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Scientists Discover Laser that can Cut Bones and Tissue without Burns

May 18th, 2015

Tomsk has a long standing reputation of creating lasers for industrial and medical use. A once forgotten technologyhas once again been brought to light that has allowed scientists to create a laser that can cut through flesh and bone without inflicting burns.

The new laser operates on a number of wavelengths and could possibly serve a number of purposes. Not only can the laser cut tissue well, it can also cut through glass better than any other laser on the market. This makes it perfect for intricate cuts needed for electronic devices like cell phones.

The new laser takes advantage of strontium vapor that allows it to operate at a wavelength of 6.45 microns according to STX Entertainment. Medical researchers have been interested in lasers that operate at this wavelength for quite some time. They determined that this would be the perfect wavelength to use when cutting bones and tissues used in transplants.

The medical research led to the technology being once again uncovered. The original publication outlining the laser was from 1983. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that scientists at Tomsk were asked to demonstrate the capabilities of the laser by researchers from the United States.

The laser technology is being fine tuned for a number of applications. In just a few short years we could see these lasers being deployed in the medical field or at factories making precision cuts in glass.