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Magnises: An Offline Social Network

December 6th, 2016

A Solution to the Isolation Millenials Feel

Most millennials tend to stick to their clicks. However, most of them also happen to be quite busy. Thus making weekend plans is not usually an option. In fact, most of them are never sure if they will be free on the weekend. It has led to a lifestyle where people rarely do anything fun on the weekends anymore. Billy McFarland saw this problem and realized he had to do something.

Billy McFarland formed Magnises that is based on a card. The card gives members the benefits of joining social media into the physical world. Essentially, a member of this club gets exclusive access to great places that are otherwise hard to access.

The club has been a major hit with young people. Over eight percent of all current members of Magnises are between 21 and 29 years. They are from all industries of life, which makes it easy to find new and interesting people outside what one is used to.

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Some of the Perks
One of the perks is that members get access to an exclusive clubhouse. The interior of the clubhouse is beautifully designed with leather couches and contemporary art. It is a place where card holders can meet all day, watch sports or have a drink.

Most other perks available are social based. Magnises behind the card has gotten into over 50 partnerships with businesses, to give members great deals and access. For instance, members can access secret menus in hotels, members’ only events, access to private trainers and discounts.

One of the perks introduced in 2016 is the HotelPass. The feature allows members to access any of The Dream Hotels locations within NY for about $79 a night. A night at these places typically costs about $250 a night. Another perk introduced in 2016 is the WorkPass. The feature allows members to access co-working facilities at a location where they also host their offices.

About the Founder

Billy McFarland is a tech entrepreneur with an eye for the unconventional. He studied computer engineering degree at Bucknell University. However, he left after half a year and formed a consulting firm. Shortly after, he founded Magnises. He has always been entrepreneurial. He had already formed a company at 13 years of age. The company would match designers to clients.

Joining the Club

Club membership of Magnises is assigned via referral. Prospective members are invited to hand out at the clubhouse where they are vetted. If they do not make the cut, they cannot get a Magnises card. To remain part of the club, members have to pay a $250 fee annually. However, the small fee is totally worth all the benefits members get.

The Card is Not a Credit Card

The card is not a form of credit card. Rather it only transfers information on the debit and credit cards, thus facilitating payments. Embers’ debit and credit cards continue to work as normal. Millennials should capitalize on it, especially if their social life is failing.

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