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K-Cups are Falling

May 11th, 2015

For a while, it seemed that everybody wanted a Keurig. It was a staple in many households, especially in those of the single female in her 20’s. It was somewhat of a status symbol, and it was somewhat of a great tool to have on hand for convenience. For a while, they were ridiculously expensive. This was especially true considering all they basically did was make you single cups of coffee instead of wasting a whole pot like traditional coffee machines. The other part was that many people loved that you could switch up flavors. You never had to stick with the same ol boring coffee flavors, there were options.

One cool thing was that you didn’t just have to have coffee in your Keurig. The Keurig marketed all different kinds, flavors, and brands of K-cups which were specific kids such as various coffees, teas, cappucinos, and a variety of other things. You name it!

Well according to BuzzFeed the K-cup is going down. Sales have plummeted. Consumers are not buying as much as they used to. Why is this? Perhaps they’ve lost their appeal. Keurigs aren’t as popular was they once were when they first hit the market. Now, they have to think up a new plan to boost these K-cups says Amen Clinic and the best way to do this as a company is to join the health bandwagon. It will probably be hard though since there’s not much you can do to revamp things. After all, they already have a huge number of flavors available for marketing.

Only time will tell if they can bounce back and boost higher sales for K-cups.