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What About Juice Cleansing?

March 12th, 2015

Drinking only juices to cleanse your system and lose weight sounds like a great idea, but how does it stack up with the experts? Some say it is a bunch of nonsense while others swear by it; so, what’s the truth? Dan Newlin has read that there is no evidence that juicing will magically detox, purify and cleanse your system, but then there is no evidence that it is bad for you. Here are ten thoughts about what a juice cleanse does.

1. A juice cleanse is not a magic cure-all.
2. But it isn’t a terrible thing either.
3. Drinking only fruit juices is not really good for you because they are filled with sugar.
4. Juicing will not damage your blood sugar levels for a few days.
5. Don’t go on a juice cleanse for long because your body needs a variety of nutrients: proteins, fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates to function properly.
6. Not getting enough carbs can make you feel light-headed at inconvenient times.
7. Hunger is real and juicing does not fill that void.
8. Many people want to juice to lose weight. The hazard is that without the proper nutrients, your body will take calories from your muscle mass instead of stored fat or 50/50.
9. A juice cleanse for a few days won’t cause harm. Any weight you lose will probably not last.
10. The healthiest juice cleanses combine veggies, fruits and nuts and seeds.