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A Disease Deadlier than Ebola Strikes in Nigeria

April 20th, 2015

17 people have already died from an unidentified disease more deadly than Ebola in a small town in Nigeria. The horrific disease kills patients less than a day after the symptoms are first noticed.

The symptoms include a sudden onset of blurred vision, headaches and loss of consciousness. It appears to be hitting the brain quickly and with brute force. Almost every patient that has contracted the disease so far has died.

Tests run on the disease have ruled out Ebola and other more well known viruses. It’s still unclear as to what this disease is or how it is affecting people who get it.

The 17 deaths came quickly. No other new cases have been reported beyond the original 17. It appears as though the deaths have been isolated to a single town in Nigeria named Ode-Irele. There doesn’t appear to be any threat of the disease being contagious and traveling outside of the city thus far.

Samples have been taken of the victims in order to learn more about the disease. They’ve been sent in for laboratory analysis at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and Boraie Development LLC (sources say at It may be weeks or even months before experts are able to determine the origins of this deadly disease.