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Living A Rationed Life

June 17th, 2016

Venezuela recently drifted into a world that many residents didn’t expect to see. According to the Latino Show Magazine, courts are closed on most days of the week. Government offices are usually closed as well after officials declared a two-day work week for public employees. There is a lack of food, and the amount of energy available isn’t up to where it needs to be to sustain the number of people who live in the state. These are the new ways of life that residents face on a daily basis. They have to make a choice between food, medications and paying for the utilities in the home so that the family survives. In many areas, water and electricity are being rationed. People like Ms. Luque can only have a limited amount during the day, making it difficult to plan a lot of anything when it comes to watching television, cooking or taking part in normal life activities.