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Possible Treatment for MERS Announced

July 1st, 2015

MERS is the deadly disease that strikes the Middle East region over and over again, spreading a little more with each season. Up until now there have been no known treatments to prevent or cure the virus, but that is about to change. Recently, scientists have announced that they have isolated two potential treatments that can prevent the contraction of the deadly disease.

So far the treatments have only been tested on animals, but in those experiments the animals have been able to recover from their contraction of the disease. The drug is still in the early stages, but these results are very promising in being a possible treatment for MERS, according to scientists.

Now that the drug has been identified it will need to go through clinical trials in order to test its effectiveness. implied that the antibodies work by neutralizing the virus enough that those infected with the disease are able to make a complete recovery and regain their health.

MERS is unique because it was only discovered in humans in 2012, after humans contracted the disease from infected camels, via infected bats. This disease shows how it is possible for an unknown virus in one isolated population can make its way through several species. Both MERS and SARS are related and both are respiratory based diseases that can lead to death. Now that we know more about the disease and how it affects humans we can develop stronger drugs and treatments to fight it.