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Lupus And Pregnancy

June 23rd, 2015

For women who currently have their health well maintained and their lupus is in remission, pregnancy is something that can be accomplished with little to no issues or complications. This information comes as part of a study that was completed by the Hospital For Special Surgery. A number of biomarkers were studied in women who had lupus, which is an autoimmune disease that affects healthy tissue. Brad Reifler knows that, in addition to affecting otherwise healthy tissue in the body, lupus can also affect the brain, the kidneys, joints and skin. Up until now, women were often told to avoid pregnancy if at all possible if lupus was diagnosed. Now, with proper medical attention and prenatal care, lupus patients are going on to start families and have healthy babies.

This study, which was called the PROMISSE study, followed 385 different pregnant women who also had 
 Of those women, eighty-one percent of them went on to have non-complicated pregnancies. Five percent of the women’s pregnancies ended in fetal or neonatal death. Some of the babies were smaller than normal and some of the women went into preterm labor, but overall there were no specific complications that indicated pregnancy should be avoided at all costs. The women who did have complications typically had other health issues present or were in the middle of a pretty substantial flare up of lupus. Hypertension, low platelets and other factors were present.