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North American Spine Offers Hope and Quick Relief for Chronic Spinal Pain Patients

July 21st, 2015

A procedure identified as the AccuraScope is now offered by North American Spineā„¢. It is intended to benefit individuals suffering from painful conditions involving the spinal column. According to experts the AccuraScope affords significant relief from the pain that accompanies many disorders of the back and neck. This new procedure alleviates pain for patients and does not require any major surgical intervention.

Medical specialists with North American Spine will carefully evaluate each potential new patient to determine if the AccuraScope is a suitable treatment option. If the physician and patient are in agreement then the procedure is scheduled and performed.

The AccuraScope treatment involves laser therapy and can be completed in less than 60 minutes. The laser technology targets specific body tissue and is not intended to be used on patients whose spinal pain is related directly to bone disorders. The procedure targets soft tissue such as muscles, discs and ligaments.

This innovative technology offers fast relief from pain,minimally-invasive treatments and speedy recovery. Most of the patients have stated that their pain disappeared almost immediately. The majority of patients are back home the same day. With a recovery period of 1-7 days most individuals enjoy a quick return to work, sports and normal daily routines.