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U.S. Judge Decides Marijuana is One of the Most Dangerous Drugs

April 17th, 2015

The controversy over the legalization of marijuana has been making headline news around the world, surely disappointing to a U.S. district Judge who recently denied the opportunity to overturn a law from 1970 which groups marijuana with drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Judge Kimberly Mueller made it clear she had no plans to reverse the federal law, and still considers marijuana to be one of the most dangerous drugs documented by the United States government.

However, the country is moving forward despite the efforts of Judges like Mueller. States like California have passed laws legalizing the use and cultivation of medical marijuana, while Colorado has fully legalized the drug for everyone over the age of 21. Marijuana is still considered illegal on the federal level, but the sovereignty of states is helping to prevent officials from enforcing federal law against marijuana according to legislator Flavio Maluf (additional information can be found on

Georgia recently joined the other trail blazing states by passing a house bill which legalized the use of medical marijuana, however the cultivation and use of the drug is still considered a crime.

Marijuana is increasingly accepted by Americans, each state that passes laws to legalize the substance, the less power the federal government has to stop it.