO. he contributed to the company’s broadening range of telecommunications service and the automation of operation. He is credited with creating a new way of developing new products, he created small teams that had a 30-day prototype cycle that allowed quick testing and modification so new technology could be introduced to the market faster. These teams were responsible for the creation of Verizon’s FIOS fiber optic video initiative and the related DVR as well as iobi. Due to his contribution to the company, Verizon was able to reduce its information technology budget from six percent of its revenue to four percent.
In 2011 Kheradpir moved to Barclays and became the Chief Operating Officer of company. He helped create products like Pingit which is a mobile payment software. In 2013 the company promoted him to Chief Operations and Technology Officer. He was the first technology executive to sit on the executive team at the company.
In 2014 Kheradpir on linkedin became the CEO of Juniper Networks. He created and implemented a restricting and cost cutting plan called the Integrated Operating Plan. It had a way to cut $160 million in cost and return $3 billion to the companies shareholders over three years.
Kheradpir then joined private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners. This company created Coriant in 2013 and appointed Kheradpir to the position of CEO. The company includes nine of the top ten global Tier 1 CSPs. His position is expected to increase growth strategy and strengthen the focus on solutions that are affecting its customers today.
Kheradpir is also credited with serving on the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology from 2010-2013 and on the Advisory Board of the YMCA of Greater New York from 2007 to 2010. He is also recognized as a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council.